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Reviews in Boston to Install Geothermal Heating

Geothermal USA
Bob provided an estimate of my homes heat load and quote for installation of a geothermal system. Very happy with services he's provided while researching geothermal.
- Chris P....
EnergySmart Alternatives LLC
They specialize in geothermal heat pumps. They do excellent work. They were very insightful and helpful.
- Charles K....
Redmond HVAC was professional and they performed high quality work. They were one of many contractors working on my new home, and they were by far the cleanest crew. I explored several geothermal installers before selecting Tim, and I very pleased with the work he did. I highly recommend Redmond HVAC for Geothermal installation.
- Kevin C....
I hired Briggs in 2018 to fix my malfunctioning geothermal system (which he did not install). The main problem was that it was not keeping up with heating and cooling demand. I asked if we should try to fix this system or maybe think about putting in a new system other than geothermal (so I gave Mike Briggs the choice). He assured me that he could fix the existing system and make it function better. I spent $30,000 to fix the system and another $2,500 to insulate the pipes (a company he recommended). I tried to hold back $10,000 to make sure it worked when it got cold, but Mike complained mightily. Paying him that money was one of the worst decisions I ever made. The system did no better at heating/cooling and the small tank corroded and leaked. He did fix that on his dime, just outside the warranty (more on this later). As we headed into winter last year, the main unit died. Granted this was not something that he installed. I was left with a small backup unit that would only heat the house to the mid 50s on cold days. Certainly not ideal! I called him multiple times to help fix it. He ignored my calls for some time, finally getting back to me saying he had high crew turnover and couldn't help. I kept checking in regularly, but he never got back to me all winter. We had to deal with these cold temps - including our young children. If we did not have a mild winter, I'm pretty sure the pipes would have froze. Finally, in MARCH, after my consistent outreach, his assistant got back to me and said "We don't geothermal work anymore." and suggested a firm with a bad reputation. I was left hung out to dry... As a bonus, early on I noticed my electric usage went up by 50% since he installed the unit. He had no explanation as to why and did not attempt to resolve it. This has cost me additional thousands of dollars. I called in another company who does geothermal work to take a look. Here is what they found: - The geo tank was designed for radiant heat, which I do not have. The tank installed could really only support the system calling for a water temp of 105. Well, given it needed to be higher because it was not radiant (120+) that put huge demands on the main unit, which is the reason it died. And probably partially explains the increased electric usage. - The reason the tank corroded (and it happened again, which I had to pay for myself), was because there was air in the line. A valve should have been installed to release the air. - The airhandler he installed was too big (and I probably spent too much as a result) given the number of outlets. - The pipes were not the right size. He did not install them, but should have known. I could spend $46K more to fix all of this, and it still wouldn't work right or go with a gas system. I'm doing the latter - $40K more I have to spend! This entire thing is still a nightmare. I have asked Mike for a refund and he has ignored me. Seems to me if he got out of the business he must of known it was not a strong area for him, so why have me spend all of that money to try to fix it? Why didn’t he suggest another type of system? And to ignore me the way he did leaving us stuck with marginal heating over the winter was a disgrace. Absolutely terrible service on top of an incorrect installation. Though he does not do geothermal work anymore, I’m not sure you’d want to use him for anything given how he has treated me.
- Francis P....
Geothermal USA
We hired Geothermal USA in 2009-10 to install a geothermal system in our home in Suburban Boston. The installation was difficult because our home was built in the 1950?s and all the air ducts needed retrofitting. During the install, they increased the price by $10,000 because the install was more difficult than they expected. Hard to argue when your heating system has just been ripped out. They did a good job refinishing our basement after the install. At the end of the project, the owner of Geothermal USA reported that he had miscalculated and would need to drill a third well in order for the system to work properly. This was done and he reported that the system was now working well. Despite promises that this would be energy-efficient, we had huge electrical bills for several years after the installation. I sent them a summary of my electrical bills and they did not respond. Finally, we paid two independent companies to evaluate our system. Both said that the wrong size heat pump had been installed. An undersized circuit breaker had been used and had actually melted. We were told that we were lucky the house had not burned down. We hired a company to correct the installation. This contractor reported that the Geothermal USA install was the worst he has every seen. The ducts were not sized correctly, the wiring was dangerous, the wrong type of thermostats were used. We have now spent thousands of dollars trying to get this geothermal system corrected. I would not recommend retrofitting an older home with duct work for HVAC or a geothermal system. If you are considering a geothermal system in the Boston area, find another company.
- Jeff B....
Chaves Heating & Air Conditioning
Manny was very responsive and professional throughout the design and installation of our new geothermal system. I came with question after question about every aspect of the system and he was always quick, honest, and thorough with his replies. There were bits we disagreed about throughout the process (mostly due to my own ignorance), but he was always patient and walked me through the reasons behind his decisions. The new system looks very professional and seems to be running well. Only time will tell how much it will save vs. our old oil burning system! Price includes well drilling work which was performed by Skillings & sons.
- Jeffrey P....
EnergySmart Alternatives LLC
