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Diamond Cabinet Refacing inc
They came out to give me an estimate. I love what they quoited me. i had another company out and they were outragious on their quote. I love, love what diamond gave me. So i decided to go with them. They did a lovely job!
- Eunice W....
- Rachel P....
P's Handyman Services Inc
He was professional and answered all of my questions. We changed what we wanted to do, so we didn't end up hiring him. I would recommend him to others.
- Thomas T....
Reborn Cabinets Inc.
It completely sucked. Initially, I spoke with a friendly lady who scheduled an appt and informed me of how the refacing process worked. My second call was to confirm the appt (at their request) and Brandon asked me questions I already went over during the first call as though they didn't know why they were coming out to my home and he also informed me they would not come out unless my husband at the appt with me... Which is completely ridiculous! A) I know more about remodeling and doing most of the work myself than my husband ever will. What I lack now is the time to do it myself. B) I make most of the decisions how/when/why to do the home repairs anyway as my husband trusts me and knows I will scrutinize before making a decision and lastly C) I hate the assumption that as a woman I am not capable of understanding what is involved in a remodel/refresh and can't add 1+1 without my husband explaining it to me. Their "knowledgable" customer policy sucks...
- Byron J....
Horizon Construction & Remodeling, Inc.
Because of the positive reviews on Angie's List, I contacted Horizon for a quote for new countertops and cabinets for the kitchen. Enna was nice to try to rearrange another appointment to accommodate my schedule. But she told me nothing was set til she could confirm with the other party and she would call me back. After not hearing from her for 4 days, I emailed her to say I had not heard anything, and if it was not possible for them to meet, that was fine but please let me know. She called me back and said let's go ahead with the appointment. Mark showed up to give us the bid. He was pretty punctual but the guy who showed up at our house is not the same one in the reviews depicted on Angie's List. He didn't introduce himself or give me a biz card. I only know his name because I had to ask him for it (toward the end of an appointment that didn't go very well). It was like he didn't want to be there and he told me the job was too small for him (installing granite countertops and either refacing or refinishing cabinets). He said he'll only take on the job if I agreed to let them do both. If I wanted to do it separately, it would cost an additional $1000. I was very honest with Enna on the initial call that all I was interested in was the countertops and cabinets for now (although I do want to do the lighting and the painting and the flooring at a later time). Enna was trying to talk me into redoing the floors in the first conversation so maybe when Mark came, he was under the impression we were doing everything in the kitchen. It was almost like he was disappointed by the smallness of the job and I felt he was not approachable. When I asked for him to email me a written estimate, he told me that he noticed I had already jotted down some figures (which I did sporadically onto a notepad, but nothing at all detailed). It didn't seem like he cared about getting the job because it's too small for him (which is fine) but I've never had a bidder who refused to give me a written estimate whether it be for plumbing or roofing or painting, etc. The appointment lasted only about 25 minutes long but it was apparent we would not be a good fit. He did show me (on his computer) some work they did for other homes and the work looks very nice. But I feel if one is undertaking a large task that costs so much money, it needs to be a compatible relationship or at least one where communication can easily flow, which I didn't feel we had in this case unfortunately.
- Kim B....
Dali Painting & Decorating
Excellent! Had my kitchen cabinets painted and he did an amazing job. My kitchen looks brand new without a huge remodel. He kept me inform and address all my concerns. Will definitely rehire!
- Stephanie R....
Cabinet Refresh
We needed help with our outdated 1988 kitchen. Met with Carol first for estimate. She listened to our wishes and gave us an estimate. Carol was very enthusiastic. We then got together with Scott and shared our ideas and he shared his and we got a better vision for our kitchen. They are based in Venice, but had no problem with coming out Riverside way. Crew was always on time and did professional work. All were very friendly and courteous. They fixed any problems that came their way. Scott made sure everything was to our liking. Anything that did not look like it should was taken care of. Total remodel took about 2 weeks. We now have an awesome kitchen of our dreams. Thank-you Scott and crew!
- John M....
Hardwood Construction
He took a very complex project into completion which included using a variety of mounts to match the full overlay doors to a framed carcass. Also added glass to new doors. Added hardware. Painted doors. Soft close pull out doors. He takes him time to install but puts a lot of care to do a good job. You can see the quality of his work on the images. It all came out beautifully.
- Kathy W....
Mr. Cabinet Care
- Toni H....
California Construction Center
They really did not want to do the refacing, they wanted to do the complete kitchen so the price that they gave us for the refacing should instead be about a thousand dollars cheaper than rebuilding the whole kitchen, they tried to push us into the whole kitchen rebuild. We got kind of that impression of a hard sell on that and therefore did not use them. I do not trust them. I would not recommend them.
- Mark S....
