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Reviews in Boston to Replace Swimming Pool Liner

Pools Patios Decks and more...
Excellent worker, showed up early. Performed work agreed upon. Fast worker, tells you what he is going to be doing. Did great job removing old pool liner and replacing with new liner.
- Maureen H....
Holmes Pools
They were super quick, super efficient, and super competent. The pool was drained in 3hrs, liner was up by lunchtime and new concrete spread. They installed the new liner, set it, and cleaned everything.
- Angelika P....
Farrell Pool Services
Farrell Pool Service did a great job!!! They came out and measured the pool, helped us select a pool liner and explained in great detail the various options. It is a family owned business and we would highly recommend them to all. The job was done by professionals and the guys that came out for the installation were professional and very informative. We will use them to open our pool this spring.
- Lorri B....
Sweetwater Pool Service & Supply
All the way around, it was a bad experience and continues to be a bad experience. They installed a new liner, and they said they had to special order new ladders. A MONTH LATER, I was still waiting for the ladders so I could get into the pool. I would have liked to have used the pool because I had a broken leg at the time, and my orthopedic surgeon recommended water therapy. Then the special order ladders came, and they didn't fit. (Sweetwater had done the measuring for the ladders.) Then Stephen Courtner said that the old ladders were an unusual size, and I would have to get custom-made ladders. Finally, someone came out: Sweetwater had measured incorrectly. Standard ladders worked just fine, and they were ordered and put in the existing hardware. In the meantime, months went gone by, and dealing with Sweetwater was a very unpleasant experience. Now, we have opened the pool for the season, and the new liner is falling apart. It is sagging and bagging out of the coping. I called Stephen. He said, "It's the weather" and could not give an explanation that made any sense at all. He said that they would not fix the liner unless I paid for a service call. And he said "Evidently you don't like us because you didn't hire us for for opening and closings." Uh, why would I after the experience I had with them? So he is blowing off their guarantee. I asked why he didn't install liner clips, which seemed like an error on his part. And he replied that they don't do that unless there's a problem later, after the installation. I am going to contact another pool company for the repairs. The company seems incompetent and Stephen is rude.
- Devona D....
I called several pool repair companies and I found Kelsey's not only to be the most responsive, but most reasonably priced. Rick, the owner, is a great guy and knows pools inside and out. My pool was losing water and he helped by expediting the order on the liner and installing within 2 weeks! He fixed the drain that was the cause of the leak and dealt with a high groundwater table during the install which did not look like a ton of fun. He installed a new light and then also winterized it installed the cover. Although this has been my only interaction with him, it is easy to tell that Rick is a very trustworthy guy and speaks the truth. I will definitely be calling them back in the spring to open my pool and see the new liner! :-)
- Jaron F....
Creative Pools & Construction
Did a super job, his men stayed on site until I was completely satisfied that everything was working properly, I would highly recommend Creative Pools and I normally do not give out recommendations of any kind. They even called to remind me to send in the 25 year manufacturer's warranty registration. Again I would highly recommend Creative Pools....
- Thomas C....
- Rosemary F....
Rogers Pool Patio & Toy Co. Inc.
I'll just preface this review by saying this project was a re-do since a different contractor we hired last year botched the job and we had to sue them. Rogers was the contractor we selected to re-do the project and we are beyond happy with the results. Mike in the sales department was courteous and professional going over all our options with us and setting our expectations. He knew we had gone through a very rough experience with our previous contractor so it was like night and day having someone like Mike dedicated to our project and seeing it through to the end. Gary the owner at the store was very helpful when choosing our liner pattern. Dave the installer has to be one of the best in the local area to replace a vinyl liner. His expertise, knowledge, attention to detail was exemplary. Dave put well over 2 full days vermiculiting the shallow end, troweling the deep end, repairing the pool sides, and installing a new vinyl liner. The prep work is actually what takes the most amount of time. 1/2 day to vermiculite shallow end (1 day to dry) 1 day to remove rust, prime, foam walls, fix stairs, hand trowel sand on bottom of deep end, install liner and caulk 1/2 day to add water and add second vaccum to seal liner in, add face plates and gaskets Dave made sure every surface was smoothed and treated properly before moving on. Dave uses a two step vacuuming process when installing the liner to ensure a proper tight fit and seal. Most companies will only use one vacuum. We are really impressed with Dave’s dedication and craftsmanship with our pool. Thanks to him we won’t need to worry about a new liner for years and years to come, let summer begin! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to get a new liner installed or any other pool service.
- Amy M....
Pools & Cues & Spas, Too
They arrived on time and completed the work in a timely manner. They sent two people to install the liner. I was instructed on how to finish the work and how to cut holes for the return and skimmer and general care of the liner. I was very happy in the way the pool liner came out and overall I did save over 300 dollars if I had the work done by an other company.
- Peter S....
tom gaudet
We had to have our above ground pool liner replaced due to a leak. Contacted Tom less than a month ago to set up an appt. He informed me that he was extremely busy but would do what he could to fit me in. I wasn’t expecting him to be able to be out so quick but reached out a few days ago to say he could do the install today. They showed up when he said they would, and did an awesome job patching the steel wall and replacing the liner. They were very professional, explained what they were doing, and took the time to explain everything we needed to do to get the pool opened up. I would recommend them for any pool install or repair.
- Tom P....
I needed work done on my pool and didn't want to go with the company that installed the pool in 1994 and had serviced it ever since. The original company was expensive and the pool was having problems. Ed from Snyder came in with a comprehensive estimate to replace the pool liner that beat out the other quotes I had received. His crew started right away and were very professional. A lot of problems came up due to the shoddy work of the old pool company that Ed and his son quickly resolved at no extra cost. Ed had given me his cell phone number so I was able to call him at anytime, and he always answered or called right back. We added the heat pump and the safety cover since we were so pleased with his work. Snyder Pools will be servicing our pool from now on. It has never run better!
- Cara D....
AAA Liner & Cover Experts Corp
