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Reviews in Chicago for Pool Installation

K & M Pool Services
They did a good job. They were very detailed in making sure everything was done property. The price was well worth it. I would recommend them to all my friends with a swimming pool.
- Rodolfo S....
American Sale
Purchased a pool from American Sale 08/27/2016. Installed 08/31/2016. The agreement states that the customer is responsible for dirt haul away, however no one explained the amount of dirt that would be left once the pool was installed. American Sale subcontracts its installation crew. They arrived on time, and used a bobcat to get from the street to the yard. This caused major damage to the yard. The amount of leveling needed, produced a pile of dirt nearly 4ft high (see photo below). I contacted American Sale to discuss the damage and without apology I was scolded and advised to reread the agreement. We ended up spending an additional $700 to have the dirt hauled away & the yard is still ruined. I'm extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service provided by American Sale. They were quick to sell us the pool, but withheld important facts of what might occur during installation and offered no apology for the outcome.
- Vikki V....
A+ Dan & his team at Fine Gas Repairs did a great job! Very honest and straightforward family owned business. I would definitely use them again. Great service, knowledgeable, stood by there word on price, appointment time & day, quality of work, follow up everything done the right way the first time. Great work Thanks.
- David C....
Their price, service and workmanship was excellent. They were easy to work with and polite. They did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.
- Barbara M....
I would highly recommend them. They did excellent service. It was great to deal with for a pool company.
- Mary A....
Morning Noon & Night Plumbing & Sewer
We contacted Morning Noon Night to assist us with the swimming pool that was developing in our basement. They stated that they would arrive between 10 and 12, and were at our home shortly after 10. They offered the hydro jet as an alternative to traditional routing that might work better for us because of the nature of the backup--there was a good amount of debris that needed to be flushed out, that a regular routing might not remove. In short order, they had completed the work, and our unwanted swimming pool was no more!
- Julia L....
They were prompt and proactive in scheduling of the work. They explained how everything worked on the heater and guaranteed work to pass village inspection, which it did.
- Melissa M....
Pool & Spa Works, Inc.
We were very happy with the service. They did not do any subcontracting work. They completed the work in about two weeks which was better than others estimated.
- Allan D....
Joe's Pool Liner Service
They are pretty much standard. They were working in the pool so they were not dressed up or anything. They were cheaper than most companies that do this work. They did not take away the garbage when they were done. They just stuffed it into bags and I had to take it down to the dumpster myself. I do not know whether they were cheaper because they did not do as much work. When you put in the liner it goes around the rim of the pool and they need to trim the extra. They did not trim it. I had to trim the liner around the edge instead of it hanging out. Not that anybody can see our pool from the street. But it looks bad to me. They did not say any of that to begin with. May be it is my fault for assuming that they would do that. So they did not take the garbage nor did they trim the liner. They were real quick. They were here for two hours and they got it done. It was a lot faster than I thought. We did not have to wait at home for them. They did show up on time. They could improve by being a little more professional. They were just laughing and goofing off around. I have a daughter and had she be playing in the yard and I would not want her to hear what they were talking about specifically the language they were using. Not that they were going over board or anything. Probably you should not be saying such words at work. Overall the work they did was good. The liner looks great, and they did it fast. As far as getting the job done goes they did it well. I will not use them in the future. I rather pay a $50 more to another company and get the garbage cleared and finish up the trimming on the liner. They will not be my first choice in the future.
- Heather M....
