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Modesto Wall Repair

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Reviews in Modesto to Repair Walls

David Montanez Builders
David used his crew for the majority of the work. He subed the electrical and the refinishing of the floor. The house was painted inside and out, electrical upgraded, ceiling fans installed, new moulding and door fixtures, new tile in kitchen (along with tile backsplash), hardwood floor was repaired where needed, floor was sanded and refinished. New garage door as installed. A few months before David had installed a new roof. The old built in furnace was removed and the wall sheet rocked. An old wall air conditioner was removed and the hole in the wall repaired. Overall, David and his crew (along with the sub contractors) was prompt and professional. Would use David Montanez Construction again no questions asked.
- Fred P....
After a time was confirmed Shaun came and was very fast and professional. Shaun made the walls look new again! Great Job if you need this type of work done give them a call.
- Barbara &....
System Pavers
They are efficient, I can't believe how quickly they worked. There was a issue with a lawn stone but they got the right one and were finished.
- Debi H....
System Pavers
From conception to installation these guys were great. We first got a super pro David to put our wants on paper. It was as if he was reading my mind, he was so in tune with what I wanted. We now have a beautiful cobblestone patio with a sitting wall and a diamond-shaped wood firepit, a planter area under the large window and a dog park for our 3 dogs. I look at it and still can't believe it's ours! It would have taken only six days but their supplier sent the wrong pallets, so it took seven. We will have them back for our front yard in a year or two.
- Debi H....
He is probably one of the best contractors that I have used personally, and I have used a bunch. They are very dependable. They came to my house, gave me an estimate and shook my hand. He had the contract like within an hour. I signed the contract and he was there the next day at five in the morning. I have since referred them to several other people and they have all also been very satisfied with his work. In comparison to everyone else, he beat everybody on price. He told me that he needed the business, and if I went out and found somebody that gives me a better price, he would meet it or beat it. I was very pleased with the quality of his work.
- Adam C....
System Pavers
Vary professional as all the people involved with this project, was keep informed of every phase of the job. I how ever used Systems Pavers out of Sacramento Calif. Highly recommended.
- James B....
Robert Santistevan Construction
This contractor was excellent to work with. Whenever I called he would answer right away. He showed up when he said he would show up. He would call if there was going to be an issue. I was very happy about that. They were prompt and were dependable. It took them about a week and a half. They did a beautiful job. I would use them again.
- Tami A....
State Of The Art Construction
We bought this house as a fixer-upper. The house was in a very distressed, neglected condition in a good neighborhood. It looks brand new now. We were very impressed with the quality of work provided. What impressed us was the professionalism and care given to details. We are extremely pleased with the results.
- Michelle P....
Steve's Masonry
Their work turned out fabulous. I love it! Everybody who comes in our yard, they say, "Oh my gosh! That is amazing!" Steve is great. In fact, my two-year-old son looks for him. He does work a little slow, but his work is meticulously done. I prefer that myself. I would absolutely use him again.
- Letitia M....
Landscape Creations By Lisa Bosch
We had a full hardscape and landscape done. Before that it was just dirt. I would recommend her. I don't think she has a company name. I was impressed with her. She is the owner designer. I was very pleased with both the interaction and the work that I had seen. I interacted with her 3 days ago. I spent around $21000.00. She was extremely personable in the initial contact. We hit it off very well talking to one another. She had ideas that changed my mind about certain things. Everything looks really good. It was really quality work. These guys worked for long periods in really hot weather. The landscape supervisor that works with Lisa is also extremely personable. Lisa does the design and she has a crew that does the work. She is on the job frequently because she has other jobs but she is always checking in. She probably calls us once a week to know if we have any concerns about our backyard. There were a couple of things. There were a few plants that didn't make the initial planting so they came back out and replanted them. The first time they built the shed, the door didn't quite look right and she had a carpenter out to repair that. They stand behind their work pretty well. They are very good people. I am happy with it overall. They are one of the companies that are generally used in the area where I live. They also offer monthly maintenance on yard work and stuff in addition to their landscape abilities.
- Jon F....

Repair Wall in Modesto



Business Description: GC Fencing specializes in building fences, decks, arbors, patio covers, retaining walls, custom gates and much more. With over 30 years of experience, GC Fencing provides high- quality work that is built to last. Get in touch with us today to quote your next project.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: I was thoroughly impressed with the job in System Pavers did for me. Albert, on my initial consultation for the project, showed me some design possibilities I had not even thought of. Then Zach, the job coordinator, was a pleasure to work with and saw the completion of the project through. The final results were beyond my expectations, just beautiful!


