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US Sewer & Drain Company
Franco and his crew replaced a toilet and sink. He also snaked the bathtub drain. They was professional, skilled, knowledgeable and had the right equipment. He did an excellent job.
- Major F....
Carmine P. Aumenta Plumbing & Heating NJ
I had a pipe that was part of my bathtub plumbing leaking inside the wall as well as a drip from the bath faucet. I called Carmine and quickly came to inspect and did some intial work to see what the problem was. As there was no other way of entry, the best course of action was to bust one of the tiles on the wall to work on the problem. it was a really tight space and I was glad that he only broke the one tile and was able to get into the wall and do what needed to be done to fix the plumbing and replaced some of the parts. Both Carmine and his son were very easy to get along with, informative, and professional. I'm really happy with the work they did in such a small space. The work was done in two separate sessions. As they don't do the tile work, they were also able to refer me to a tile guy they normally work with so that I could replace and mount a new piece of tile where the broken tile used to be. His work and profressionalism was top notch as well. Overall, the whole experience was great and will definitely use their services again in the future should I need to. Thanks guys!
- Christopher N....
Mr. McKenna arrived promptly for both the estimate and the service. The work was performed as agreed upon, tested thoroughly and the work area cleaned up. The replacement parts were better quality than the original.
- Walter T....
Sessa Licensed Plumbing & Heating Inc
Job was completed however the faucet was not installed. I was told that it would not work...yet the price I paid for complete installation was not reduced.
- Olivia J....
Steve Scillieri Plumbing & Heating
He lied all ne water line, ripped out all old plumbing, installed new gas lines, and rough plumbing in bathroom and installed bathtub and has pipes ready to hookup after contractor finishes the sheet rock.
- Barbara W....
RJT Custom Builders
Eric arrived ahead of time/way courteous and professional. Put down drop cloth by door. Finished all jobs in no time-left nothing to clean up-Wonderfully professional.
- Gail B....
This company gave me the soonest appointment. They arrived approximately on schedule and worked quickly. They warned me that there might be a problem because of the age of the pipes, but fortunately there was none. Originally, they were called just for that bathtub, but I asked if they could also look at the kitchen. They did and were able to do that work as well, for a reasonable additional cost. I would definitely call them again.
- Robert G....
Truly excellent service and excellent professionalism. Cleaned up after themselves, went out for correct parts, explained everything clearly, were extremely pleasant, polite and helpful. Only downside, they were delayed by an emergency but other than that I was completely satisfied. Would highly recommend.
- C W....
Artistic Pro GC Corp.
Alfonso is an excellent craftsman. He was on time, efficient, capable, and thorough in his work. He charged a fair price for his work. He is polite and easy to work with. Alfonso is dedicated and motivated person. He did not look for any short cuts and tried to do a quality job and worked 3 days for long hours to make sure the job done was of high quality and on time. He also completed the work without leaving loose ends. He discussed the work as it progressed, gave his feedback and was receptive to our suggestions. He was referred to us by a friend and we are happy to have found him. We would definitely call on him again.
- Sanjeev J....
Advanced Professional Plumbing Heating & Cooling
Repairs were done quickly and to my satisfaction. However, I do feel that the cost was on the high side for these simple repairs. Be prepred to pay cash or check as they add a % if you pay by credit card. Will use them again but will get second opinion due to cost.
- Norma H....
Caballero & Sons Inc
The estimator was very professional and arrived on time. He emailed me a detailed estimate in a very timely manner. I faxed the signed estimate back to the company (as requested) and then called to schedule the work approximately a week later. I did have to call about 3 times to actually get the work scheduled (hence the "C" grade in the responsiveness category). The work was scheduled for a week out. The two plumbers arrived on time and did a great job. They were professional and stuck to the estimate. They did have to complete one additional item when they were here in order to complete the estimated job (we live in an old house so this is to be expected....) and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely use them again.
- Catherine K....
Quality 1 Home Service
