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Reviews for Atlanta Basement Leak Repair

EverDry Waterproofing
Everything went right with my experience with Everdry. From the sales rep (Dennis) to the installer (Marcus) I have been impressed not only by their professionalism and customer experience their people provide but also by them standing behind their product and services with a lifetime warranty that can be transferrable if you sell your home to the new homeowner. Kudos to Everdry Atlanta for building such a business that puts their customers first!
- Marcus V....
CGS Waterproofing
They were very fast to respond to my call, and started the job within 3 days. I have not had any more water problems since. Requested 3 other estimates and their price was the best from all. Very happy we chose them.
- Natalia P....
'58 Foundations
Did an excellent job of waterproofing our leaking basement wall. During heavy rains one of our basement walls leaked a river of water. Never had another leak since completion of their work even after a number of years and many heavy rains.
- Colleen S....
AKME Waterproofing
Steve Terjung, owner of AKME Waterproofing & Sealants, and George, work foreman, and the crew, provided excellent service in many ways. From the start of the process to the end. And our process took quite a while as we were not ready to perform this work for quite some time after our first contact with Mr. Terjung. I called Steve and asked him to come estimate a water proofing job in our basement, and then I went silent as we were not ready to perform the work. Steve walked a good balance in that he checked in every now and again, but did not make us feel in a hurry. When we finally were ready, Steve and his team came in and worked efficiently. We ran into problems - we had a large piece of granite in the way of the work to be done, and Steve and his team kept me informed and provide different options to overcome the obstacle, which were significant. We had to move our HVAC unit as well to complete the work. Steve and his team performed the work they could, we got the HVAC company in to move the unit, and AKME came back in on time and quickly to finish the job. Hire AKME Waterproofing & Sealants. I recommend AKME.
- Robert B....
EverDry Waterproofing
EveryDry did excellent work for our home. Work consisted of waterproofing a 2100 sq ft basement, which involved digging a new frenchdrain style trench at the foot of the foundation along the uphill sides, installing two sump pumps and related pipe work to ensure the water would exit far from the foundation, and applied structural fiber and water proofing to reinforce the cinderblock walls. Concrete work performed to cover the frenchdrain trench is relatively smooth and even with the existing concrete floor. Combining their work with more efficient downspout management has resulted in a consistently dry basement! Keep in mind there is an annual fee associated with the warranty, which I would recommend. Additionally, the office staff are friendly and efficient. The previous owner had the work performed soon before selling us their home, and the warranty transfer was seamless and easy, a testament to the hard-working staff. I recommend EverDry to any friends and colleagues who are in need of professional waterproofing services.
- Mike S....
AKME Waterproofing
Steve was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable and really took the time to explain the process. Prices are very competitive. We would definitely use him again if the need arises
- Tai L....
AKME Waterproofing
I am pleased to recommend AKME and Mr. Steve Terjung to anyone in need of waterproofing work. Steve’s integrity is the heart and soul of his business, and you can rest assured that the meticulous attention to detail in workmanship and his honest and respectful communication will exceed your highest expectations. We had been so overwhelmed by damage caused by water intrusion in our basement and crawlspace that we were just about ready to throw in the towel. For I-don’t-know-how-long, water had been dripping from the ducts and floor joists in the crawlspace and seeping in through the basement and crawlspace walls. The first thing that hit you when you walked in the kitchen door was the smell of dirt. Wet dirt. Swampy, Florida Everglades-like, ripe dirt. I procrastinated for years simply because I didn’t believe anyone could ever fix it without tearing down the whole house. But as luck would have it, through a series of other life events, I found out about AKME. Besides the miraculous feat of solving our water problem, Steve and his team also installed a beautiful vapor barrier throughout the crawl space that is as pristine as a palace dinner table. Our basement and crawlspace had never been this flawless. It’s truly remarkable how our home has been transformed, and all for a surprisingly manageable price. Now, when you walk in the front door, the only thing you’ll smell is what’s for dinner. I am truly grateful to Steve Terjung for saving our home.
- Donna S....
Vanguard Waterproofing Solutions LLC
I hired Vanguard to waterproof my basement and a portion of my garage. Alan and his team was punctual, very professional and the price was reasonable. Their work was outstanding. I highly recommended.
- Janet I....
EverDry Waterproofing
My family and I are very pleased with the products and services Everdry has provided to our house in Woodstock, GA. Way back in 2005 (with the previous owner) Everdry waterproofed the basement and additionally reinforced one of the basement walls with carbon fiber. After seeing how well everything has continued to perform over time we had them reinforce a separate wall right after we purchased the house in 2014. It's been just about 5 years since then and the waterproofing and the reinforced walls have had no issues whatsoever. Our basement is bone dry and solid. TG
- Travis G....
American Crawlspace Solutions
We ended up going with just the encapsulation which was priced right in our budget. Jeremy and crew came out on time and completed the job in one day! It's a dirty job but our house was left almost as clean as when they got there and the crawlspace was wrapped tightly and sealed well. Jeremy followed up a few days later to complete a couple punch list items with no questions. I can't speak highly enough about how professional, knowledgeable and friendly Jeremy is. He has even helped us out on his own time in seeking out an answer to a problem that his company doesn't even deal with and was invaluable in finding our solution! Many kudos!