Business Description: Harmon Home Inspections is locally owned and operated. We service Sacramento and the Bay Area. We use National Association of Certified Home Inspector standards while providing digital E-reports. We use infrared technology on every inspection at no additional charge. Infrared is non-intrusive and allows us to see behind walls to find plumbing leaks, roof leaks, missing insulation, electrical hot spots and more. Harmon Home Inspections uses the state-of-the-art Home Gauge computer system which allows us to include color digital photos of your house in your inspection report. Harmon Home Inspection's E-Reports are available to our Clients and their Realtor within one business day of the inspection. Your inspection report is available to you 24/7 and can be printed and viewed as many times as necessary. All reports are password protected so that you can control access to your report. A Harmon Home Inspection is an excellent tool for you, the home buyer, to help determine not only the condition of the home, but to help foresee any immediate, unnecessary additional repairs that may go unnoticed without the help of a home inspection. Home inspections are not necessarily a prediction of future performance, but can point out existing problem areas and make "Improvement Recommendations." An inspection typically takes about 2 to 3 hours in most cases, which also includes answering your questions on site. The times may vary depending on the size, age, and the condition of the home. Harmon Home Inspections recommends and welcomes you to be present during the inspection, we will answer questions during the inspection as well as explain all of our findings to you and your Realtor at the end. Harmon Home Inspections performs home inspections 7-days a week. We also provide short-notice-inspections at no additional charge.


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Business Description: We are a complete landscape services company with a specialization in Artificial Grass , Concrete and Paver Systems.. Our parent company is the producer of Artificial Grass, assuring you the highest quality, best warranty and low prices. The crews are all skilled employees. (we do not use "outside services". our subcontractors). The products are distributed through select Ace hardware stores and Meek's lumber supply stores and many others. our crews capable of all aspects of landscaping including irrigation , Custom Concrete, Fencing, Decorative and retaining walls, artificial grass, and horticulture.. We will be very happy to speak with you about your project and set a time to meet at the site so we can do a detailed estimate. Please call today ! you will be glad you did . Our specialties: Landscaping Construction, Landscape Design & Consultation, Sod and Synthetic Lawns, Drip systems, Low Maintenance Gardens and Drought Tolerant Gardens, Drainage, French Drains, Decorative walls and Retaining Walls, Interlocking Pavers and Flagstone, Decks, Pergolas, Pool Demolition and Fill, Outdoor Kitchens, Low Voltage Lighting, Electrical, Leveling, stone Masonry, Concrete, Woodwork, Water Features, and Earth Moving
Business Description: My name is David Singh. I am a certified journeyman mason, foreman and a diligent worker. I've been in my line of work for about 20 years. Veneer masonry for aesthetic purposes. Solid masonry for the main structural support. Indoor or outdoor. Stone, brick, block, or tile. Fireplaces, barbecues, driveways, steps and pools. Rebar settings for masonry block walls. High quality precast work (collums and pillars). No problem removing any existing masonry and concrete. Upon completion of any job disposes of any waste. Can also do drywall repair, wall covering installation, house washing, house painting, deck refurbishing and chemical cleaning (acid washing). High quality work and free estimates with photos and location information.
Business Description: At V&V Masonry Inc. we strive to provide high quality work for our commercial and residential customers. We are committed to provide exceptional work and an efficient service. Our job consists of using bricks, concrete blocks, manufactured stone, pavers, thin brick or natural stones to build structures, such as walls, walkways, pool decks, fences, and much more. Our craft can be one that enhances your property and adds beauty to the surroundings. With over 40 years of combined experience, we look forward to helping you on your next project.
Business Description: Finish / Trim Carpentry Contractor for cabinets and closets
Business Description: We make retaining walls, waterfalls, fire pits, benches, and much much more using solid concrete. We work timely and professionally. An innovative alternative to real rock and block construction. Our knowledge and expertise of sculpting concrete may inspire your vintage landscape business by breaking the paradigm of how concrete retaining walls, walkways, water features and hardscape designs are constructed. We also offer landscaping.
Business Description: We work on landscape development projects for our commercial and residential clients, where we install everything from landscaping, to installation of concrete pavers, Concrete construction flatwork, irrigation systems, retaining walls, and much more.


