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Eisler Landscapes
- Frank &....
Sylvan Gardens
In April 2019 I received a quote from Sylvan Gardens for transplanting flowers from a bed in my front yard and cutting and trimming a tree and a shrub. I signed a contract on May 1 for Sylvan Gardens to perform this work. Four weeks later, the work on the contract had yet to be started. I e-mailed the owner of Sylvan Gardens and asked when the work would be done. He replied that the work would be performed next week. The work wasn't performed the following week, however. I then sent the owner of Sylvan Gardens an e-mail expressing my displeasure that the work on this contract had yet to be performed. He then responded with an e-mail stating that Sylvan Gardens was terminating all lawn maintenance at my home. Sylvan Gardens had been providing lawn-maintenance services at my home for two years. Sylvan Gardens was either unwilling or unable to satisfy this customer and fulfill its contract in a timely manner. Sylvan Gardens specializes in commercial lawn work, with less-profitable residential work being a side business that's not its first priority. Sylvan Gardens seems to have more landscaping work than it can handle, especially in light of the shortage of foreign landscaping labor. I wouldn't recommend Sylvan Gardens for residential landscaping work.
- Bruce Z....
J D Landscaping
We asked them to clean up our garden beds in the spring (March 2012) and then return in the summer to create a small garden bed. The first job cost $800. The second job cost $600. For the first job, they arrived with a crew and a truck loaded with mulch. After several hours of work, the beds were transformed. They hauled away the garden waste and left the beds looking terrific. For the second job, two men arrived who dug a small garden bed in my lawn after consulting with me and planted two small evergreen shrubs and several perennials. Both times, they arrived when they said they would and were polite and professional.
- Ellice F....
Stormworks - Nine Mile Run Watershed Association
They did an excellent job. I had been trying to create an interesting water garden in the back on my own for many years, and after a friend had garden installed by Stormworks, I decided I needed the pros. Sara was great, not only and planning, but at providing information, and working with feedback. She and her colleague did an excellent job preparing the land for the garden and planting all the plants. After the drought that started as soon as the gardens were installed (of course), they even replaced some of the plants that perished. They did an excellent job.
- Karen T....
Mary has been doing my gardening for over 10 years. She has become a friend. She does exemplary work. She displays integrity, honesty and a sincere desire to help you grow a beautiful garden. She has done the shopping for the supplies needed when I can't do it. She also has a strong foundation of knowledge about gardening and of flowers. She'll help design the beds too. I trust Mary to do a great job.
- Fara L....
Knockout Landscaping & Excavating, LLC
Scott Meneely (owner) and his partner were EXCELLENT!!! One of the 6 Giant Aborvitae that he was planting for us was close to an apple tree and because of the apple tree rootsthe job took an extra hour of labor but KnockOut held firm to his bid. His knowledge of plants and landscaping is incredible. His price was very reasonable and we are planning on hiring him soon to do similar work in the front yard and expand the backyard garden. We paid him 600 bucks but that included the 5 yards of mushroom soil and the delivery and the removal of all the grass he dug out. PLUS the 5 yards of mushroom soil had to be wheel-barrowed about 150 feet from the driveway to the garden location.
- Randy H....
Exceptional Gardens
They were creative about solutions for things. They were very professional with quotes and all that stuff. They were able to answer my questions and they were responsive. They were a little pricey but they did such good work.
- Kate S....
The Grounds Guys of Wexford
Stayed in contact until an appropriate time to perform the work could be agreed upon. Showed up at the agreed time. Did the work as specified. Left. All as it should be with any contractor.
- John R....
Four seasons responded promply to my phone call for service. She came at the agreed upon day and time to view the garden and confirm what I needed done. Among other things, I wanted two rose bushes pruned. She suggested that they not be pruned at that time but to wait until the bushes had flowered. She was absolutely right. The bushes produced the most beautiful array of blossoms I'd seen since the garden was first planted. She suggested I call in two weeks so that the dead tulip plants could further dry out before being pulled. She returned in two weeks to complete the work on the garden. She was prompt, efficient, personable, and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the work done and will contact her for periodic weeding and to insure the health of the garden.
- Carrie W....
Gregg was very professional, and easy to work with. We completely redid our back yard. Among our goals were reducing the amount of water running off the yard behind us and across our yard and patio area, and improving the highly compacted soil in the new lawn and garden areas. Gregg worked hard to meet our expectations, and did a great job on all of the work. We now have a yard we are happy to use, rather than one we don't use, and the water garden has greatly reduced the flow of water into our yard, up against the house, and down the drive to the street.
- Barbara F....
Octopus Organic Gardening
Jeff was very easy to talk to about various options available to us for solving the water problem and the options available to us in deciding on the rain garden. Communication was usually by email or in person when he arrived to do the work. The work was done efficiently and usually as planned. Weather and some problems with his truck delayed some planned work. When a problem arose with a downspout not draining into the rain garden as anticipated, he corrected the problem within a few days. The rain garden is working as planned with the deluge of rain water draining into the rain garden area and dissipating into the ground, evidence that the preparation work he did to establish good drainage was done well. There is one more small adjustment that needs to be made since some rain water pools at one end of the garden and spills out, running down toward the driveway. Jeff plans to correct that shortly.
- Barbara G....
The Personal Gardener
The first experience with the Personal Gardener went well, my second experience was disappointing.
- Joseph R....
Michael Walter Landscaping Inc
This company has performed several different services. The latest has been a decorative fence for our garden. The fence is perfect.
- John J....
I was very please overall. They were punctual, hard working, professional, and did a good job of cleanup at the end of each day and then a thorough one at completion of job.
- Rose S....
Ordered top soil and they were able to deliver it that afternoon. Very prompt and reasonably priced. Good quality. I have the best garden in the neighborhood because of the great top soil they delivered! Would use again for other services. My neighbor resarched prices with other companies and she has found them to always have the best prices.
- Sally H....