*******************************************DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY********************************************************* Honestly, I do not know where to begin. This company has put me through h*** and back. I've never dealt with such a bunch of rude, drug addicted, childish individuals running such a ?ghetto? company in all my life. I wish I had researched the company prior to hiring them, as there are dozens of online complaints. Back in May of 2012, I met with a sales representative from AAA Liner & Cover Experts Corp. After our meeting, I decided to hire the company to install my liner. Shortly after, I received a call to make an appointment for the pool measurements and liner installation. In late June an installer named Matt called me the day before our scheduled installation to tell me he wouldn't be able to install the liner that day. He apologized, saying he would come bright and early between 5-6 am the following morning. He didn't show up until approx. 9 am and with no phone call. When he arrived, he appeared high on drugs or severely hungover, blowing cigarette smoke in my face while conversing. I let it go,considering I was rushing to get to work due to his tardiness and concerned he would screw up the liner if I had any confrontations with him. When I got back at approx. 1pm, he had already had the liner in with the vacuum running and water filling. With his tools were absolutely no bags of sand nor a trowel, which is necessary prep work needed to the pool floor prior to the liner installation. I knew this because I had done installation research prior to hiring the company. I mentioned this to him and stated he put a couple of bags down (he lied) but was not normally their responsibility to do so, it was the customers (another lie) even though it was in the contract! He then assured me it would be done. Per the contract, I then paid him the agreed upon down deposit of $1,200.00 plus 10 post dated checks for $157.50. After making conversation with him and speaking with him for a while, he felt comfortable enough to tell me how he was feeling like crap that day because he was hung over from the night before etc. He also went on to say that he was looking for a room to rent. I told him that I would let him pay to sleep in a spare room on a day to day basis, but kicked him out shortly after I witnessed him smoking a crack pipe in my backyard some days later. He made sure to break in and steal 2 irreplaceable rings and urinate on my spare bed prior to leaving after making it clear he was not to enter my home to retrieve his belongings unless I was home, not to mention the stories he told a few days prior as to how he digs trenches in the deep end of clients pools to poop, since the installers aren't allowed to use the customers bathrooms per AAA policy, so check your deep ends people! He then went on to tell me stories about vulgar things he's said to unhappy customers. I was absolutely shocked! The following day or so, as the water hit the bottom step of the shallow end, I walked along the floor,only to find it untroweled with the same exact soft spots as before with the old liner. Absolutely nothing had been touched! I addressed the issue to Matt, who stated he had already put a couple of bags down, which again, was completely untrue. He drained back the water to the deep end, pulled back the liner and troweled the floor of the shallow end (so I thought). A couple of days later, after the water filled up, I jumped in the pool and felt several small and large stones/bumps as I was walking up to the shallow end. Frustrated, I called Matt's boss Dave, who is an independent contractor for AAA Liner. He was extremely nice and apologetic, saying that he would fix whatever the problem was, but to also put in a formal complaint with AAA Liner, since they were the ones who held the warranty. I called and put in a complaint with Al, the AAA office manager. Matt also stated he would fix the pump that was not working. He gave me the run around for over a week, until my pool became green and had to immediately hire another pool company to fix the pump and assess the damage of the liner installation. Shortly after, I noticed major loss of pool water. I contacted Dave, who told me to leave it so he can confirm whether it was a leak within the liner or the lines (if it went below the jets). The water level went way below the jets. Dave came out and told me the liner had a tear due to the liner being installed incorrectly. He patched it, told me I would need an entire new liner, would put a rush order on it today and install it the following week. Within that time period, Matt had been fired for screwing up jobs, costing Dave several thousand dollars in new liner and water truck deliveries. Dave then had to go and fix all of Matt's screw ups. I told Dave not to worry about doing my liner right away, as my pool was still swimmable and he could do it at his earliest convenience. He then assured me that none of my checks would be cashed until the job was completed, making note of it in the office with the checks in an envelope noted ?do not deposit until further notice?. Two months later (Dave still kept in touch with me all along, so I was not concerned), I called Al late to request a professional letterhead receipt for the $1,200.00 deposit and scheduled payments. He rudely stated that they don't do that there at AAA. Annoyed, I made a suggestion that the workers should always carry receipt books instead of scribbling the amount down on the contract and expressed how unprofessional that was. He even had the nerve to ask me about cashing the checks!!! I reminded Al that those checks were not to be touched until the job was completed and asked him why he was so concerned since he was the one who initially told me to make those arrangements with Dave (which I did). After arguing with Al for 10 minutes, I finally got him to fax me what I had asked for. Shortly thereafter, TWO of my checks were cashed!! I had to transfer money into my mothers account, since they were drawn on her account, costing me almost $100.00 in fees!! I called Al infuriated asking why my checks were cashed and wanted the money back immediately. He blamed Dave and the secretary, then hung up on me. I called Dave, who then called Paul. Dave called me back stating that Paul apologized and would cut me a check that day, blaming it on the new secretary. Hmmm, a new secretary that took checks out of an envelope labeled ?do not deposit until further notice?. Rightttt. I smell Al all over that one. A month later and still NO check............... I've since filed a small claims suit requesting a full refund, as I refuse to deal with a company who does not honor their 100% guarantee promise as stated clearly on their website, not to mention the one and only customer service manager who hangs up on you anytime you have a problem. Such an old miserable man that has no business working in any sort of customer service position what so ever, never mind management! Remember the Citibank Peggy commercials? EXACT description of this company. You will only get one rude customer service rep (Al) who likes to hang up on you and you will NEVER be able to contact the owner, Paul. And each time you call to try, you will just continue being transferred to Al. So, if you're looking for Peggy service, AAA is the one company for you! And for those of you that have never seen the commercials, here's the link Save yourself the time and aggravation of dealing with this company. Yes, the independent installer may be nice and responsive, but as soon as you have a problem and need to contact the office with a problem, you will have to talk with Al and get absolutely nowhere. It's not worth taking the chance. A lifetime Warranty? More like a lifetime of h*** with a bunch of incompetent morons!
- Deanna T....
Sweetwater Pool Service & Supply
They kept me up to date on the work and what was going on. If there were any changes they let me know and explained what was happening. They were very available by phone to explain what was happening. There were some delays involved that had more to do with my pool than with them. When those delays did happen they were very accommodating on working around the changes and even taking on some of the expense themselves.
- Dan F....
Creative Pools & Construction
Actual work was good, gave good tips for pool care. BUT 1/2 payment was made and no show on the expected (contracted) work date. No answer to phone calls. Finally showed up and was told he was really busy. Overall work was good though.
- Jennifer G....
Boston Leak Techs
We had a difficult to locate leak in our pool liner. The service was efficient, affordable and well executed. Can't ask for more than that!
- Kathleen P....