Although their phone message tells us we will be given a time for our repair once the schedule is made that morning, I was never called and given a time of arrival. In fact, they came to my house three times, and each time I had to call several times to find out when they would be at my house. Phone calls were never returned and I wound up spending the better part of each day waiting for them. During the initial estimate, even though I told Herman I could only afford a new kitchen faucet install, he tried to get me to replace my countertops, as well. I also needed an estimate to have tiles replaced in my shower floor. He gave me an estimate, which included replacing half the wall. He said that was the only proper way to do the job. It was also not what I needed and completely unafforable to me. During the installation of my kitchen faucet, Herman actually asked me to help hold the faucet while he installed it. He also took the old faucet, with my brand new Brita filter attached, and threw it in the back of his truck. He did this without asking. After the facet installation, I realized my Brita filter was missing. He hadn't been gone for more than two minutes, when I called him. He said it was too late for him to come back, but since he was coming again the following week, he would just bring it with him. The reason he had to come back was because we also needed to fix a dripping bathtub faucet. He knew this from day one, but insisted he didn't. He said he did not bring the proper replacement parts with him, so I would have to wait a week. When he came to fix the dripping bathtub faucet (surprise, surprise) he completely forgot my Brita filter. After at least six phone calls to get my filter back, I finally gave up and spent another $30 for a new one. And by the way, he never returned even one of my phone calls. I had to call him on his cell phone and dial *67 in order for him to pick up. Each time, he lied and said he would drop off my filter that day, but unless the squirrels stole it, he never bothered to drop it off. He stole it. Six weeks later, the bathtub faucet started dripping again. I placed two calls to Herman, neither of which was returned. In fact, the only time they called us was when they thought we were going to hire them for another job. They were so excited to rip us off again, they actually called twice. But whenever we had a problem, their phones didn't work. I strongly urge anyone considering this company to find someone else. They are horrible, probably one of the worst companies I have ever done business with. He charged me an additional $70 to "fix" the bathtub faucet, which still needs to be fixed, and cost me an extra $30 for a replacement Brita filter. If this were an honorable company, they would have either just credited me $100 or not taken the job in the first place. They say no job is too big or too small. Maybe it isn't. Maybe they just incompetent.
- Jane L....
Atomic Rooter Inc
Steve called me within 15 minutes of me placing my request to Angie's list - amazingly quick. He had KP out on a Sunday (even though I didn't need it) within a couple hours. KP tried to repair the bathtub valves on an old bathtub, but they continued to leak by. He replaced the kitchen faucet and sprayer (had it on hand in the truck). Couldn't diagnose the radiator. Steve called me back quickly when I sensed that I was unhappy about the price and explained that KP tried to fix the bathtub valves, but being old couldn't. He did charge for the time and gave me a slight break. We scheduled another appointment and Steve went out of his way to accommodate my schedule - excellent. This time he sent Steve L who turned out to be a real pro. He fixed the valves and helped with my radiator. Service was performed very well. I will call Atomic Rooter again, but will request Steve L. A bit expensive...
- Tim B....
Ralph Maresca Plumbing & Mechanical LLC
Ralph and his assistant Peter are our go-to for all of our plumbing needs. We have an older home with older pipes and fittings and they have fixed or replaced our toilets, faucets, bathtub, pipes, values, etc. You name it, they've touched it. Ralph discusses all options, explains the problem and potential solutions, and brings decisions to the homeowner to make (most plumbers and contractors that I have worked with before will make the decision and not let you know about it). Ralph shows up on time, is reasonably priced, and always picks up the phone (and responds to texts, which is a big plus for me). He doesn't shy away from difficult problems and can even recommend contractors for other types of work that need to be done. Ralph is the best for emergencies as well; he talks through problems over the phone and shows up in a reasonable amount of time. Highly recommended!
- Lori E....
Mitra Tiles
Dimitry worked with me on scheduling the job. Right on cue, he came when he said he would and was done when he said he would be. It couldn't have gone smoother! He was careful to leave the place as clean and neat as he found it, and did a very thorough job. I am extremely happy with the end product. The old cast iron tub looks like new again!
- John M....

