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Fresno Countertop Repair

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Reviews for Countertop Repair in Fresno

TL Tile Creations
Ray did an impressive job repairing a leak inside the marble bench in our master bath. He also voluntarily fixed the grouts in other parts of our shower wall to prevent potential leaks in the future. Ray also did an amazing job tearing down the water damaged dry wall in our closet, replacing it with a new one, and painted it with a perfectly matching color The shower now looks new and nobody could ever see the closet wall is not original. He estimated a price and stayed in budget, and, his price is very competitive. Ray is one of the most honest, and professional contractors we have ever worked with, and we totally enjoyed the experience. He takes great pride in his work and we will certainly hire him again.
- Jun W....
B.V.A. Construction
Brian came out to take a look at what needed to be done within a day of being called. I had a small spot of dry rot on the exterior wall of my garage and he estimated the cost to be between $400 & $600. While repairing the wall, he noticed that there was also damage to the fence and replaced it at not additional cost. When he left, the work area was cleaner that it was when he got there. I'd definitely use him again!
- Jeff C....
Overall, I was very satisfied. I had two other bids for the granite work and another two bids for the floor tile. When John came out for the tile bid he indicated that he also does granite. I asked him to bid for both and his tile bid was equal to the lower of the previous bids and his granite bid was about 30% less than the other two I had received. The work was done reasonably on-time and I have no complaints about the quality. During the tile installation, his workers broke a mirrored sliding door and John's wife called to advise me of the problem and proceeded to have it fixed.
- James H....
It took them 1 weed longer then promised to do the job. The granite has very visible seams and the two pieces are at different levels I was told that there was no way to make the granite seem disappear and the fact it wasn't level was my kitchens fault. There is also a crack in the grout between the granite and the back splash. We made two appointments for them to come and repair it but they canceled both and now will not make another on.
- Lynette G....
Would not return phone calls for installation after contract was signed. Did not show up for date that he was to show for installation, I had to call him and he said he was too busy to call me and that they had not cut and polish the granite. On each call he showed up from an 1 hour to 3 hours late. Did not do finish work, i.e. caulking and was short on the backspash with a 1/2" gap from the wall. Also, he did a poor job on polishing the granite and I am not sure if it was sealed. Said he would be there by 9:00am to fix the shortcummings and did not show up. Spent a lot of money on a very mediocre job. Also he will not send me a paid invoice that lists labor from material.
- William N....
They banged out the job in three days. When they were done I noticed they did not caulk the around the sink, so water was free to enter. They did not properly replace the ranges. After a week, side pieces began to fall off with the lightest pressure. This went on for about three months, with one piece falling off spontaneously... seriously. They did come back an fixed "the problems" without charge but I can not believe this is a normal problem. To this day we a terrified of putting any pressure on the sides. The grout they used is very rough, takes a stain and holds it despite our attempt to seal it multiple times. The thrill of seeing our new counter tops is replace by heartbreak and lament... every time we are in the kitchen.
- David M....
Paragon Granite
Our contact at Paragon was initially very polite, friendly, and responsive. Overall we ended up with an extremely nice looking counter-top at a fair price. However, we were not happy with the actual installation. The team who measured and then installed the product did not appear to be as competent/confident as we expected; there were not enough people on the install team to handle the heavy, large slabs of granite and as a result there were a couple of times during installation that we were concerned they were going to damage our new cabinets. The biggest problem, however, was that they installed our under-mount sink, and when we got ready to hook up plumbing we discovered that the framework had broken, the sink was falling out, and a section of the sink rim had been bent because of the faulty installation. Additionally, we found that no adhesive had been applied between the back edges of the sink and the marble countertop - which means we would have had water leaks. The builders (not Paragon) who built my kitchen removed the sink, repaired the framework, and reinstalled the sink. My biggest complaint is the lackluster response I received when I called to report the problems to Paragon. My call was initially received courteously. I wasn't asking for a decrease in my payment or any other remuneration; I explained that I just thought they would want to know the install did not meet my expectations. I received a phone call several days later from Paragon to ask how I was going to pay the remainder of the bill (otherwise I don't think they would have responded at all). In the course of the conversation, the caller said that she had talked to the install team, and that her assessment was that the error was due to some fault in our construction. She stated that the installers talked to my builder about it prior to installing the sink. That conversation never took place. Essentially I was told and quot;this was your fault, we did nothing wrongand quot;. She didn't address the issue of failing to caulk the sink. I was very disappointed in this response to my complaint, and their failure to accept any responsibility. Since we had already made the corrections, I would have been satisfied with an and quot;I'm sorry this happenedand quot; or and quot;The problems have been reviewed in an effort to avoid similar problems in the futureand quot;. We will not be using Paragon for any further remodeling projects.
- Keitha M....

