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Casey Custom Docks LLC
Excellent craftmanship~took care of all the details with Corps of Engineers, removial of old dock, willing to modify plans etc. Great team to work with.
- Ellen T....
Boat Dock Works
I wasn't home during the dock re-decking,but there was no mess afterwords- All materials were disposed of. It looked like they brought in a new dock and took my old rotten dock away. I was home when they installed my hardwood flooring. It went very smoothly. They came in the first day- moved furniture- removed the carpeting--I had an extra issue- I had particle board under my carpeting-which hardwood cannot be installed upon-so they took up the particle board and installed a plywood base. The second day - the installation began. The team had their various jobs and the two rooms- 720 square feet-- was installed in a day. The third day was for trim pieces and molding and furniture was carefully replaced with non-scratch pads underneath the "legs". As soon as money permits- I will have them continue with hardwood in other rooms of my home.
- Leann A....
Allatoona Renovations
Their price was reasonable, the work was well done, and they were easy to work with. I think they are great. You need to get in the queue because they are quite popular.
- Pat A....
Custom Docks
Their price was the most favorable (lowest) and their delivery time window was immediate. I was impressed by the facts that the company (1) had been in business forever, (2) was family owned, (3) had actually built the dock and my slip over 25 years ago, and (4) used heavy timbers as opposed to aluminum beams. Also, (5) the point was made that being local and close by, needed parts or repairs would always be immediately available. From the very beginning there were problems. The two motors squealed and screeched so loudly earplugs could be useful when operating the lift. Custom tried but was unable to correct this, even after replacing motors. Next the cradle and bunk system began to fall apart. “Hurricane clips” (designed to hold down roof rafters) used in constructing my lift proved inadequate and the cradle-bunk system had to be rebuilt. Three re-buildings failed to prove satisfactory and my son at last re-built the lift and got it to work satisfactorily. Last month one of the engines burnt up (no fault of Custom’s) and needed replacement. Relying on the sales-point that replacement parts would always be immediately available, I requested and purchased a replacement motor. Because the new motor was wired entirely differently from the original motor and would not operate with the original wiring harness, it took a master electrician almost 5 hours to get the new motor compatible with the original installation. I have found the people at Custom to be most pleasant and consider them to be good people. But I could never recommend their lifts to anyone.
- Thomas A....
Atlanta Painting Company
Very good to work with, on time, responsive, asked questions for clarification would use again, no doubt.
- Don S....
KDL Painting
And OUTSTANDING job by KDL Painting Co. The owner was in charge of the entire operation (HANDS ON) -- from developing the estimate; advising what needed to be replaced on both the dock and the deck; advised of the plan to accomplish all of the work; arrived at times designated; completed the work in the most professional manner we have experienced since owning the home for over 24 years; and was extremely respectful of the property. We added some additional pressure washing requirements once the team arrived. They were completed within the estimated time frame of the entire job, and was the best outcome we have had in pressure washing the same are in 24 years. In sum, we have already asked KLM for an estimate on a much larger project -- they are outstanding in every respect!
- Jack W....
Deck Pro Inc
Overall the entire project went well,from start to finish. We started a day late due to the weather, delaying the completion of the previous project. They actually went above and beyond to assure the job was completed as promised. There was never a time that i needed to reach either Frank or Frank Jr, that i was not able to do so, all calls were returned promptly.
- Steve &....
Southern Specialty Contractor LLC
It went pretty good. We had some misunderstandings about materials but other than that these guys are golden. They are absolutely excellent. They are very price competitive. They did good work and they are in a different league by themselves. I have been very appreciative of their work ethic. They don't over charge and they selected the lumber for me and the deck was perfect. I had a problem with the 2x4 because they were a bit twisted and I mentioned it to the owners and they got me two new ones. I was happy with the work. They know their products and I recommend them highly. They can be contractor of the year and that speaks to their ability to finish the job to satisfaction. The owner and his son along with two employees did the built the deck. They bought a commercial dumpster and put all the unused materials in it. I am very pleased with the deck. I have nothing but good to say about them.