The work was done professionally, liner looks great and fits well Never knew for sure when crews might show up though. Had to call a few times to stay on top of what was happening. Was slightly annoyed with extra charges for custom liner features that I felt should have been specced out upfront.
- Kevin H....
We are in our 5th month and still we are not done. From the start till now we have not been happy. Purchasing a pool should be a great experience, A pool company must recognize that this is a dream purchase for home owners, and never be a nightmare. This company has you paying for everything in stages before you receive it......which isn't bad if they brought what you paid for, instead you hand them money and nothing happens till you call and call and call and get upset. At this point we have a pool we love and can't use because it's still not done. My wife and I are in our mid 50's and haven't argued in 15 yrs, since this started we have been either arguing or she is crying, this isn't the dream we worked hard for. PLEASE finish the pool..... PLEASE!!!!!!!! It's been paid in FULL since July 8th.....1 month ago. NO at this time I can not recommend this company. Dan the owner is a likable guy and that's the sad part....I was going to do more work with outside kitchen, spa and concrete work. I have given these contracts to other the amount of $70,000.00 additional dollars. This is work he bid on and knew would think he would want the work and make us happy. He doesn't answer the phone when you need him and it could take days to answer texts....... I really liked this guy and would have given him all this work in the beginning. When you confront him about this he hollers at you, or you both end up yelling and it's unnecessary. FYI there is a clause in his contract that says if you yell at him he can leave and void the contract, but remember you already paid.
- Robert K....
What an awesome company. This is our second pool we have built. Compared to our first experience in Tx . Barrington was awesome. From the design to the build Barrington treat us like we were their only client. The went out of their way to make sure we were informed of the next steps and that we were satisfied with each phase. Eddie did a great job on the designed. Ray and the crew respected our yard and our time. We were told by others who had pools built by them they were worth what they charge. They were right.
- Dave S....
Sp Tech Pools & Spas
On February 12th 2016 I signed a contract with SP Tech Swimming Pool & Spa. The contract states that I (Barbara Green) was receiving a 20’ Matrix 54” Metal wall AGP 8” resin top rail swimming pool, fiber-optic lighting, sand, electrical supplies pool maintenance equipment, pool cleaner, winter cover, solar cover, excavation, dump truck, pool equipment, dirt haul, plumbing supplies, equipment pad, final grades/clean-up, landscaping/décor. I (Barbara Green) handed SP Tech the codes for the Village of Frankfort to De London De London from SP Tech Swimming Pool & Spa said he talked to Frankfort and assured that everything would be up to code. The total price was $6380.00 and I gave SP Tech $3828.00 (60%) when I signed the contract. On April 8, 2016 I received my permits for the pool, landscaping, and fence insulation. However, SP Tech didn’t come out until May 6th and that is when the pool started the installation process. As per other pool companies an above ground pool usually takes about two days to install. SP Tech Pool had two guys at my house that were on their phones more than doing work. I asked De London to come out numerous times to supervise the work so that the pool would be installed correctly. On May 11, 2016 Monroe Transportation delivered the pool, liner, and sand filter system. I (Barbara Green) gave SP Tech a check for $1276.00 for some of the materials. I was still missing the heater, ladder, pool maintenance equipment, pool cleaner, pool covers, and frog system. I (Barbara Green) called SP Tech and told De London about the materials I was missing. May 24th the heater and Frog were brought to my house. The heater was only 125,000 BTU and the one we were supposed to get per stated on the invoice sheet was 175,000 BTU. On June 1st SP Tech finally got the pool up and the liner in the pool. However, I came home and looked at the pool and it wasn’t level. The liner was bunched on the side and bottom of the pool. I called SP Tech Pool and told De London what was wrong with the pool. He informed me that he would come out and fix the problem. I (Barbara Green) kept contracting SP Tech. However, De London wouldn’t answer the phone or return my calls. I then started to send texts and he answered telling me that he wanted to quit the job even though it was done incorrectly and not finished all the way. De London set up a meeting at my house at 1:00 on Friday