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Reviews in Los Angeles to Install Chair Lift

T L Shield & Associates Inc
I thought he was doing a good job. I noticed he was laying on the ground and there were tapping sounds coming from the railing he was telling me he was changing the batteries. He was banging and beating on my chair swivelling it around in the middle of the stairs which I learned is not good for the chair. After about 15 minutes he went out to service my elevator. After he left, I tried the chair and it took me all the way up but when I went to go down, it was like the brakes went out. It slammed me to the bottom of the stairs. After the third time the chair quit working altogether. I went and checked my security cameras to see what kind of work had been done to my elevator. I noticed that he was not working but he was eating his lunch. He was eating some soup and spilled it in the elevator and left the mess. I called them back 4 times to set up appointments and they never showed, so I was basically trapped in my house. I decided to call another company, Gamburd. They came out and took a look at the work that had been done. They informed me you have to take the entire chair apart to be able to replace the batteries. They said the batteries had not been replaced since 2010, so I had been charged for battery replacement by TL, and never had a battery replaced. The tapping on the railing was TL trying to lube up the railing and it in turn was bad for the chair. Since the battery was so old and the lube was there, it eventually destroyed the motor. Since the motor was damaged the brakes didn't work that's why I slammed into the bottom of the stairs. Gamburd was so nice. They serviced all of my needs and really cut me a deal because the trouble I had been having. Gamburd was so kind and made me feel better about the situation.
- Sherry O....
John did a very good job, however he would not stand behind his work when there was a problem with the floor that he installed lifting.
- Merry L....
California Preferred Services Inc
My Mother lives in an older mobile home, and it was in need of repair. Dale arrived on time. He assessed the problem (replace skirting) taking measurements and deciding which plan to follow. We went to Home Depot to get the needed supplies. I told Dale to go in the store and get what he needs, and I would be at the Pro Desk to pay. He came back with the needed supplies at a 20% discount! (Nice shopping!) He started immediately! The skirting was made of brick which had broken off in many places. He decided to put paneling over the broken skirting. Then, he painted the skirting. It went from awful to gorgeous! Wow! He also replaced a worn out mailbox and painted the post. What a difference! It made my Mom's mobile home look brand new! Dale does excellent work! Thanks, Dale!
- Susan L....
Edcellent Home Repairs and Improvements
We were looking for a handyman to do several jobs. I met with Ed (Edcellent Home Repairs), and was very impressed with him. He was punctual for the estimate, and gave me several different quotes, so we could see what we could and couldn't do financially. So far, Ed (and his son who helps him at times) has painted the inside of our mobile home. We're very happy with his work, and the fact that he is a clean worker. He gave us recommendations on several other things that we need done, and we've taken them. He had the painting done in 1-1/2 days. His prices are excellent, and his work top grade. Next week he will also be tearing up carpet and replacing flooring for us. After that we have other jobs (one of which is fairly large) that we will be using him for. I would definitely recommend him for any type of home improvement work. There isn't much he hasn't done.
- Susan A....
United Plumbing Heating Air Electric
Good. Renee and his assistant went right to work. They explained the electrical system in mobile homes which I appreciated.
- Susan L....
Brazell Builders
They were phenomenal! Justin is responsive, enthusiastic, professional, and honest. He is upfront about pricing, focused on quality, and he and his team work hard. I could not be happier with the results in both of the bathrooms - it has elevated my overall quality of life. We are hiring him to do our kitchen next!
- Kirsten E....
Amtech Elevator Service
I hate to say it but they have been my elevator service for 10 years if not longer and they tried to sell me things that I don't need. They have repeatedly done work that has not solved the problem. They want to bill me for it even though a month has pasted and the problem has popped up again and they charge a lot of money. They are very expensive and they are kind of slick and they try to sell you things you don't need. In all appearances they are very professional but the work has to be repeated over and over.
- Gina N....
Extreme Painting
Has a really really tall ladder! My ceiling is 21 ft high. Good guy. Clever with work-arounds.
- Cherie S....
Construction Masters
Terrific job. Very responsive. They would quickly come back and re-touch individual items if needed. This was all the more remarkable: [a] in an old building; [b] where everything was brought in and out via elevator; and [c] with persnickety neighbors who would complain if there were issues with dust or noise.
- Christopher H....
Mr. Handyman Serving South Bay
I told the company twice that i lived in a mobile home and they said they would send someone that new how to work on mobile homes. however, they didn't because the man that came did not do carpeting and the majority of mobile home stairs are carpeted. I should have called the company and told them to send someone else. he told me it would be cheaper to use concrete instead of wood so I did that. in hindsight, I think using concrete was a very bad idea. I agreed to it but since all the other steps are wood with carpeting on top, i think it will end up looking funny. he gave me some glue to glue on the carpeting but it doesn't say it doesn't say it's good on concrete. I've decided to have a friend of mine look at it to see if i should glue on the carpeting or not. after he put the stair in, he suggested that someone else sand down the other steps and cover them with a coating, i don't remember what he called it. he pour the left over cement in my front yard and tried to cover it up but it's obvious that the dirt has been dug up in that spot. it's also the spot that i planted some flower bulbs but they weren't above the ground so he had no way of knowing that. he left his trash bag, which was very heavy, in the front yard and i had to lift it into my trash can. if he had asked me where he could put it, i would have asked him to put it in my trash can. He did a good job in making the step but i think it might be wider than the other step was so i think i will have to buy more carpeting if i decide to cover it with carpet. this company is very expensive. they do not give free estimates. if they quote a price and you decide not to do the work right then, they charge $85. However, if you want them to do the work on another day, they will credit $50 back to you. The company was very good in communicating. they texted and emailed me and even called me the day before to remind me and make sure i still wanted them to come and they called me afterwards to ask me how the technician did. They don't contract out the work, their workers are employees of the company. They also guarantee their work. When they called me after the project was done, I told them i wasn't sure i made the best decision with the concrete and they said if it doesn't work out for me to let them know becasue they guarantee their work. He said they don't install carpet so i don;t know if any of their workers could have done that. In the future, i will stick with mobile home contractors. I was happy that they let me pay with a check.