The first problem was when I kept being sent "change orders" to sign and return, with no explanation of what was being changed. On one bathroom cabinet we wanted to move the side where the sink is which meant the drawers and cabinet doors needed to be switched around to accommodate the plumbing under the sink. Company neglected to make the change, even though it was in the work order. When I asked about it I was told the guy who did the work order didn't know you couldn't do it without rebuilding the cabinet. The person who told me this said it as though the designer's ignorance was excuse enough and that it was now our problem. We had to pay extra to have the problem corrected (which still has not occurred). There is no communication within the company: I find myself getting phone calls from various people in the company who keep crawling out of the woodwork and none of them has talked to the other twelve people I already explained things to. I also have to give directions every time someone new comes to do work; you would think they would have the directions on file somewhere or that someone else in the company could share that information. Several times people haven't shown up at all for scheduled appointments. At one point, when the guy didn't show up, the office manager rescheduled someone for a Saturday and I was later chewed out by some other unknown person for expecting their people to work on a Saturday when they have families (it wasn't my idea to waste my Saturday accommodating their guy who didn't show up). Another time they sent a guy who not only showed up at my clients' house at 6:30 in the morning when he was specifically instructed not to get there until 9:30, but it turned out he was not authorized or competent to do the job he was sent there to do. All he had to do was drill holes and put cabinets handles on, but this guy - who's worked for the company for two years - isn't skilled enough to do that simple task, so we had to reschedule ONCE AGAIN! The list goes on and on. These people have been a complete headache to work with. I would sooner take a woodworking class and learn how to do it myself than to hire these people again.
- Maureen M....
Capital Counters & Cabinets, Kitchen Remodeling
The job was done with a high level of craftsmanship and on budget and on time. The countertops fit well and look great. Refaced cabinet doors and drawer boxes make it seem like new construction. Painting was performed well. New drawer sliding mechanisms were worth the extra cost. Only negatives were that the overall management of the job could have been more physically present on the site and more smooth, and a necessary lowering of the sink drain position probably should have been predicted based on the sink we chose. But overall we are very happy with the result and with the price and especially with the work being done well and on time. Note: total project cost was $23,000. Of that amount, Custom Countertops cost was $13,500.
- Neal H....
Gonzalez Construction Pros
I have used GCP for several jobs over the last year. Always dependable, great communication and follow through. I recommend them highly.
- Philip P....
Fauxtopia Studios
Heidi is absolutely wonderful. I had minor water damage in my kitchen/dining area and needed (among other things) new paint and cabinet fixes from where the drying company had damaged the cabinet faces. Her initial consultation was professional and personable. She looked at the damage done to my cabinet, discussed in detail the colors I wanted for my kitchen and dining room, and later came back with samples of what I might have on my walls with the three-color treatments. I changed my mind a couple of times and thought for sure I'd drive her crazy, but she was always patient, helpful and reassuring. We even played with the colors mid-job. She's resourceful and creative. When I found more cabinet damage -- this time to the veneer -- she handled that, too. Her prices are very reasonable. Everything now is so beautiful, I'm excited to be home in my new environment. Thanks, Heidi!
- Maria A....
P's Handyman Services Inc
Hired Pier and his team to reface the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in my 75 year old home in the Belmont Heights section of Long Beach. Not much had been done on either the kitchen or the bath since probably the 1950s and I had started on replacing a few items (ripped out the microwave, switched out the hood over the stove), but hadn't been able to finish either of these projects completely. Both the kitchen and bath have vintage tile in them that is is remarkably good shape and while a bit funky in color, goes with the house. I had gotten other estimates, but after talking my needs through, it became evident to me that I wanted to keep my costs down, save the tile and make repairs that reflect the character and year of the house. Pier gave me a detailed estimate to reface the cabinets, remove wallpaper, prime and paint the refaced cabinets (in/out) and walls in the bath, plus replace the lighting and plumbing fixtures. In the kitchen, the estimate was for the cabinets, repairing the ceiling where the hood had gone in, fixing the frame around the microwave and painting the ceiling, trim and walls. Pier and his team did a great job. I am very pleased. They were professional. Pier kept me updated with daily phone calls or meetings on the progress of the project and issues that arose. With an older house, as expected, there were a number of strange things that came up or other issues that needed fixing. I felt Pier provided an honest view on the necessity for fixing something, whether or not it was needed now, etc. He added these items onto the overall estimate, if I agreed to them. The cabinets came out great and the team successfully saved the tile in both room and literally rebuilt the cabinets underneath the doors. You would never know that they aren't brand new cabinets. The workmanship was beautiful and detailed. The painting crew also did a great job. Their prep work was excellent. They ended up putting on at least two layers of primer, sanding in-between coats, then added on at least 2-3 layers of paint. As a result, the final product was beautiful and will certainly hold up well. The entire team cleaned up as much as possible each day. They were friendly, trustworthy and professional. I would definitely hire Pier again for another project -- have a couple in mind. It's hard to find people who will do things well and right the first time, but I think with Pier and his team you are assured of that.
- Gretchen B....