June 3rd. De London didn’t show and never answered my text or calls. Unfortunately I knew that I had to finish the job myself. Cancun Pools came out to my house and I was informed that my pool wall wouldn’t hold if it wasn’t level. The pool wasn’t level by 3 inches which would put all the water weight on one side of the pool. This would wear down the pool wall and sooner or later would cause the wall to cave. The liner bunches were so big that they would collect algae and bacteria in it. Also, the bolts for the pool didn’t have tape over them and over time would puncture the liner. At that time, I determined that I needed to have the pool taken down and leveled and put back up correctly including the liner. Cancun completed this job for $1250.00. This job was completed in 4 hours. I hired an electrician to come out and complete the electrical. He informed me that I needed a timer for my pump which is code for Frankfort and it was an extra $200.00. Then he looked at my filter for the pool and informed me it wouldn’t pass code for Frankfort because it didn’t have an off/on switch. I still have the filter that SP Tech that wasn’t up to code in my garage still in its box. SP Tech may have it and return it for a credit. I tried to return it and I was told I couldn’t because it’s a wholesale company. The electrician was $1000.00 that was including the timer too. I hired D & S Installation for the gas line. They completed the gas line and hooked up the heater and frog pump. This was $730.00. Mike and I hauled 6 truckloads of dirt and back filled the pool, laid the rock, and laid the sod. This was also included in our contract. Since we ran out of money Mike Newman and I had to complete the job on our own instead hiring a professional to complete the job. I also had to purchase a ladder, solar cover, winter cover, a new filter, pool maintenance equipment, pool cleaner, sod, river rock, pavers, hoses, clips, and start-up chemicals that were included in the contract. I have a spread sheet attached that lists the costs and reasons. The spread sheet lists how Sp Tech’s contract states that the job was $6380.00 for the total cost. I (Barbara Green) gave SP Tech $5,104. My expenditures to complete the overall job were $4,469.10. I still owed SP Tech $1276.00 for final payment bonce the job was completed. In order to get the job done at price agreed in the contract, I subtracted the $4469.10 from $1276.00 which means SP Tech owes Barbara Green 3,193.10 for my expenditures to complete the job on my own. He received $1,910.90 for the partial job he completed while he was here and the materials. If you add 1,910.90 (the amount SP tech got for the job), 1276.00 (what I still owed SP for the job), and 3,193.10 (cost of repairs to complete job) it equals 6,380.00. As of March 6, 2017 Home Advisor has taken him off of their site. Since I found De London off that site they did an investigation and found De London responsible for paying the money back. He hasn't paid the money back so they terminated his contract.
- Mike N....
K & M Pool Services
I have been a K & M customer since Spring of 2013. In Sept 2013 I gave Matt a really glowing review here on Angie's List which he rightly deserved. Up until just recently K & M has been a great company to work with and much of what I said in that first review still stood. Not so much any more, which was totally unexpected. I called Matt the first week of Sept., as usual, to get on the schedule for closing my in ground pool. He said he wouldn't be able to come out til the end of the month (which was fine with me) and would call at the month's end to let me know when he would be out. Last week of Sept. went by with no call so I called & left a message. No call back. Called/messaged him again 1st week of Oct. and still haven't gotten a call back. I read reviews here that allude to health issues which could be why I've gotten no calls, but until I read those I was really furious. Regardless, even if that is the reason, at the least, a call to say he couldn't do the job would have been nice so I could find another pool company sooner. The temp is going to be in the 30's tonight so time is of the essence or my pipes could freeze. I've found a new company now and they will be out next week so I can stop panicking. Matt, if you are ill, I'm sorry. That's why I gave you a D instead of an F, but I had to do what I had to do. I hope that by next Spring things will have worked out for you and we can resume our professional relationship because I still think you are one of the best pool guys out there.
- Kathleen P....
Not good. Never received a return call. I ended going with another company that appeared more responsive.
- Kim M....

