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New Orleans Pool Heater Installation

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Reviews in New Orleans to Install Pool Heater

Michele English Pool World
They successfully fixed our pool leak when others for over a year tied and failed. Also did an excellent job on fixing the pool pump and filter problems. In addition to a great technical job of knowing what to do and doing it well, very good with communications, and upfront quotes.
- Joseph B....
Affordable Pools and Spa Service
I left a message with him monday morning, he returned in within 2 hours and was out to look at the pump and motor within 20 minutes (he was in the area). Got a quote for the service, and he returned the next day (on time) and performed the repair. Repair took about an hour, everything seemed to go well. He was very helpful and informative, providing me information on other aspects of the pool equipment and some best practices, as I continue to keep the pool up.
- Stephen R....
Pleasure Aquatech Pools
In March of 2013 the pump on my pool was leaking. I called Pleasure Pools in Mandeville, LA and explained my situation. A technician (Joe) called me and scheduled an appointment. When Joe came out to a**** the problem he told me that the pump needed to be replaced. On April 8th Joe called and scheduled the job for the next day between 10:00 a.m. and12 noon. He asked that I leave the gate open incase I would not be home when he came. I did this. However, Joe arrived at 8:30 a.m. I was asleep, but I got up and went into the yard just as Joe was finishing the job. We chatted a little bit about pool stuff when I asked if the new pump was a 1.5 horse power. He said, "no, it's a 3/4 horse power (hp)." I then asked the obvious question, Why wasn't it a 1.5 hp? Joe then explained that it was a 3/4 hp pump because a 1.5 hp was too large for my size pool. He went on further to say that I would save money using a smaller pump and letting it run for a longer period. Since I am retired, that sounded good. Before Joe left, as a courtesy, he put lots of shock in the pool and told me to let the pump run for 24 hours. The pool was green because I had not let it run for a while. After a couple of days, I took a water sample to be analyzed at Clearwater Pools. I was told what I needed to do to balance the chemicals and to clear the cloudy water. This went on for another two weeks; the pool water either remained cloudy or stained with algae. Wondering why this was happening, I asked myself what was different? I have been taking care of my pool for 17 years and I have never be unable to clear it of algae or cloudiness. Then, it occurred to me that it is the first time that I had a 3/4 hp pump. So I called three reputable pool service companies and asked the same question: "What size pump would I need if I had a 14,000 gal. pool?" In each case I was told a 1 to 1.5 hp pump. Through the BBB website I decided to go on line and contact Pleasure Pools. The next day I received an email from Charles Elfert (owner of Pleasure Pools) offering to replace the new smaller pump with a newer larger pump for an additional $200.00. (No additional cost for labor) He also sent a copy of a 30 year old news article to justify having put in a smaller pump. I feel certain that if this offer would have been made in the beginning that I would NOT have done business with Pleasure Pools. The reason being, I had replaced that 1.5 hp pump twice before for much less. In another email from me, I once again explained my position, but Mr. Elfert offered nothing further. I am truly disappointed in how this matter was handled by Pleasure Pools. I believe that I should have been offered the option of buying a smaller pump BEFORE one was installed. I don't think that I should have to pay for a larger pump (Material or labor). I submitted all of the above information through the BBB because I got Pleasure Pools name from their list of 'good' businesses. What I didn't know is that they don't really investigate but just shuffle emails back and forth and then say it's one person's word against another. I ask you to please review all information (to the best of your ability) before rendering a decision. I think anyone thinking about doing business with Pleasure Pools should know how they resolve customer problems. Offering a customer to spent $200.00 more money is one of them.
- Pearl C....
Jeff of all Trades
Jeff is the BEST handyman. I have been using Jeff for every repair in my old house for almost a year. Today I called Jeff at 2:00 because my hot water heater went out and I couldn't light it. He came over at 5:00, lit the heater, and taught me how to light it in the future. All for NO CHARGE. I really thought I was going to have to buy a new heater because mine is very old but Jeff got it working. Jeff also explained the differences between a tank hot water heater and a tankless heater so that when my heater does break I can make an easier decision on what to get. I will definitely have Jeff do the installation. Recently Jeff installed ceiling fans, fixed many electrical outlets, repaired and painted windows so they now open and shut, built a back porch, replaced boards on the outside of the house, repaired a rotten column, and painted my front porch. For years I put off repairs because I didn't know who to call. My house is in much better condition since I found Jeff.
- Alice E....
Jeff of all Trades
Can't say enough about Jeff! The pilot light on our hot water heater stopped working the Sunday before Christmas. My father, who is a contractor but lives out of state, told us it was most likely one of two parts that needed to be replaced as opposed to replacing the entire hot water heater. I spoke with several plumbers who were all insistent that, due to the age of our hot water heater (9.5 years old), we needed a new hot water heater and essentially refused to consider a repair. And then I talked to Jeff! He immediately suggested the very repair we thought we needed (new thermocouple) and came out that same afternoon to take a look at it. It turned out that our particular hot water heater required the entire pilot assembly as opposed to just the thermocouple, which had to be ordered. But Jeff called around first trying to find the part locally and then took care of ordering the part and having it overnighted. The morning that the part arrived, Jeff came over immediately to finish the repair - even delaying a few other jobs he had, so that we could get hot water. After the repair, he stuck around for a bit to ensure that the pilot light continuedto stay on. It's now 4 days later and the hot water heater is still working perfectly!! If we hadn't found Jeff, I'm pretty sure that we would have had to needlessly spend the money for a new hot water heater. I would absolutely recommend Jeff to anyone and everyone!!
- Stacy D....
Kingfish Pool Services, LLC.
We hired them to do weekly maintenance. They claimed to be able to work with our Hayward sense and dispense system but it took months of coaching to get them to properly fill the acid tank. We also had them install a heater and went with their horrible recommendation of a Pentair Sta-Rite 400k BTU Heater, which was terrible and nowhere near as powerful as our Hayward 400i BUT heater that had broken down due to the water chemistry. Well, nine months later, after Kingfish failing themselves to correct the problems in the chemistry, the heater failed and Pentair would not honor the warranty. So, realizing this was their mistake, Kingfish put in a 260k Jandy heater without even telling me. Naturally, it didn't heat the pool even as well as the Pentair Sta-Rite, which worked great even in the colder months. Moreover, there is a louver error that happens constantly and so the circuit breaker need to be turned off and on for the heater to even work and the moment the filter goes off, it goes off again. They also took forever to figure out what was causing leaks in the pool, having a leak detection service come and fail to detect a major leak that it actually detected during another visit several weeks later for a leak that would have been in place many months before their first visit. This caused major issues with the filter which had to be replaced, probably due to their failure to correct the leak. So here we are, stuck with a heater that barely works, a pool we haven't been able to use for months, and a near impossible time finding someone who isn't backed up for months to come fix this.
- Christian D....
Who Dat Pools
I cannot say enough about my excellent experience with Louis of WHO DAT POOLS. (I WISH THERE WAS AN A++ available!). Louis installed my Hayward Pool Pump and some new pool pipping for my commercial size pool (for my home). He made some excellent recommendations with my pools needs and bottom dollar in mind. Louis is the utmost professional and is incredibly knowledgeable about the services and products within the pool industry. The added bonus is that WHO DATPOOLS provides quality service at great prices. Even when Louis could have made more money selling me a filter in his stock - he recommended a less expensive third party filter that was more inline with my personal circumstances and pool type. I regret not using Who Dat Pools for my filter installation as I had to go with Leslie's as they installed my filter for free due to their internal customer service errors. As a former life long Leslie's customer -- I have seen the light with Who DatPools. The same service I received today from Who Dat Pools would have cost me more than five times at Leslie's. I am recommending Louis and WHO DAT POOLS to everyone I know in need of pool services. Who Dat Pools is my go to for pool services and should be yours too.
- Andrea A....
Jeff of all Trades
The result: although my water smelled a tiny bit like vinegar for a few days after, this seems to have made a big difference in the function of our hot water heater. Thanks Jeff for coming out so quickly and helping me out! Sidenote: I was curious about tankless water heaters as a potential replacement for our old tank some day and Jeff explained all the details about that option to me and helped me identify locations where it could be installed.
- Susan W....
Jeff of all Trades
Jeff was fantastic to work with. He was very thorough, responsive and did a great job with the install. I was out of town when my renter called complaining of tepid water. I called Jeff and he diagnosed the problem quickly and gave me the option of replacing as it was a 6 year water heater that had been in service 10 years! I opted for the replacement and he was able to get everything installed on my renter's schedule very quickly. My tenant was very happy with the results. Since I was out of town, Jeff sent me photos of how the job was progressing throughout the day so I could be in the loop of how it was going. I am already planning on having him do a bathroom remodel in the next few months.
- Daniel F....
Aqua Pool Renovations LLC
The price was very reasonable and the quality excellent. The owner, Terry Lonatro, was very quick to respond to my initial call and any subsequent questions. They started the refinishing work the next week and had it wrapped up in 2 days, not counting 2 days lost to weather. I have a small pool and the work was being done in the winter so things may have gone quicker than could always be expected. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.
- Katharine S....