- Beverly W....
Keith Johnson, the owner, came and gave me a price for the work needed. I compared the price and his was the best. His guys did a very professional job and took the time needed to get it done right. Because Building and Safety was involved, we had the work inspected later that week. The Building and Safety inspector said the work was excellent. Also, Johnson's electric added several GFIs in my kitchen which was done well. Although, there was a problem with one of the GFIs, the company was very responsive and came the next day to fix it. We are happy with their work.
- Ingrid D....
P's Handyman Services Inc
We hope Pier Angeli is in business for a long time because after using him, we don’t ever want to use another contractor. But he comes with a warning. He’s not for the faint of heart. He doesn’t hold back when he’s explaining the problem that came up, why the previous contractor shouldn’t have done it that way and what he’ll have to do to fix it. You may not want to know that your kitchen sink is sagging and may collapse in a few years or that there isn’t enough support for part of the second story and it might cave during an earthquake. Once Pier explains the problem, though, he backs off. If you prefer being an ostrich and waiting until things break before you fix them, he’ll let you. The two things that struck us most about him are his work ethic and his attention to quality. We chose him to install a full elevator in the middle of a two-story tract home, which involved taking space from a bathroom, closet and cabinets, plus do a living room remodel with new fireplace and cabinets. The contract called for him to be finished in three months, but we made sure that we could stay in our temporary rental for four months just in case. We knew the biggest problem would be the elevator, and sure enough, when Pier opened the walls, he found things that weren’t supposed to be there, including a giant lump of concrete that he had to jackhammer away. There were also structural challenges that the architect wasn’t aware of because the drawings done for a second-story addition turned out to be different than what was actually done. As the challenges began adding up, we were glad we gave ourselves an extra month. We didn’t know that Pier is in his element when things go wrong, because he enjoys solving problems. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we took a ride on the finished elevator less than halfway through the contracted time. The reason is Pier is focused on what he’s doing, and he doesn’t take on any other work during a big project. He drives his subcontractors and himself to get things done. They work Monday through Saturday! What took the longest on our project was my wife and I making design decisions. Pier also drove us to make up our minds because he wanted the materials he needed to get our job done. I felt like one of his subs. Besides his perseverance, Pier takes pride in what he does. If you’re looking for a contractor to cut corners and do things as cheaply as possible, don’t bother to call him. He’s the guy you want if you’re after quality. When he’s done, he and you know that not only does the finished product look good, but it’s built solid to last. I’d put up with a primma donna to get the great work he did for us, but Pier is down to earth. Yes, he’s outspoken, but he’s got a great sense of humor. He doesn’t take himself seriously, but he’s dead serious about getting the job done right – and on time.
- Al R....
Bercow Construction
-We employed an architect and bid the remodel out to 6 general contractors. Ed Bercow's bid was once of the first, and we thought it was high, but it turned out to be in the middle. We really liked his knowledge and straightforwardness. After two tries with other contractors fell apart before we could draft a contract we went back to Ed and worked out a more affordable estimate. Ed never cut corners, was you get what you pay for about it, but was able to work something out. His estimate turned out to be on the money for what costs actually were. We are happy with the results and are glad we went with Ed. His subcontractors were all very high quality and their workmanship was top-notch. Working with his framer and Ed, we actually redesigned and improved upon the architectural plans with the agreement of the architect. The tricky elevator shaft was absolutely plumb and exactly to specified tolerances. Ed is very easy to work with, always pleasant, accommodating, and informative, and looks out for the customer's interests. He kept returning without complaint after the fi"punch list" had been completed when a few new issues, such as recaulking where settling had affected grout lines at the very end.In addition to a new elevator, the job involved new electrical system and plumbing, roof reframing and roofing, the addition of a large deck with cover and skylights, outdoor stairways, new windows and doors inside and out, complete new kitchen, new ceiling framing in kit chen and bathrooms, Addition of a guest bathroom, complete remodel of master bathroom, addition of master closet and home office over garage, new hallway, Caesarstone counters in kitchen and bathroom, new hardwood floors, new foundation work for outdoor stairs, deck, elevator and bathroom support, new cabinetry in kitchen, exterior restuccoing and re-siding, interior and exterior painting, outdoor hardscape, and coordination of other independent contractors who were not his subs.
- Charlotte H....
Kyle Beym Home Improvement
Kyle's worker Aturo was competent and hard working. Very impressed with what gone in the time allotted and plan to have him back for more.
- Todd H....
Affordable Electric Service
Red knew exactly where the problem was and fixed in a couple hours. He was on time and was very clean when the job finished. He is my go to spark-trician. I highly recommend him. Prices were very fair.
- Brad V....