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles



Marina Del Rey, CA

Recent Review: He was great. He was always on time, excellent service and they have good customer service.


Valley Village, CA

Recent Review: It went very well they did a good job. They were knowledgeable and he gave suggestions base on what I wanted.


Downey, CA

Super Service Award
Angi Certified
Offers Coupon
Recent Review: Michael arrived on time, he was courteous and skilled. Before the job was done Joe the owner arrived and assisted him in completing the job. They done such a good job that we have two more jobs for them. I recommend element paint and decor to everyone.


Chino Hills, CA

Recent Review: Although the color looks very nice (off white), the job was done sloppily. The paint processed promised does not hold up as it has already started to chip in many places. One coat of paint or primer was applied in a zigzag manner and it shows through. Derek insisted they were just shadows, but it is there day and night on the entire project. They cannot possibly be shadows. He clearly took a short cut. Additionally, several handles were installed crooked by about an inch, which puts them at an angle, so very noticeable. The hinges were not adjusted correctly so the door hinge hits the box hinge when opening, leaving it to chip on the side of the door. Many spots were missed in the painting process, and I was only left less than ¼ can of spray paint (this is a spray process only). The job was completed on June 27, 2014. I informed Derek on June 30, 2014 of the above problems. We arranged for him to come by July 3 at 10 a.m. He was running late, and since my husband and I were going out of town that afternoon we rescheduled for July 7 at 10 a.m. Derek never showed nor did he call. I called him the next day and left a voice mail. No response. On Friday of that week, I sent a message through his website. No response. Since that time I have called every week, with voice box full for four calls (although I do know he still knows you?ve called because he has returned previous calls to me when his box was full), and was able to leave messages four times. To date, I have heard absolutely nothing from Derek. Clearly, once he gets paid he ignores his customers. He will claim he is ?busy?. So what! I paid in full and expected a professional job. I did not get that. I would not recommend him, but if you do decide to go with him, I would hold back several hundred dollars from the final payment until you can go through and check everything closely a few days later, not on the spot.


Ontario, CA

Business Description: Stone By Stone Builders provides services such as: Acoustic Removal, Drywall, Painting, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels. We have worked tediously to make the home building process easy and enjoyable for the home buyer. With attention to detail applied to each project, Stone By Stone Builders is able to collaborate with both our in-house professionals and our home owners to insure that every detail is carried out with precision and quality.


Westlake Village, CA

Recent Review: Perfect, no problems, excellent cleanup


Woodland Hills, CA

Recent Review: Ram is the ULTIMATE professional. He is punctual. If he tells you he will be somewhere at a certain time, he will. He stops by to check on his workers and the progress of the job and to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work. He is honest and the price he quotes you is the price you pay. His prices are also very reasonable. In addition to all of that, he a very kind man. He truly cares about his customers and will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied. I could not give New Look a higher recommendation!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++


La Habra, CA

Recent Review: Owner seemed interested in high end kitchen/bath remodeol, beyond our plans.


Vista, CA

Recent Review: Barbara has done a lot of work for us. We continued to use her because she listens well, has very reasonable prices, does quality work, stands by her work and makes the process as painless as possible.

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The service was very professional and the follow thru consistent. I was very impressed with the number of associates on your team that contacted me to be sure all was going well and assure me they were there for me. The outcome is fabulous! I am very happy with the project. Thanks Elizabeth