Above Ground Pool Installation in Chicago

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Country Club Hills, IL

Recent Review: EXCELLENT. I can't speak enough about the AWE-SOME service. I've had problems for over a year trying to find someone to clean an above ground pool. Now my pool looks brand new.


Wauconda, IL

Business Description: We specialize in swimming pool removals and landscape restoration. We are committed to finding the pool removal solutions that minimize damage to the surrounding landscape and paved surfaces. We minimize our impact by protecting sensitive areas and using low impact equipment. We provide high quality, innovative, professional landscape solutions that take in to consideration the spirit of place and sustainable living. We are an environmentally conscious company that believes in the continuous improvement of our operations to make them more environmentally friendly. We offer solutions that find a balance between the client’s needs, the environment and the economics of a project.


Geneva, IL

Recent Review: Jeff at Geneva Pool Service has given us exceptional service after another pool company treated us poorly. Jeff came in and fixed all of the problems caused by the other pool company and went above and beyond to make everything perfect for us. He also educated us on our new pool and spa in a way the other company never did. He was honest and polite (qualities not possessed by other pool companies). I used Geneva Pools based on the exceptional reviews online and based on many personal recommendations. I cannot recommend this company enough!


Indianapolis, IN

Recent Review: Kayak went above and beyond with the service and communication during this hectic pandemic


Schaumburg, IL

Recent Review: We purchased a home in Tinley Park, with which had an in-ground pool installed by Sunset Pools & Spas. The owner provided the terms of the pool installation, including the salesman name, John Luisi. Since opening the pool, and being new pool owners, we had questions, so I called Sunset Pools & Spas. When I explained who I was and the purpose of my call, I was told that they had no record of installing at my address. I continued to provide information and was told that they would have to "do a little digging," and get back to me. Obviously they never did. I tried contacting them via email, but they have continued to be unresponsive. It is extremely unfortunate that a company would disregard their work and avoid contacting a customer.


Highland, MI

Recent Review: This is an update to the review I submitted previously. As mentioned in that review, I noticed some settling in the pool area about two-weeks after the work was completed. I contacted Heather and she agreed to have topsoil delivered the following spring to fill-in the settled area. I also asked that the topsoil be put in the driveway so I could wheelbarrow it to the backyard myself, since I didn't want to have to re-repair any yard damage caused by the machines. Heather agreed, and true to her word had the necessary topsoil delivered in late April. I have since filled-in and seeded the area. I am very satisfied with the service I received from Pool Busters, and highly recommend them.


Ann Arbor, MI

Business Description: We are the largest swimming pool renovation company in Michigan. We use no sub-contractors. All work completed is by our 'In-House' staff. Listed below are our winter hours. Additional phone - (734) 277-1999.


Homer Glen, IL

Recent Review: They were very helpful and very nice. They got me to the right person. I would never have found him without them. I would use them if I had an in ground pool.


Highwood, IL

Recent Review: They are usually out the same day or when we schedule them a few days out. Not much of a time frame for their arrival, but they'll work with the times we give them. The guys are friendly, quiet and clean up well after their work is done.



Business Description: Residential & commercial swimming pool service


Lockport, IL

Business Description: In ground swimming pool sales, installation, service.


Fox Lake, IL

Recent Review: The heavy ice and snow from the worst winter in 40 years caused our automatic pool cover, track, liner,and light to fail. This happened in early February but we had to wait for ALL the ice to melt before it could be repaired. I called several pool companies and either their price was too high or they didn't call me back in a timely manner. I called Meier's in Fox Lake and from the minute the manager answered the phone, the entire process went smoothly. He came out the following morning to assess the damages and determine what we needed, etc. By that afternoon, I had prices and estimated install dates. I placed the order and gave him a deposit. Everything came in on time and work was done. Pool is beautiful and ready for swimming (if our weather would warm up). I tend to be a perfectionist and called Dave many times with additional questions I had thought about later. Even though this is his busiest time of year, he always took the time to explain with patience and professionalism. Their other quality that impressed me was dependability. When he said they were coming out, they were here. That's important these days when everyone is busy. I'm a very happy and satisfied customer. Everything went better than I expected and I recommend them highly. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me and I'll share my experience with you.


Shorewood, IL

Business Description: Swimming pool and spa chemicals, equipment supplies, maintenance, service construction. Outdoor patio furniture


Roselle, IL

Business Description: We only change above ground pool liners. We guarantee no wrinkles on flat bottom pools. It is owned and operated by a woman.


Fox River Grove, IL

Recent Review: A+ Dan & his team at Fine Gas Repairs did a great job! Very honest and straightforward family owned business. I would definitely use them again. Great service, knowledgeable, stood by there word on price, appointment time & day, quality of work, follow up everything done the right way the first time. Great work Thanks.


Lombard, IL

Recent Review: They did a good job. I am very pleased.


Franklin Park, IL

Recent Review: Their price, service and workmanship was excellent. They were easy to work with and polite. They did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.

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We have bought a home with an existing in ground pool. The provider for the previous owner and others were anxious to have the renewal. We interviewed 5 and chose K & M. That was in the spring of 2014. It is now fall 2014. We had an automatic pool cover installed and weekly service. If I had to describe the best service, value, and attitude, I would use this provider as an example. I have high praise for them.