We chose to go with EnergySmart Alternatives geothermal heating and cooling system when we built our home. The whole process was very smooth. Most importantly, when we had a question or a concern EnergySmart was accessible and responded in a very timely manner. Of the tens of e-mails that were exchanged, we never received a response in less than one day (mostly from Melanie herself) and the response was always thorough. If I asked 7 questions, I got 7 patient and thoughtful answers. EnergySmart Alternatives was transparent and accountable and it made all of the difference. Melanie even alerted us to a grant that was being offered and helped us to fill out all of the paperwork. Between the builder allowance for the heating/cooling system, the Federal Tax Exemption and the grant that we won with Melanie's help, we expect to make money on the system within 5 years. It's hard to confirm that last part from personal experience just yet, but I'll try to remember to update this review after we have one year of data. So far the temperature has dropped below freezing a few times and our house just sits at 70 degrees- no problem, no fuss. The system is so quiet, and there is no AC unit or tank to deal with or explosive gas to worry about. Also, my daughter will have a hard time trying to blame me for global warming when she is a teenager. Overall, we are thoroughly pleased with the system and with EnergySmart Alternatives. We definitely recommend them!
- Edward J....
Northern Lights Electric Inc
Everyone there was great. They were very clean, prompted, and detail oriented. They fixed what needed to be fixed, and came in under the quoted estimate. Thank you very much for a great job, and well done. We are hiring them in the future to install more electrical, and geothermal unit (once it gets installed).
- John J....
CoolAir Company Inc
Bill examined our existing systems and prepared three different options for upgrading to geothermal, an electric heat pump, or a hybrid heat pump and gas system. We were impressed by the energy efficient options and the price was competitive with other estimates.
- Ronald S....
Advanced Energy Concepts
This experience was a complete nightmare. They installed it wrong to begin with. The worker was contracted through Home Depot. He told me a lot of lies. The contracting company took the contractor’s side whenever there were issues even when I was disputing things plainly written in the contract. I was given options that did not agree with me or the contract and was forced to choose one that I was not happy with. I was told that this project would only take three months at the most. The project was not completed until seven months after they began which was twice the length of what was told to me originally. I was quoted an estimate before the contract was agreed upon. I decided to go through Home Depot for added security on the matter. When the contractor was made aware of this the price went up by twenty-two hundred dollars. I will never use this company again.
- Michelle R....
Sila Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical
Sila was great. They sent someone out to my house within 24 hours (this was not dire because I had electric backup heat). They did not have the part I needed,so they temporarily restructured the plumbing to allow the system to run. A few days later, they came back with the part. Overall the pricing was a little expensive, but the service was great!
- John P....
CoolAir Company Inc
Everything from start to finish has been great. First, I asked for quotes for a geothermal installation from Cool air company and three other companies. He was the cheapest and was the only one who told me i could use some existing equipment and save on cost. ( my air handlers could be upgraded to more modern refrigerant) I emailed Bill dozens of questions, which were answered promptly through , sometimes even at very late hours on weekends. Later, i changed my mind completely on the setup and asked for information on cold climate heat pumps. He was very patient even after doing all the work planning out my geothermal system. He emailed me cost comparisons on everything comparing 3 possibilities. After selecting a system , and planning a day, cool air company came on time and did an excellent job. Highly recommended.
- Aaron F....
F A I Mechanical Contractors
After using a different contractor to move the humidistat and activating it, the device never turned on the humidifier. I purchased a new humidistat and called FAI to install. They investigated the system and found that the drain on the humidifier was not attached (Done by initial installer) so FAI and I agreed that it should be moved. (If the humidistat was working and the previous contractor missed this drain issue, the water probably would have dripped into the electronics and destroyed the geothermal system.) So FAI did a good job evaluating before attaching. It was an excellent job. The humidistat is still not active yet and I am waiting for their electrician to call so we can get it completed. I will report back when done.
- Alfred B....
Geothermal USA
His prices were competitive compared to other vendors. He was punctual and very knowledgeable. He was very patient and clear in explaining things to us. We ended up not purchasing his services, but we believe he would have done a fine job and we did speak to several references who gave him positive reviews.
- Jorge H....
EnergySmart Alternatives LLC
We contacted EnergySmart after receiving an insanely high quote for geothermal installation from another firm. Melanie came out right away to see our home and was able to give us a very detailed and reasonable quote within 10 days. She brought together an extremely talented team of drillers, duct work installers, electricians and landscapers to complete our project which took about 7 weeks start to finish. Along the way we encountered several obstacles - like a 3 foot + deep foundation, big problems with existing electrical (they literally saved our home from a potential fire from the main breaker which was sizzling). Every time we hit an obstacle it was dealt with immediately and professionally. The heating system itself has been fantastic now that it is up and running. It provides comfortable and quiet heat to the whole house. We are very happy with all the decisions made along the way with where to run new duct work and how to fix the existing issues. Melanie provided regular and detailed updates every step of the way and everyone was very respectful of our home and our time. This was a large and expensive project and I could not be happier with how it went. EnergySmart are so capable and knowledgeable and if you are going to do a project of this size and scope those are the most important qualities you will need to find in a contractor.
- Alisa S....