Bathtub Installation in New York



Fanwood, NJ

Recent Review: They were excellent, on time and they did a nice job.


North Bergen, NJ

Super Service Award
Angi Certified
Recent Review: The bathtub was desperately in need of reglazing. He did a very good job.


Brooklyn, NY

Angi Certified
Recent Review: Highly recommend!!! It was great to work with Denis!Arranged for a day we were comfortable showing up on time and quickly turned our old battered bathtub into a shiny white bathtub


Stormville, NY

Recent Review: They did an amazing job, it looks wonderful and brand new. I was really impressed. All scratches and discoloration is completely gone.


Toms River, NJ

Recent Review: Beautiful job. Added $20,000 value to my home for less than $2000.


Mount Vernon, NY

Recent Review: The team arrived looking very professional and on time. They addressed my boiler issues in a timely manner as well as leaving my boiler room clean. This is my second time using this company and I was happy the with the previous service of plumbing issues in the past and they finished working with my boiler. I am very pleased with the techs and services from your company. Thank you Tri-State Rooter.


Vauxhall, NJ

Recent Review: The project went from simple to complex and Custom Built Contractors took the challenge head on. From Planning to Implementation they worked hard to deliver the completion of the project. As a client, I have all appreciation with the work they put in for this project.


Brooklyn, NY

Angi Certified
Offers Coupon
Recent Review: Couldn't believe my eyes once they done with my bathtub


Ridgefield, NJ

Business Description: Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Bathtub and Wall Liners Bathtub to Shower Conversions


Brooklyn, NY

Recent Review: Everything went well. The reglazing is supposed to last years so we will see if it holds up. I havent heard any complaints from the tenant as of today.


Bohemia, NY

Recent Review: Excellent experience. Company provided color samples beforehand to assure that color of glaze matched what we wanted. Company was accessible and responsive to our calls. George came on time and worked diligently and efficiently.


Bronx, NY

Recent Review: Great My tube looks new,as well as the tiles


Garfield, NJ

Recent Review: Seldom do I write negative reviews, but I believe this company deserves it, due to their unethical, unprofessional and erratic behavior. To keep this brief: three out of the four times my wife and I scheduled an appointment to have our bathtub re-glazed, they were no-shows. Not only this, but they did not have the decency to even call and let us know, we had to call them, which, without fail, they always provided us with some outrages excuse. The time in which they did come, they were an hour late. They left a few air bubbles and marks in the tub, which they said they would come back to take care of. They failed to show up and call the next TWO times we scheduled an appointment. This is only a brief version. My wife and I each work two jobs and we had to take off to get stood up by these people, not even to have the integrity to call and apologize. Disgusting, pathetic and unreliable, I hold severe reservations for this company and I most highly recommend you look elsewhere for your future projects.