Recent Review: Backyard – Deck extension, pavers, artificial grass, fenced area --- removing/flattening raised beds, levelling dirt areas Front yard – Flagstone, extend pavers, artificial grass --- removing gravel fields, levelling ground/preserving outlets, removing excess concrete and asphalt, removing landscape features (posts) Getting to the point, Daisy Landscaping transformed our front and back yards into beautiful useable spaces. Their quality of workmanship is A+, and their attention to detail is spot on. Their prices are competitive with others, but the value of what you get is extremely high compared to price. We had a 21’ x 14’ deck in our backyard that we wanted extended to 21’ x 33’ to our back wall. In the middle of the deck, we wanted a huge Mulberry tree preserved with a cutout in the deck. To the right of the deck, we wanted approximately 200’sq pavers installed. Jaime (owner/operator) examined the areas and asked specific questions where he foresaw there might be issues. We hadn’t considered the issues, so we were grateful that he brought them to our attention. In the front yard, we wanted a gravel area of approximately 1175’sq transformed into a useable flagstone field, trimmed with real grass between the stones. Again, Jaime asked specifics and told us where we might have problems (we have a septic outlet, a water outlet, and plumbing cleanouts in the field). He set our minds at ease that the project was doable with only a few modifications. He sent the bid for the backyard two days later, and the bid for the front yard two days after that. Compared to other contractors, he was slightly cheaper on the backyard, and slightly higher on the front yard. But Jaime had really thought about the projects and set our minds at ease. We chose him to tackle both projects. He started the backyard first. The backyard had raised beds that were bordered with octagonal pavers and cinder blocks. In each of the beds were groundcover plants and mature trees. To build over them, everything would have to be lowered and/or removed. As they started to take out blocks and other features, they noticed the Mulberry root system was more complicated than he had imagined. So, they literally had to re-plan how the posts would be configured and for the deck to keep its integrity. Their solution was to add MORE support near the tree, without altering the original configuration! It worked beautifully. As they were prepping for attaching the new deck to the old, there was a problem with the old deck being uneven compared to the perfectly level new deck. When the guys went in to adjust the levels, they showed us the vast rotting under our original deck. When I merely pressed on the wood it caused supports to splinter and crumble. Jaime suggested that we get the old deck replaced before it was not useable and gave it less than a year to deteriorate. We asked if he was available to currently repair the old deck and he was. Again, they laid out the new framework meticulously as they did the first, and the final result made everything look so great. As for the pavers, as they started to prep the area and having removed the raised beds, it became apparent that the back wall was warped inwards, and the shed opposite the wall was warped outwards. In other words, there was no way to square the pavers with the deck, the back wall, and the shed wall. So, Jaime made the base line off of a small fence that separated a small area from the rest of the yard, and laid the pavers along that line because the eye would naturally be drawn to that spot. The effect was incredible! The pavers just sort of ‘slide’ under the deck at an angle of about 15-20* and it creates this beautiful architectural effect that draws attention to the various angles around the paver area, while keeping the deck obviously parallel to the house. To me, this was the ultimate in problem-solving on the job. The job took longer than expected, but now I’m glad it did. The effect is totally worth it. Finally, artificial grass was installed in areas that were mostly dirt and weeds. It took time to level the areas, but the installation was relatively fast. The grass looks great, and of course, it doesn’t need to be watered or mowed. Best of all, it drains beautifully. The grass only comes in one width (15’?), but in any length you want. I would recommend that if you get artificial grass installed, keep the width in mind if you don’t want any seams. We took the seams and saved a whole lot of $. It still looks great. The front yard had a field of gravel that we wanted turned into flagstone. Under the gravel (is) a septic system. So, the job would entail excavation of the gravel and excess dirt, putting down a sand base and setting stones all around the outlets and cleanouts that go with the septic system. We also wanted grass between the stones. Jaime researched and said that it would take months for real grass to get established so that the stones would be less apt to shift. So, we agreed to artificial grass between the stones. After further figuring out that there would be multiple seams in the grass UNLESS we cut out areas for the flagstones, we decided to have a straight field of flagstones that had artificial grass in the front and the back of the flagstone area. I thought there were three outlets for the septic, but Jaime could only find one. His crew searched for three days for the mysterious second big outlet and third small outlet but with no luck. I knew that I saw the outlets when we moved in over two years ago and they were repairing the system. Jaime asked some other contractors what the problem might be, and they told him that when old systems are cleaned and replaced, they only use one outlet and seal all the others. So, I cost myself (his crew) three days of searching. But once we had established the situation, the stones got laid down in about 7 days, and the grass in about 3 days (We actually added more stone and grass work to the job as it progressed). The final project looks glorious! He even took a giant Bird of Paradise plant we had on the property, split it into two parts in oak wine barrels and placed them on the grass at the back of the flagstone area. It looks so classy I can’t even believe it! For landscaping projects, I will only use Daisy Landscaping in the future. Jaime and the crew are just a great bunch of guys. Jaime is honest to a fault, and there are no surprises in his work or the materials. Problems are well-thought out, discussed, and handled beautifully. But the best part is that the quality of the work is world class for the dollars spent. Reminder/Request: Please keep cold, fresh water on hand for any crew that does work on your property. Even temps in the low 90s can cause workers to become ill from heat stroke. Also, if possible, have a seating and resting area that is shaded for workers to escape the heat and direct sunlight for a few minutes as needed.

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What do customers in Modesto say about Repair Wall?

David used his crew for the majority of the work. He subed the electrical and the refinishing of the floor. The house was painted inside and out, electrical upgraded, ceiling fans installed, new moulding and door fixtures, new tile in kitchen (along with tile backsplash), hardwood floor was repaired where needed, floor was sanded and refinished. New garage door as installed. A few months before David had installed a new roof. The old built in furnace was removed and the wall sheet rocked. An old wall air conditioner was removed and the hole in the wall repaired. Overall, David and his crew (along with the sub contractors) was prompt and professional. Would use David Montanez Construction again no questions asked.