Chair Lift Installation in Los Angeles

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Pacoima, CA

Recent Review: It turned out just fine. It turned out very well. There was no complaints or issues because it was exactly what it was and it was a good deal. There was no additional charges. They came in, did the work and they left. They did everything, they were easy to communicate with and easy to schedule with so there was no problem. Gamburd generally specializes in those types of mobility products and services. They knew what they were doing and they did it efficiently. They gave us a choice between a longer and the shorter bars so we made our choice and it worked out. They did what we had expected. There were no bad surprises or anything.


Huntington Beach, CA

Business Description: Since 2006, HB Computers has been the most trusted technical resource for residents and businesses in Huntington Beach, California – both on site and remotely – while also responding to the need for nationwide services. We are also expanding our services to Security Camera System installation, Network Cabling/Drops. We repair or replace laptops, desktops, workstations and all mobile devices. Our services include, but are not limited to: installation, administration, and maintenance of all top brand IT systems; IT security and protection; data recovery; surveillance systems; multi-site networks; and cloud migration. We also sell and install computer systems and networking capabilities; provide hardware and software licensing services; and are fully competent in Microsoft-centric IT environments.


Murrieta, CA

Recent Review: Good experience. Timely arrival, polite workers who went right to work. told me when they went to break. Completed work same day.


Corona, CA

Business Description: We are a full service Mobile , Manufactured, and Modular home construction company. Our mission is to deliver quality service and work to our customers! We offer free estimates and discounts to Seniors and our Military servicemen and women. We accept all major credit cards. Please give us a call for any of your Mobile Home needs!


Tarzana, CA

Business Description: Company establish 2012 , We are located in heart of Los Angeles ,near to all Freeways 405 , 101 , 10 , 105 , 5 .We are mobile will get to our customer Approx. in 45 minutes. We repair all kind of electronics. Computers ,Music Equipment, Alarm system , board level repair , burn spots , water damage ,broken screens , Point of Sales ,


Canoga Park, CA

Business Description: We specialize in repair of sliding glass/vinyl doors and mirrored/wooden closet doors. We can save you money. Don't replace it, fix it like new. Complete mobile service for residential and business. Over 30 years of experience serving the greater Los Angeles area and coastal cities. Obsolete and hard to find parts, rollers, locks, handles, tracks, we can fix it. Our expert technicians are dedicated to work with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.


Buena Park, CA

angi certified
offers coupon
Business Description: We exclusively provide live online booking available on our mobile friendly website 24hrs/day. We specialize in air conditioning and furnace system maintenance and repairs by our award winning service technicians. Other specialties include, installing high efficient central heating and air conditioning systems. We are able to provide installations with no money down and low monthly payments though property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing programs. Call us today for your free in home consultation, Family owned and operated. Serving Los Angeles and Orange County for over 15 years.


West Hills, CA

Business Description: 24/7 Mobile Locksmith Services... emergency and non-emergency.


Chino, CA

Business Description: LICENSE # 802048.We are a full service glass company for both residential and light commercial. We specialize in custom showers and mirror work, Tennant Improvement services, as well as property management services. All home repairs and glass replacements handled with courtesy and professionalism. Please mention Angie's list for discount for all home services. Also ask us about current specials on custom shower work.


Murrieta, CA

Business Description: We are a full service construction company Specializing in remodeling


Los Angeles, CA

Recent Review: I hate to say it but they have been my elevator service for 10 years if not longer and they tried to sell me things that I don't need. They have repeatedly done work that has not solved the problem. They want to bill me for it even though a month has pasted and the problem has popped up again and they charge a lot of money. They are very expensive and they are kind of slick and they try to sell you things you don't need. In all appearances they are very professional but the work has to be repeated over and over.


Perris, CA

Business Description: Cartier Construction & Mobile Home Services is a full Construction Company specializing in Custom Homes as well as Mobile and Manufactured Homes. We Have been in business for over 23 years and we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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All this was done remotely as we were in Iowa preparing to bring my 94 year old mother-in-law to California and needed the outlets in order to install stair lifts in our 3 level town home. Although we had someone out the house to let the provider in, all discussions had to be done by phone. The provider was clear and concise about what could and should be done to make sure our stair lift install could take place.