- Chardy M....
Sundry Waterproofing
My DSL line was cut when they dug a trench for drainage outside the house. This was the first issue. They installed a drainage system by digging into the perimeter around the inside of the basement and installed drain piping and vapor barriers. After the first good rain, you can see where the concrete that they used to cover the trench back up has moisture seeping up in several places. Before this, I didn’t have this moisture coming thru the floor.
- Beatrice R....
Crawlspaces and More
I waited a few months before posting my review to test the finished product. All I can say is incredible from start to finish to performance! Jordan and Jim are two of the most honest people I have ever met. The estimate process went so smoothly. No pressure, no overselling and scare tactics I had with other large companies. Jordan listened and offered real solutions. In fact they turned out to be over $15K less than the next bidder. Jim who also owns the company and his crew showed up on time. Worked their butts off and explained exactly what and why they were doing certain things.Just another level of transparency. They put in french drains, concrete walls to support the compromised brick ones in the basement. Then two new sump pumps one is a no power required backup, a pump to remove the washing machine water into the sewer line instead of the sump pump. The also wrapped the basement, crawlspace, installed a new crawlspace door. All in two days! The house is so much nicer and dryer. My AC does not run as often, the basement is dry. We used to get water after every rain storm. We have had several heavy downpours and not one single drop of water! I highly recommend them. Fair and honest people!
- Roger D....
Empire Waterproofing
Basement was leaking, Very professional team came in and installed a system. Did a good job of cleaning up and finished in a timely manor Dec 18th 2018
- Angie G....
Sundry Waterproofing
As an explanation for why I’ve allowed this issue to drag on for 2 years, I travel for work at lot and couldn’t stay right on top of these guys like I should. On November 6, 2017 the salesman Randolph Vereen arrived at my house and I showed him the issue I was experiencing with efflorescence in my basement. I explained to him that I wanted to tile my basement so I could make it into a livable area. I showed him a room that had previously been tiled but the efflorescence pushed all of the tiles up. He said their interior French drain system would prevent the water from getting under the slab and this would stop the efflorescence from forming. He said I could lay tile 4 days after the installation of their product. The interior French drain was installed on November 20, 2017 but several days later I was still seeing fresh efflorescence. I called Sundry and spoke with Kurt who said give it another week or two. Months passed and still I saw no improvement. I called again. I spoke with Kurt and he said it was mold. I advised him that it was crystalline efflorescence and not mold. He said he would send somebody to look at it. The guy arrived, swept my basement, and sprayed Bioguard. The efflorescence returned within a week. I called Kurt again and he said someone would be out to put down a sealant. Two guys came out and painted a thin strip of sealant of some sort where the 8 inch strip of new concrete over the interior French drain met the original concrete. I called Kurt after they left and asked him how that was going to correct the efflorescence problem I hired them to fix. He told me that the water won’t come through the sealant. Needless to say it didn’t help, and in time the efflorescence even popped up through the sealant. I called Kurt to tell him that I needed a solution because their product was not working as advertised. He said he would send someone out. A guy shows up and I show him all of the efflorescence. He tries to tell me that I have the efflorescence because I have cardboard boxes in my basement and the boxes cause moisture which makes the efflorescence. I pointed out to him that the boxes were on shelves, not the floor. He glazed over and was utterly useless. Fast forward and I’m in town again for a while so I call Kurt again about new, growing spots of efflorescence and he said he would send some guys out to look at it. I circled all of the spots with colored chalk so the guys would see the efflorescence. All they did was spray Bioguard again which just dissolves the surface salts. It doesn’t correct the underlying problem. It merely gives the appearance of a solution. I called Kurt immediately and told him that this was unacceptable. If the solution was a dollar’s worth of bio guard why did I pay them $9300 to install an interior French drain? He said something to the effect of their work is what they guarantee which appears in his mind to be that 8 inch strip of concrete that they laid to cover the drain system. I told him I didn’t hire them to install an 8 inch strip of concrete in my basement. I hired them to get rid of the efflorescence which was still coming up in the concrete. He said he would get back to me on Monday with an answer. That was five weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing from them. As the final straw, today while I was cleaning up on the side of my house I noticed a drain pipe from a downspout along the side of my house that was hidden with leaves. Instead of running this pipe away from the house, these bozos have the output from my gutter’s downspout depositing the water right along the middle of the wall. They didn’t even run it like I originally had it to channel water away from the house. If they had left it alone it would’ve been better than what they did. In fact if I had never contacted Sundry, my basement would be no better but I would certainly be richer and a lot less aggravated. Please save your money and avoid these guys. Buy a dehumidifier that allows continuous drainage through a garden hose and pay somebody to make a small hole through your wall to the outside for drainage. This will save you $8500 or more.
- Kyle F....
Foundation Worx
A wonderful experience. Clint and associates were professional, pleasant, and they saved me money. I highly recommend.
- Carla W....