Replace Swimming Pool Liner in Boston



Taunton, MA

angi certified
Business Description: We are a small family owned fence company. We've been installing Fence for over 20 years. We also install above ground pools, liner replacemants inground and above, pool safety covers, opening and closing of pools, carpentry work, decks, handyman services, along with bath and kitchen remodels!!


Framingham, MA

Recent Review: I called PRG when my normal pool company stopped coming around. I found them on Angie's list and while one of the reviews had me a little frightened, they were in the top 5 as far as rating go and are located pretty close to my town. I called Friday, July 13th to explain the problem (I think I have a leak - I'm adding a few hundred gallons every 2 weeks, and while you're there, the liner is coming untucked in a few places). I ask if they have any availability at all and they give me Monday at the earliest and Tuesday at the latest, without being able to commit to a specific time but saying I wouldn't need to be there. This was great - it's mid-July and most companies are booked out, so having to wait just the weekend was fantastic. Mark called me on Monday morning to reconfirm the issues and to remind me that they'd either be out there Monday or Tuesday. When I got home Monday night (6:30ish?), the job was done. There was some pool putty where they found the leak (on the stairs) and the liner looked almost as good as new. Mark called me again on Tuesday morning to let me know how it went. I have him getting me prices on some other problems I'm having and look forward to having them back out to bring the pool back to 100%.