- William W....
J. Stevens Painting
They were awesome! Carlos was our foreman on the job and he was wonderful to work with. Jeff was always a phone call away and took care of things immediately. We had no problems at all! I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. Great job and super easy to work with. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. They didn't rush and took their time and made sure we were 100% satisfied. Price was extremely fair and they asked for no money until the job was done to our satisfaction! Honest and Dependable
- Sharon C....
THE BEST. Simply the best. If you are looking for value for your dollar, if you want a deck that will last as long as the house (or longer), if you want a contractor who is reliable and delivers what was promised, DECKSOUTH is the contractor for you. After searching Angie’s List and two other contractor screening sites, DECKSOUTH was among four companies that I chose to compete for my project. As a program analyst, I know how to build statements of work and contract proposals, so I put those skills into this project. No one could come close to DECKSOUTH in this process. This is a best value contract, not a Lowest Price Technically Acceptable contract. As part of that, DECKSOUTH sets up a payment schedule keyed to completion of pre-determined deliverables (e.g. materials, framing inspection, post-hole inspection, final inspection). This is written into the contract. You will not have them coming back to you asking you for a big chunk of money for something in the future. DECKSOUTH was not the cheapest, but Lamar and John are passionate about building the best. They could not come down in their price without making unacceptable compromises and the others would not build to DECKSOUTH standards. This showed clearly in their proposal details (talk about a well-written proposal!!!), and in the FIFTEEN YEAR WARRANTY that DECKSOUTH gives on its work. No one else could come close to DECKSOUTH standards. For someone flipping a house, that wouldn’t be important. But for someone, like me, who is tired of moving and is improving her home for decades of grandchildren visits, it was very important. Even more than that was why they could include that warranty. The quality of their work. Code is not good enough for them. They exceeded code and all the competition’s standards by miles. 12” on center joists, rather than 16”. A water-shed system that protects the framing, not just the decking. Dock posts rather than standard pressure treated lumber for the support posts. Kiln dried pressure-treated lumber rather than standard, dripping-wet with formaldehyde pressure-treated lumber. Azek for fascia and post wrapping. Framing extending into the house itself, resting on and secured to the second floor sill plates (I have an unfinished basement), rather than just bolted to the outside. Triple plates bolted onto the outside of the house and secured from inside. All to go the extra mile with the engineering to avoid putting in posts that would block doors and windows, yet deliver a product that impressed the city/county inspectors so much they had no problem waiving the extra posts code requirements! Craftsmanship with attention to detail that was beyond impressive. Their crews aren’t day labor pulled off a street corner, but skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work. And when one subcontractor did not get the word on an important finishing detail to the project, DECKSOUTH was all over them to return to completely redo the job, not just jury-rig an acceptable fix. DECKSOUTH is simply the best. This deck now makes the house. I hadn’t anticipated that. But now, I am beyond thrilled with what DECKSOUTH delivered. Thanks, John and Lamar. You ARE the best!!!!!
- Sara G....
Dream Work Construction
After calling other Atlanta companies, and having one come out to our house, I called Dreamworks and spoke with Jason Spain. He rearranged his schedule to be able to see me the next day. Every word that he said was accurate, backed up, and respectful. The company that came out previously was patronizing and lacking in ideas. Jason sent a bid exactly when he said he would. He incorporated EVERY idea I had mentioned and broke the bid into ''stages'' so that we had options that enabled us to meet our budget. I never felt pressured to ''upgrade'' and I felt like every effort was made to meet my expectations. Jude and Mikey were here for approximately 4 weeks. I never felt intruded upon, which is saying something since they were in my kitchen and bedroom, and my husband works late hours. Not only are they professional, competent men, they are also gentlemen and kind. They had invaluable input based on their experience. We are planning on a new front entrance, and will use them again.
- Stacy A....
Deck Pro Inc
The project went well. They worked very hard. There were a few bumps along the way, as I would expect with any project, but Frank corrected every issue to my satisfaction. It was clear that he wanted me to be pleased, and I consider that to be the most important factor in selecting a contractor. The quality of their work speaks for itself.
- Matthew W....