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Ingomar, PA

Recent Review: Fantastic experience! Brian Friend, the owner, personally makes the visit to look at the project. He was punctual, friendly and professional. Also, he impressed me with his knowledge with making some suggestions to the project that I had never thought of, that actually sounded better than my idea. After having delt with poor landscapers in the past, I am happy to have finally found a landscaper who listens to my concerns regarding the project and is dependable.


Valencia, PA

Recent Review: We used them because we had been there before to buy flowers and things so we knew the quality of their plants so we went ahead and had them landscape for us. The man that came was both the salesperson and designer of the landscape. He always communicated well, always came out to check what his crews were doing, and would make sure they were doing everything right. He also helped us with some water problems; because we are on a slope, the streaks sloped toward the house. He helped us re-grade the front lawn so that we do not have problems of water; which was very good. He was very helpful in a lot of ways. He also made sure the drainage was possible; he was very good. It cost us a lot more than we anticipated but the work was excellent. We got a lot of bang for our buck. Most people will not give the estimate until they do the design and we have to pay for the design so we never knew what we were getting; it is difficult to hire a landscaper around here. They were very responsive and were always here when they said they would be. The only quarrel we had was the price but they priced it in three different phases for different parts of the garden so that if we wanted to space it out in terms of payment, we could do the front first, one of the sides next, and so forth; they were very good about being mindful of our needs eventually by partitioning out the pricing.


Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Review: My wife and I have a small plot surrounding our house that needed a LOT of work. We hired Justin Beall and his company a year before the project started. He came out promptly and sent his designer after we met him at the Home and Garden show. Martha, the designer, was very thorough but swift. Within a month we had a design. It was well laid-out and extremely professional. I looked into other companies and no other landscaper had a designer as part of their work. Some even recommended that I hire a third party designer before calling them again. After calling a few designers, I found that a landscaping designer alone was estimated to be $8000. So to have a designer already included as part of the free estimate left a great impression. The cost of our project was more than we expected it to be. So we held off on committing to Beall to save our money. A year went by, and when we came back (to their surprise) they already had our plans on file and were ready to go. They even held up the price of the project. We completely tore out everything around our house (except for an old tool shed). Hardscapers came in and in 2 weeks we had a new large back patio and new walkways. I can't describe enough how meticulous these hardscapers were. Measuring 3 times before laying down anything. They made sure that the patio was sloped enough to allow drainage away from the house. And if something couldn't be laid exactly according to plan, they would address it with me before moving on. The landscaping job included 7 new trees (eg. J** Maple, cypress, Magnolia, Lilac, Holly, twisty baby locust, hydrangea tree) + 14 arborvites, and many plants. All of them are doing well (save one tiny little plant). The job was done cleanly and the results are astounding. I am very pleased with the company. I know some of my neighbors have already expressed interest in hiring them. I highly recommend them for the quality of their work. Their price was equivalent to other estimates from other companies that didn't include a design. If you have a big job I would recommend that you hire a professional designer, or go with this company who includes it in their project.


Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Review: Arthur is exceptionally thorough with his work. I have been using him as my gardener, landscaper and consultant for the last 3 years. He is knowledgeable about plants and pruning. I will be using him this year to redo supporting walls around the my gardens and for other landscaping tasks. I highly, highly recommend him.


Sewickley, PA

Recent Review: Stopped at nursery to ask about getting work done at my home (correcting a drainage issue). Was told that I would be contacted that day to set up time for an estimate of work needed. I was not called, and I called and left messages over the next couple of days. Finally got a return call and arranged for a visit to get estimate. The meeting was on time and an estimate was given a few days later. I felt it was a fair estimate but it was higher than I wanted to pay for the work, so I did not go ahead with the job. I realize that I called and stopped by at the start of the busiest season for nurseries, but just an acknowledgement of my initial visit and messages would have saved me repeat calls, wondering if messages were received. I would consider using company in the future because I can undertand the demands of the season for landscaping and nurseries.