Repair Basement Leak in Atlanta



Suwanee, GA

Recent Review: Chris Gomer of Aaron's was on time and corrected the problem quickly. He is definitely the technician we will request for any future plumbing needs. While we believe that any Aaron technician would probably be great, Chris did such a great job in the past, he is the one we request. Not only did he replace the parts to correct the leak (water line to the tank and old worn parts inside the tank) we also asked him to check the other toilets in the house to prevent the problem occurring elsewhere. One other toilet needed the original water line replaced (the cause of the leak from the one we called about). Chris only repairs what is necessary---nothing else. As usual, the job was completed in a timely manner and feel confident that problem solved and future possible issues avoided.


Lawrenceville, GA

Business Description: DriTek Solutions provides exterior foundation waterproofing for basement and slab foundations, retaining walls, and drainage solutions to the Metropolitan Atlanta area. We exceed our customers’ expectations by providing an unparalleled customer service experience. With over 25 years of experience in the Atlanta area, we are familiar with the common shortcomings in residential building standards that allow water to penetrate your home’s foundation. We are experts at exterior foundation waterproofing for both basement and slab homes. At DriTek we aim to redefine the level of service that you should expect of a contractor. As home and business owners, we understand what it’s like to hire poor contractors. As a result, our negative experiences inspire us to provide our customers with unparalleled service and results. We understand that on every job, we are stepping into your world. Each time we do that, we have an opportunity to help you solve a problem that you cannot solve on your own. We provide a peace of mind that only comes from truly caring about your entire experience. Our comprehensive water management strategies will ensure that your home’s foundation, as well as your possessions inside, stay dry. We never design your home’s solution with the motive of selling you the products we stock. Instead, we evaluate the unique challenges that your home presents and provide the right solution for your home. We will never sell you what you don’t need. CONTACT US today to schedule an appointment for a consultation and let us help you protect your biggest investment.