Geothermal Heating Installation in Boston

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Reading, MA

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Business Description: Cooling Unlimited, Inc. is a full service HVAC company that has been accommodating the heating, cooling, and plumbing needs of the Greater Boston area for over 25 years. It is a family owned and operated company that has built an excellent reputation in the air conditioning, heating, and plumbing industry and in the community we serve, through vigorous dedication to service and excellence. Our company specializes in residential, commercial, and new construction sales and service, and has certified technicians capable of repairing, replacing, or servicing every major make and model of HVAC and equipment. In addition to heating and air conditioning, our company also offers solutions for plumbing, refrigeration, air purification, ventilation, and indoor air quality. We offer only the highest quality products in the industry and have established strong relationships with vendors and distributors. Our fleet of ten trucks and over 20 full time employees allows us We typically respond to a service request on the same day it is received and regularly are able to complete an installation within two business days. Moreover, we have an experienced technician available for emergency calls 24 hours a day to ensure that a minimum amount of time elapses between an urgent request and the satisfaction of that need. We offer competitive preventative maintenance agreements wherein our technicians visit your home twice per year to evaluate, maintain, and clean your systems to assure maximum efficiency of operation. At Cooling Unlimited, we are very selective in hiring our installers, technicians, and office staff to ensure that each and every member of our team is qualified to service our customers. All of our field technicians are NATE certified, which means they have earned a national competency certification that helps ensure your satisfaction.


Millis, MA

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Award 2021Super Service Award
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Business Description: Please call the office directly at 508-376-5545 for any service related calls or appointments, as the service dept. does not have access to Angie's List.** We understand that no other single system in your home plays a larger role in your comfort or how much your utility bill will be than your heating system. That's why we specialize in comfortable, cost effective heating solutions, including furnaces, boilers, hybrid systems, geothermal systems and heat pumps. We also provide annual maintenance contracts and assess your heating system to evaluate its energy efficiency. We can help you maintain and repair the system you have, or replace it completely. As factory trained technicians, we can provide routine periodic inspections, licensed warranty and post warranty repairs, and immediate emergency response. Indoor air pollution can actually be worse for you that outdoor pollution. We can help supply and install air purifiers and humidifiers, and we're certified in duct system design, installation, and cleaning. Additional phone number - Brian Anderson (508) 513-8211. Financing is available.


Charlton, MA

Business Description: The Meacham Company is a full service HVAC, Plumbing, and Heating company located in the heart of central Massachusetts. Our location in Charlton, southwest of Worcester, allows us to provide rapid response to all of our customers in Central Massachusetts. For over 32 years we have been serving both residential and commercial customers throughout the region, and our company’s customer service attitude has been the key to our success.


Leominster, MA

Business Description: We are a full heating, air conditioning and fabrication company. We service all makes and models with 24 hour emergency service available. We employ NATE certified technicians. Additional DBA - Jay Moody Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC.


Stow, MA

Business Description: 20 employees. No subs. Cost is determined by the job. Extra charges for after-hours service. Additional contact name - Joe.


Attleboro, MA

Business Description: TJ's Radiant Heat, also knows as TJ's Plumbing and Heating, Inc. has been in business for over thirty years; providing one-stop shopping for all of our customers' mechanical needs, in the Boston area, and throughout New England. We are an industry leader in the design, installation and service of radiant heat technology, geothermal, solar thermal, air conditioning, snow melting, plumbing, residential and commercial boilers, and controls. We provide every customer with personal service, the highest quality material and workmanship and we offer annual service agreements to help protect our customers' investments and keep their equipment functioning at its highest efficiency.


West Bridgewater, MA

Business Description: Pierce provides residential and commercial HVAC and refrigeration installation and repair for West Bridgewater and all of Southeastern Massachusetts. We sell, install, and repair heating systems, including both gas and oil furnaces, boilers, as well as radiant, geothermal, and hybrid heat. Our factory-trained, fully-insured HVAC technicians are experienced with installation, repair, and maintenance of gas furnaces, central air conditioning, ductless heating/AC, and indoor air quality systems. With over 85 years of experience, Pierce Refrigeration has a well-earned reputation for both quality and affordability in HVAC service, replacements and installations. We are available for emergency service 24-hours a day.