Countertop Repair in Fresno



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Recent Review: It would have been a dream come true but during the job while either taking out an appliance or bringing in a new one they damaged our one and half year old laminate floor and though we have tried and tried to get this repaired no one comes to repair it. I did not get the appliances I choose, they choose Sears brand names instead, The induction range I got is the one I wanted, it was a Sears brand, and it got the best write ups of all induction ranges. The refrigerator was not the one I wanted, I wanted a bottom freezer, two doors on top and a drawer in the middle for the things you take out and put in the most; I got a bottom freezer and two top doors but no drawer in the middle. I found it odd that I did not get the appliances I wanted because I spent, quite literally, days finding the appliances with the best ratings and finding the equal on the Sears list and submitted my order with the Model number of the appliance and the Sears item number. Yet I got the wrong refrigerator and the wrong dishwasher. I used a dishwasher at my son's that really did an excellent job of cleaning; without washing them first and hardly any scrapping, it was a Whirlpool. The dishwasher I had before they began work was a Sears dishwasher that was only 3 years old and I had to wash my dishes before I put them in or they would come out with food baked on them. I wanted a Whirlpool Quiet series, gave them the model number and the Sears item number but kept getting pushed into the Sears brand. Note worthy: Just after we signed the papers to do this job we had a major illness in the family and I was awaiting surgery myself so I was not at my best. I can't totally blame Sears, they promised the dishwasher would perform just as good, that it would be quieter and it had a stainless steel tub; I just could not argue any more. We were experiencing a Father in and out of the hospital getting worse with each fall. We were likely going to have to move him out of his apartment. Moving everything out of our kitchen was a chore all by itself, but going back and forth to the hospital, looking up item numbers daily I just could not do anymore. I took the man's word for it that the dishwasher would be better than my choice. Once in and able to give it a try the dishwasher did not work as promised. After the cycle finished I opened the door to find the packet of soap recommended by the manufacturer was sitting on the bottom of the dishwasher not dissolved and the dishes not clean. I called and asked again and again to get the dishwasher I asked for, but did not. They sent out a repair man and he stated that the soap release timing was off and he fixed it. Since his visit there is no undissolved soap but not sure about how clean the dishes are getting. I am used to washing or soaking my dishes first, a habit hard to break, plus once the dishwasher is full we really need the dishes by then and I'm afraid to truly test it. It has been 5 months and the damage to my floor has not been repaired, no one answers our calls or emails any more. We are afraid to with hold the last payment, or have it repaired and send them the bill. Very unhappy about the treatment we get the office. It took forever to get permits checked; they did put panels left bare for the permit to be cleared and it just open. As far am I am concerned they did finish the job at all, details count too. Very disappointed in all "after" service.


Recent Review: My major complaint was how long it took, but in their defense, there seems to be a shortage of qualified technicians. I would have given them an A for the repair work which was fine except for one small slip up which he corrected. The price seemed steep for the time involved, but cheaper than new countertops. All in all, I would hire them again


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Ray did an impressive job repairing a leak inside the marble bench in our master bath. He also voluntarily fixed the grouts in other parts of our shower wall to prevent potential leaks in the future. Ray also did an amazing job tearing down the water damaged dry wall in our closet, replacing it with a new one, and painted it with a perfectly matching color The shower now looks new and nobody could ever see the closet wall is not original. He estimated a price and stayed in budget, and, his price is very competitive. Ray is one of the most honest, and professional contractors we have ever worked with, and we totally enjoyed the experience. He takes great pride in his work and we will certainly hire him again.