Pool Heater Installation in New Orleans



Recent Review: i would like to start off by saying WOW!! the representative who initially answered my call was extremely helpful and understanding. He arrived at my house within 30 minutes. he surveyed the issues and gave me a quote the same day. after i approved it and gave him the go ahead he had his techs out working to get my gas turned back on as fast as possible. they worked yesterday in pretty cold temperatures and it was even drizzling at one point. the worked their butts off and got it all running so that i could turn on my heater and hot water. they were tremendously helpful, professional, and friendly. in other words, life savers.


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Recent Review: I use his service a few times already. He has a reasonable price and excellent service. I would give him 10 stars! He was a good guy. He was on time, trustworthy and he has done a lot for me. He would come again to fix the faucet next week.


Business Description: A-Demand is a company that has been serving residential and commercial properties for over 20 years.
Business Description: Total Pool Services is a full service company. We provide customers with the best pool service possible. Quality is a must here at Total Pool Services and each job reflects that.
Business Description: If you have any questions concerning our services or to schedule an appointment to meet with our Service Technician, please don't hesitate to call us. We service most Spa and Pool Equipment including the re-building of pumps and heater repairs. Did you get an estimate from another company and wondering if your old equipment could be repaired?
Business Description: Owner Operated services, no sub-contacting. Paid referrals. Prepaid customers receive complimentary attic stair cover or equivalent in services. All forms of payment accepted, checks required one week in advance of services.
Business Description: plumbing and home repairs
Business Description: Tigershark Pool & Spa specializes in servicing, repairing, and construction of swimming pools, spas, pond features, etc.


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Recent Review: They did an awesome job. Couldn't have asked for better honesty and service. We've finally found someone we can truly trust to do the right thing.


Business Description: Owner operated. 45 employees. Additional DBA - Earl's Plumbing & Heating LLC. Award winning.

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They successfully fixed our pool leak when others for over a year tied and failed. Also did an excellent job on fixing the pool pump and filter problems. In addition to a great technical job of knowing what to do and doing it well, very good with communications, and upfront quotes.