Allison Park, PA




Recent Review: They were so good. They were expensive but they were good. I would recommend them.


Monroeville, PA

Recent Review: My 97-year-old mother-in-law had a home in the Shadyside / Eastside area of Pittsburgh. Her 40x100 back yard was a lovely hideaway for her, lined with flower gardens and backed by a special alcove where she kept a tokonoma. Mr McCormick worked with collegiality with her to refresh her gardens, going so far as to discuss plans in depth with her and even let her "help" with the planting if she wished - then when she could no longer live there, he continued to keep the lawn and garden clean and lovely for the times when she could come back and visit her precious home. He isn't the cheapest resource in this category, but he dealt with her fairly and very graciously; that counted for a great deal with us.


Finleyville, PA

Recent Review: Wonderful experience! I stopped by the greenhouse and was really confused about what I needed or wanted to do to landscape a problem backyard hillside. Somebody in my neighborhood recommended that I try DUPREES because they found them to be helpful and reasonably priced. I then remembered I'd been there about a year ago when I was looking for 4 cemetary arrangements for the holidays.I remember being so grateful because one of the owners spent so much time with me offering suggestions and etc. I left with a trunk full of beautiful wreaths and sprays and paid only about $50 which was a fraction of what I'd have paid elsewhere. oo II decided to go back for the hillside landscaping project. I just expected to get a few answers to some general questions but ended up with so much good information and lots of ideas on what I could do on my hillside. This is a family owned business and this time I met with the brother of the woman I'd worked with previously. He was just as wonderful as she was. He spent lots of time with me and broke the project down into manageable, affordable pieces. I left with a written plan and the confidence I needed to actually start working on the hill. I wasted so much time these past couple of weeks researching things on the internet and waiting for bids from local contractors. I'm ready to start the project myself but know if I get in over my head I can go back to Dupress for more ideas or to contract with them to do the work. I'll be spending about $400 on the shrubs, trees and perrenials if I do the work myself. I'll report back again when the project is done to let you know how it turned out. In the meantime, I thought it was worth mentioning how very helpful these folks have been!


South Park, PA

Recent Review: Both Jack and Gretchen were professional. They showed up to inspect the project, completed the work the next week. The finished work looks GREAT. Price gets a "B" rating, because it seems a little high for cleaning a pond. Further, I was not expecting the work to take as long as it did (five hours). However, I did not receive other estimates for cleaning the pond and have never had the pond cleaned previously. Additional comments are I have contacted them a few times regarding pond issues and they are always prompt in their response. I highly recommend their service.


Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Review: Initially, I was only contracting with Solomon Gardens to take care of the yard work and garden cleanup but ended up working with them to do tons of work that was needed on my house to prepare for selling it. Ori and Naomi gave a fair proposal and were responsive to all of my requests for additional work. The quality of work is superb, and I would not hesitate to recommend the company. Solomon Gardens is new on the scene and just getting started so they have had a few difficulties with staffing but Ori is so conscientious about getting the work done, and done correctly, that this is nothing to worry about. In addition, Ori is so pleasant, funny, and easy to work with. No matter what I asked him about, he knew how to do it!! He also provided me with the name of a roofer who also did a great job and was prompt and efficient. I strongly recommend this firm and wish them the very best of luck!!


Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Review: Excellent work and reasonably priced! Jim and his crew were prompt and professional. All work was completed within the time frame stated.


Cranberry Township, PA

Recent Review: Joe is very professional! Great communication, responsiveness and flexibility in scheduling time to meet to review project request. Timely in providing quote and design recommendations. Nice computer design using pictures of our house. Have chosen to perform work ourselves. Will be utilizing Leisure Lawns Garden Center to purchase materials for project.


Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Review: knowledgeable purveyors of quality plants and materials for the garden and landscape


Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Review: She was very good at what she did. She was affordable and knowledgeable.


Gibsonia, PA

Recent Review: I first contacted Kurt in October 2014 and explained that a pre-existing perennial border had just about disappeared and that I would like it resurrected with an old fashioned look. I had also lost the shrubs in the front of my house. He came to my house and looked the situation over and came up with several ideas that sounded good to me. We got back in contact in April and he came back to show me the plans he had made. I was happy with his ideas and in June it was a done deal. The crew worked for two days creating a beautiful garden and a very good looking problem slope. Every morning when I look out my window I just have to smile---the plants were so nice and mature that they are blooming wildly! At last, I have the garden I had hoped for. One of the things that attracted me to this company was its name---The Personal Gardener. Any landscaper can come in and throw in some plants but it takes a gardener to listen to the customer and sort out his or her particular likes and dislikes and bring it off in a harmonious fashion. It was obvious that they all took a great deal of pride in their work.

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The team of men that did the work were very polite. Rick Page, the owner, came out to help with the work. Rick is very knowledgeable. I'm a master gardener, so I'm very particular about how the work is done. Rick knew what he was doing and the work turned out great. He went above and beyond the bid and I would use them again in the future.