South Easton, MA

Business Description: Heating and air conditioning service and repair . Preventative maintenance specialists. Bryant authorized service & Mitsubishi Diamond dealer , We service all gas, oil or Heat pumps & A/C We can assist with any of your heating and cooling needs, and well recommended by our customers.


Dedham, MA

Business Description: Customer convenience is a top priority at MacFarlane Energy. We simplify our customers' lives by serving as a one-stop shop for heating, air conditioning and home comfort. In addition to delivering heating oil and maintaining the equipment in your home or business, we provide virtually every related service: indoor air quality, duct cleaning, conservation advice, home energy audits, replacing water heaters and oil tanks, installation of high-efficiency equipment, plus more. We also install radiant heat, snow-melt systems, pool heaters, solar hot water systems, and geothermal systems.


Newtonville, MA

Business Description: Leaders in Energy Management, Security, Safety and Automation. We have been serving clients in the Greater Boston and surrounding areas for over 60 years. As a preferred contractor we provide design, service, sales, installation and maintenance of high-efficiency Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Data, Alarm and Automation Systems. We are capable of taking a project from concept to completion by utilizing clear communication, practical designs, innovative technology and 24-hour service. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our services in greater detail and to understand if we can be a fit for your project. Additional Email:


Georgetown, MA

Business Description: *Berry Mechanical Services, Inc. , an American Standard Customer Care dealer provides exceptional HVACR installation and service and has been for over 10 years now. We have the capacity to install residential and light commercial systems in either existing homes and businesses or new construction projects. *We survey all of our customers as their feedback is crucial to improving our business! *We work with both duct delivered & ductless, American Standard heating and cooling as well as hydronic heating and domestic hot water systems. We strive to stay on the forefront of system design and efficiency while maintaining a balance with the bottom line cost. *We currently employ 10 associates. Our service technicians are NATE Certified and all installers hold valid EPA refrigeration licenses. We use licensed and insured electricians and plumbers where necessary. We always pull the required local permits and conduct inspections to protect the consumer. Berry Mechanical is eager to help you with your HVAC needs so contact us today!


Lowell, MA

Business Description: We are an environmentally conscious geothermal contracting company on a mission to provide home owners and developers with geothermal expertise and outstanding customer service. Our 40 year heritage began in the business of traditional fuel based HVAC systems. But times have changed and we are passionate trades professionals who believe that that the future of heating and cooling is here to stay. So we invite you consult with us about of the many green, eco-friendly and cost efficient home energy solutions available to you today. Earth Tech Systems was founded by Terry Queenan. Terry has over forty years of professional hands-on experience in the heating & cooling industry.


Watertown, MA

angi certified
Business Description: Specializing in all HVAC/R services to include Geothermal Heating and Cooling. Ground Source Heat Pump services. Additional service area: Chelmsford-Haverhill, Boxford-Gloucester, Manchester-Nashua & Portions Of Downtown. No interest Financing available and all major credit cards accepted. Additional DBA - Airco Heating & Cooling. Additional email - Master Sheet Metal License: 1325 and Master Plumber License: 11593


Brookline, MA

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Recent Review: Now that we've had the system for a full year I feel good about writing a review. I chose Atlantic because they did a major job for a friend and because interviews with their references seemed honest. One reference said it had taken a year to get his system working right, but he admitted to being a perfectionist and said he had 19 zones, including a pool and a heated driveway! Being retired, i was able to participate in the process almost every day. If I had to be somewhere else, I might have hired an owner's rep for a project this big, as there are decisions which have to be made while a bunch of guys are standing around waiting for an answer. Anyway, the Atlantic people were certainly competent and professional, as were their recommended subs. The only real issue was technical, involving communications between thermostats, an air handler and a pump: As we went into winter, we were unpredictably getting unheated air in three zones and it took our Atlantic rep many hours to get it right. That issue lasted about a month. Since December the system has worked perfectly and we are very satisfied.


Wakefield, MA

Business Description: Total Temperature Control, a complete, licensed HVAC contractor providing heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions for both residential and commercial clients in the Greater Boston area since 1990. We are dedicated to supplying high quality products and exceptional customer service which has earned us the Carrier President’s Award for 10 years. Our experienced team of engineers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians will design, install and maintain an HVAC system that meets your needs and your budget.


Westminster, MA

Business Description: GeoThermal Heating and Cooling Heat Pumps and Ductless Split Air Conditioning Appliance Repair and Service


Medford, MA

Recent Review: They specialize in geothermal heat pumps. They do excellent work. They were very insightful and helpful.

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They were excellent. The workmen were neat and very conscious of our space. They were efficient and very respectful. Their was one little hitch and they came back right away to fix it. The system is awesome. My husband and I cannot say enough about them and the system.