New Rochelle, NY

Recent Review: They came the day they were scheduled, but were very late, they were over a half hour late when they finally called for directions because they couldn't find my house. When they got there my husband had to go out to their truck because they didn't know which items were mine. My husband showed them what it was that we ordered and the installation began. I was told everything would be done in one day...this was not the case (mind you this is our only bathroom and I have two small children). Only one out of three wall panels were correct, the other two wall panels had the tile pattern facing the wrong direction!! They would have to get the correct panels and come back the next day. I am not happy...I called and complained, I beleive I spoke to Ralph, but am not 100% certain, but I was talking to someone at the top who was in charge. The next day they came, had the correct parts and finished the installation. The workers were gone by the time I got home from work but when I walked in and saw the work, I was not happy!! Granted, the walls and the bathtub looked nice, of course, they were new...but the grout job was awful!! You could see the grout was applied with someone's finger because there were finger prints and finger indents all over! The grout was not applied smooth or evenly, there are many crevices and bumpy patches all over and spots where grout was done in one direction then started in the same spot and applied in the other direction causing a large lumpy glob of grout!! NOT HAPPY!!! I called and complained to the same person I had already spoken to, (I believe Ralph) and told him I was very unhappy and that it looked terrible...he apologized and said I would get "a few hundred dollars as a refund" I was still not happy but didn't want to loose my tub/shower for another day (two days of work and a day to dry, to 3 days total for us with no tub/shower) so I said fine, by this point I was just so mad I didn't want to deal with them anymore. About a week or so later I got a check for $100!! Talk about the final slap in the face!!! SO MAD!!! Dont' even want to deal with them anymore...but have told everyone I know not to use them and have told them all what now here we are...just under two years later...all those lumps and crevices in my have mold growing behind the grout!!! BEHIND the grout, because it was not applied correctly and water seeped in behind the grout...I call to get someone to fix, I am told I have to send in pictures so a tech can assess them and send someone out, they will call. I sent out pics on 1/8/14...two weeks later still not call. I call them and I have an appt for a tech to come and repair my grout! YAY!!! day I get a phone call that I have to pay $150 to have the grout redone!!! WHAT!?!? The contract I signed says all materials and WORKMANSHIP are covered for 5 years!!! They told me that since it was over a year that its not covered??? My contract states something very different!! Now they are trying to find the pictures that the installers took when they did the work and will get back to me. I am very unhappy with their service and I am finding that they don't stand behind their work. It is clearly an improper installation issue but they are still trying to make me pay to have it fixed! Unbelievable!! I complained about the grout issues the day it was done...but I am told because it didn't happen in the next few days that it's not their fault...I'm sorry last time I checked mold didn't grow over night, and that just goes to show that I did clean and maintain my shower as per their specs (which they do give you a list of cleaners you can and can't use and direction on the care of the shower/grout) its because the grout has now pulled that far away from the walls over time that water is able to seep behind it. I DO NOT recommend using them at all. They are overpriced for their quality of work. If I had this to do all over again I definitely would have chosen a different company and recommend anyone else looking to look elsewhere.


Queens, NY

Recent Review: I have a 1935 apartment and the tiles are very ugly peach/mauve (a mix to make things more interesting :-). The tub had been glazed before I moved in but I didn't realize it and damaged the surface while cleaning it. So it eventually peeled. I painted the wall and bath-surround tiles myself with white latex paint, supergloss. It doesn't look bad but it's not ideal to say the least and has also peeled in some areas Decided to start with reglazing just the tub since that needs to be functional for my subtenants. My building manager recommended Hand M Porcelain Refinishing (Humberto Sanchez). Humberto emailed me several times and gave me several available dates, and his phone number as a contact. I was actually on vacation so was slower to respond. I called the number and a woman (family member?) answered and took the message. That was a bit unprofessional in the sense that it seemed like his home number. But not a big deal. Later that day a more professional woman called me back from the office and confirmed the details of my needs and gave me other dates that would work. She re-arranged some other jobs to give me the date I wanted, which was nice of her (I had tenants moving in and needed it to be dry in time). She also called me the day of the job when I arrived after Humberto was already there, which shows that the office and the workers are in good contact with each other and able to react to the situation on the ground. The day of the service Humberto and an assistant arrived early and were very friendly. They set up quickly, Humberto had his paperwork and receipt ready and I left them to complete the job. when I came back the tub looked great. Time will tell if it lasts (there is a 3-year guarantee) and they left instructions on care for the new finish. Humberto seems to run HM as a very small local business and I am happy to support him. His prices are in line with other quotes and he seems responsive and good at what he does. If I find any problems later with his work I'll tell him and post it here. We'll see in that case how the guarantee works out. I prefer using contracters like this to large box-store services such as Home Depot--whose workers I suspect aren't necessarily good and who won't be as accountable for the work they do.

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We initially chose this company because the other 3 plumbing companies we called didn't pick up the phone. We were given a time window of 3-5pm but Mike arrived a little over 3pm which was a pleasant surprise. He assessed the situation and was able to remove the old spout and replace it with a new one on his van. He was neat (he had his booties) and quick. He made small talk with us and we would be more than comfortable using his company again. Thank you for your prompt response and professionalism!