Dock Repair in Atlanta



Wellsburg, WV

Business Description: Merco Marine Boat Docks manufactures complete, ready to install floating boat docks or individual components for do-it-yourself boat dock building. All of their products are made in the United States with American steel.


Douglasville, GA

Recent Review: They workmen were friendly and professional.


Gainesville, GA

Recent Review: They do docks all over the country and are the largest company building docks on Lake Lanier, which is where my house is. The contact person, Brandon, was excellent. We had a dock that was destroyed in a tornado. They were very good and I was pleased. I was told not to use them because they were too expensive but I am glad we did. They were willing to work with me and contacted me periodically. The dock had to be done in a relatively short period of time. The dock is done well.


Hampton, GA

Recent Review: These guys are great - Quick turn around - very professional - gave me 3 options for my garage door issue . I will be using them again - Great Service - thank you so much!!


Woodstock, GA

Recent Review: Jim painted the exterior of our home and did an excellent job. He was very helpful with selecting the paint, his estimate was on point, and he was very friendly and very professional. Highly recommend Jim.


Powder Springs, GA

Recent Review: They were great! The owner, Nick, came onsite, was very helpful and basically repaired the decades of neglect on my deck.


Jonesboro, GA

Business Description: i am a licensed contractor , I do most of the construction work . I have a facebook page , you can look at some pictures of some of the work I do at . and you can contact me at my email or 6787679811


Dallas, GA

Recent Review: It went okay. It didn’t cover what he wanted to do.


Gainesville, GA

Business Description: Owner operated. Uses subs for ceramic tile and flooring. 24 hour emergency service available.


Kennesaw, GA

Recent Review: Terrific! Ned was willing and did help move our deck furnitiure and offered to move it back. Cleaned up, supervised job, and even repaired some wook that he hadn't quoted.


Acworth, GA

Recent Review: Rob and his team are professionals all the way When I originally planned to re-do my master bath it was a DIY project all the way. I wasn't very far in before I realized I possess neither the desire nor the ability to do physical labor. My first duty was to remove the toilet. I don't know why it never occurred to me that I should both cut off the water source and drain the tank before beginning this task. A more seasoned veteran of DIY projects would have noticed my folly immediately but as neither my wife nor I have any experience with plumbing projects this function never crossed my mind. All I could hear were my children and wife cheering my on as I loosened the second bolt from the ground and began to pull up..... It was the smell that hit me first. Even before the water began to spray, the smell was so horrendous I could barely keep my grip on the slippery cold monster that I was now trying to lug across the floor. Apparently when you flush the toilet it only makes it as far as the hole in your floor before it stops. After pouring a cup of bleach down the offending drain and spraying half a bottle of Fabrize I was finally able to reenter the room Needless to say, I made quite a mess from the get go and I was barely able to save the bowl of the throne I was removing. (The tank was salvageable but the lid was a total loss and from what I understand you can hardly ever find an adiquate replacement for an older toilet.) Anyway, I digress... Once I was able to get the water cut off I went to work trying to pull the molding off the bottom of the wall. I had no idea how cheap this stuff was but I though If I can save a few bucks by pulling it off easily and just pounding out the nails and putting it back it will be good as new. Again, before I had pulled one piece off I had already punctured the wallboard twice and splintered the molding in three places. It was at this point that I decided to call Rob at Reliable Property Maintenance. From the get go I was impressed at how punctual this team was. Usually with contractors you can count on punctuality twice; when they are coming out to sell the job and when they are collecting the money. Reliable Property Maintenance was on time from start to finish. When his crew showed up on the day of the job they carefully explained what they were going to do and asked me if I had any questions. Once they had answered my many inquiries regarding whether we could save my grandmothers shower pan and the cost of shoe molding they were off to work. It was amazing to see the speed and efficiency of their actions. You can always tell when a group is in sync and there seemed to be almost no need for the spoken word as one always seemed to be doing the exact task required for another to move on. Once I determined that they were going to be better off with me out of the way I went off to purchase my new toilet. By the time I returned I can tell you how surprised I was with the amount they had accomplished! Even though I had stopped for a bag of hamburgers it hardly seemed like they wanted to stop long enough to eat. By early afternoon it was time for me to pick up my cat from the groomers and as I poked my head in to say Id be right back I was met with the great news that they were done! To my even greater surprise I discovered they had installed my new toilet as well!! I had purposely waited several months before posting any review on their work as I wanted to check on the durability and sturdiness of their work. I am pleased to say that it looks as great today as it did 6 months ago and I couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely be calling this team again for future jobs. Kitchen scheduled for an update this summer!


Gainesville, GA

Recent Review: Jordan came out and gave me a very cheap estimate. I was surprised at how little it was going to cost me to get my porch, driveway, back porch, and house pressure washed. We agreed to let him do it. He came out with another person the next week. They got the job done in just a few hours. He even gave me some advice on how to keep my house (we just moved into it) from getting so dirty the next time. Overall, I was very pleased with their work.


Cumming, GA

Angi Certified
Offers Coupon
Recent Review: All About Painting Contractors Inc did a great job on our home. Could not be happier. They were thorough, courteous and knowledgeable. Followed the estimate. They used high quality products (Sherwin Williams). Job was done on time, professionally and expertly. They took time to clean up at the end of each work day. I cannot fing their praises enough. I can wholly recommend them with the outmost confident.


Canton, GA

Recent Review: Excellent craftmanship~took care of all the details with Corps of Engineers, removial of old dock, willing to modify plans etc. Great team to work with.

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Brad came out to give me a quote within 2 hours of my initial phone call. Once I agreed to have them do the work, they completed it within a week. They called the morning that they were coming, to let me know that they would be on my property. They performed the work without bothering me. Then sent the bill by mail. Everything that we agreed upon was completed in a satisfactory manner. I would recommend Boat Dock Works to a friend. We bought a 20 year old home, that had received very little upkeep over the years. I've dealt with a wide variety of contractors, and have not been happy with the vast majority (hence my recently joining Angies List).