Seekonk, MA

Business Description: All pool services and repairs


Hudson, MA

Recent Review: He's priceless. He stays with a problem until it's resolved. If he can't figure it out, he will call in other people to figure it out. The pool is absolutely spotless. They come on a weekly bases. His price includes all of the chemicals which I found not to be true of the other pool services that I called. He comes once a week and he also opens and closes the pool.


North Attleboro, MA

Recent Review: I would definitely recommend calling Above Ground Pool Builders if you love being ignored, calls not being returned in a timely fashion (or not at all), or you just like leaving voicemails. My wife and I bought a house in the beginning of the Summer and came into owning our first pool, we were unable to inspect it during home inspection since it was still closed from the Winter. It turned out that one of the uprights was leaning outwards a little bit, and we'd rather be safe than sorry so we decided to call around and see if we could get it looked at. Above Ground was one of the first places we called, and one of the only places to call back. I get it, Summer is a busy time for pool people, we didn't need it done right away, but it's just something we want to check off our list. So Above Ground calls me back after about a day or two after my initial voicemail and asks me to send photos of the upright issue via email, which I do right away. Lisa responded via email and said that Dave looked at the photos, and it's a repair that they can handle, but I will need to drain the pool first. So I give her a call to ask some questions about draining the pool, etc. and then I go ahead and drain the pool over the next week or so, with the understanding that I only have a garden hose to do the draining so it's going to take a bit of time. It takes about a week give or take, and I email Lisa back at that point and tell her it's all set and I'd like them to take a look at it. This is the point where it gets REALLY good. I never hear from Lisa again. I left multiple voicemails after the initial email to her. All the while we have an empty pool. So for over a month while still trying to get Above Ground to come out and take a look like they said they would. I did get in touch with someone who deals with pools, but doesn't service our area, but was very helpful. He told me at this point the liner was toast, and that Above Ground should have never had me drain the pool unless they were coming out right away, because now we would definitely need a new liner. NEW LINERS ARE EXPENSIVE. Above Ground Pool Builders has the worst customer service of any company I've dealt with other than my cable company. If you can't provide the service, DON'T TELL SOMEONE TO DRAIN THEIR POOL COMPLETELY RUINING THE LINER IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO RESPOND TO ANY MORE PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS. We ended up finding someone else who services our area, came out right away, and will be getting all of our business in the future. It ended up being a pretty substantial repair we needed, so they ended up making out as well as we did for now having a functioning pool. They also had to replace our liner, which they were shocked that they had to do as well. Our liner was in great shape prior to the pool draining. For their sake I hope they had a family emergency, and they just couldn't physically respond at all, even to let us know that we would have screwed ourselves and ruined our liner because they couldn't come out anymore. Because otherwise this is inexcusable for a service oriented company. I would never recommend that anyone ever contacts this company if they value their time or money. Ever. Not even for supplies, nothing.


Norton, MA

angi certified
Recent Review: This company is professional, they arrived on time, they did the work in a timely fashion and the price was competitive, I would recommend them to anyone who needs their pool redone.


Wrentham, MA

Business Description: Inground Pool Service and Repairs.


Townsend, MA



Nashua, NH

Business Description: Inground Swimming Pool service and repair


Waltham, MA

Recent Review: Even though I did not end up needing service, knowing how helpful and honest this company is made me want to leave a review. If I do end up needing pool service in the future, I would not hesitate to contact them again.


Ipswich, MA

Recent Review: They have essentially replaced the pool that was here and put in a new system. They are very reliable, they come on the agreed upon day, and they come in and out without leaving a mess. They are responsive to our concerns. We have never had any problems with them. They are a little pricey but you get what you pay for.


Worcester, MA

Business Description: Full Service Pool & Spa Repair and Chemical Sales


Natick, MA

Recent Review: Regardless of who the technician was servicing the pool, I had very good experience with everything. I would sometimes need the water cleared up for a party - and need an extra service and they would always respond quickly. We also had a weird problem with a type of film on our water and they figured that out and corrected it. I have referred many friends to this company over the years and they have had good experiences too. And I know that whenever the pool isnt perfect it will get fixed right - and they always keep me informed of whats going on.


Waltham, MA

Recent Review: They kept me up to date on the work and what was going on. If there were any changes they let me know and explained what was happening. They were very available by phone to explain what was happening. There were some delays involved that had more to do with my pool than with them. When those delays did happen they were very accommodating on working around the changes and even taking on some of the expense themselves.

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Farrell Pool service did exactly what they said they would. They installed new cement steps in our pool and installed a new liner. They showed up on the exact day they said they would, and finished right on time. They even came back to add a small addition we wanted an no extra cost. Their price was also extremely fair, coming in lower than most of the other quotes we got. They will now be our go to pool supply/service company