Griffin, GA

angi certified
Award 2021Super Service Award
Business Description: *Call us Today* for fast, friendly same day service!!! We strive to always be prompt, professional, and to do it right the first time. Our service area consists of the South Side of Atlanta and surrounding cities as far south as Thomaston. Available 24/7, whenever you call, you will always speak to a live person. Each HVAC technician, Plumber, and Electrician on the company’s staff is fully licensed, trained, and certified. To continue to educate its staff members, the company requires weekly ride-alongs with supervisors. Give us a call now to speak with one of our customer service representatives, or go to our website for a live chat. Always available 24/7.


Canton, GA

Business Description: For over 12 years, Taylor Home Construction has been passionately creating better homes in your community by providing professional residential remodeling services across Georgia. We provide all types of home renovation services and specialize in the design and construction of dormers, extensions and home additions. These residential remodeling services improve the appearance and value of your home like no other type of home renovation.


Cumming, GA

Business Description: Positive Waterproofing contractor with an emphasis on keeping water away from the structure. We are a small family operated company dedicated to solving the issue right the first time. Our strength is in our knowledge of construction and the repair process. When you hire me, you get me not a crew of different guys.


Marietta, GA

Business Description: Longino & Associates Inc. Marietta, GA, 30066 (770) 924-0790 Longino & Associates Inc. is a local siding contractor located in Marietta, GA. Turn to us when you need professional siding services. Don't hesitate to call us when you have any questions! Quality Siding Fair Oaks GA; Emerson GA; Hiram GA; Leak Repair, Leak Detection, Roof Leak Repairs, Foundation Leak Repairs, Patio Leak Repair


Braselton, GA

Business Description: Thank you for viewing Benjamin Franklin Plumbing! We are a family owned and operated firm. Our Atlanta office opened several years ago and we have been steadily growing our business over that time. Steve Garner is the President and Owner of Ben Franklin Plumbing of Atlanta. Mr. Garner and his family have lived in the greater Atlanta area for more than 30 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured and offer 24 Hour emergency service. We background check and drug test all technicians. We know your time is valuable so we stand behind our slogan "If there is any delay, It's you we pay". Award winning. Additional contact name - Amanda Barrett.


Atlanta, GA

Business Description: Plumber911′s mission is to meet or exceed customer expectations while performing a variety of plumbing services. Our goal is to provide the most professional quality residential service using the most skilled and highly trained state licensed plumbers providing the quickest response time in the Greater Atlanta area. We treat your home and property with the utmost care and vow to leave a clean and safe environment for your family, relatives and friends.


Marietta, GA

Business Description: When you're looking for a professional plumber in the Marietta area, Mike Moore's Plumbing is here to meet your needs and provide you with top-quality plumbing service. Offering drain cleaning, water main repair, septic services, and much more, we're the residential plumbing company you can turn to for excellent craftsmanship, exceptional results, and prompt service every time.


Kennesaw, GA

Business Description: We have been specializing in earthwork since 1987, gaining experience and using our knowledge to produce high quality work. It is our mission to not only save you money, but stress as well. Honesty and integrity are priorities and we have never begun a job that we didn’t see to completion. We hope to be able to serve you.


Marietta, GA

Recent Review: They did a fantastic job! Thankful for peace of mind that my basement will not leak any more. Reliable and adorable!


Acworth, GA

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Recent Review: EverDry did a fantastic job waterproofing our basement. They came our quickly to assess the situation. We had an old system that only cover one side of the basement. The EverDry solution now provides total protection. Out basement is dry and odor free. I now can rest easy when during multiple days of heavy rain. The staff and technicians were very professional. I strongly recommend EverDry and would use them again for other project. Thank you and great job!!


Norcross, GA

Recent Review: A wonderful experience. Clint and associates were professional, pleasant, and they saved me money. I highly recommend.


Grayson, GA

Recent Review: I hired Vanguard to waterproof my basement and a portion of my garage. Alan and his team was punctual, very professional and the price was reasonable. Their work was outstanding. I highly recommended.

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EverDry did a fantastic job waterproofing our basement. They came our quickly to assess the situation. We had an old system that only cover one side of the basement. The EverDry solution now provides total protection. Out basement is dry and odor free. I now can rest easy when during multiple days of heavy rain. The staff and technicians were very professional. I strongly recommend EverDry and would use them again for other project. Thank you and great job!!