Woodturning at Home

Updated March 4, 2019
These stairs were part of a gut renovation of a six-family apartment building. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Cecilia D. of Brooklyn, N.Y.)

This collection of science-based wood articles will give you an in-depth look at what wood is comprised of and why it reacts the way it does.

Suppliers of Wood, Tools and Supplies

Turning Blanks from Advantage Lumber

Turning Stock - Woodworkers Source

Turning Blanks | Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Windsor Plywood - Live-edge and Specialty Wood

Wood Turning Blanks from Amazon.com

Craft Supplies USA - Turning Blanks For Bowls, Spindles, Pens And Projects And More

Woodworking Tools & Supplies | KMS Tools & Equipment

The Woodturning Store

Packard Woodworks: The Woodturner's Source

Wood Turning at Rockler: Lathe Chucks, Blanks & Project Kits

Wood Turning | Tropical Exotic Hardwoods

Figured woodturning blanks and craft wood

Woodworkers Source Your Friendly Lumber Supplier

Wholesale Hardwood Lumber Suppliers

Cook Woods - Turning Wood

Woodworking Dust Control & Safety

Cyclone and Dust Collection Research

Woodworking Dust Collection Tools and Equipment

Clear Vue Cyclones

Oneida Air Systems - Dust Collectors

Safety Equipment for Woodworking in the Woodshop - this woodworking safety guide should act as a checklist before anyone starts working with the wood or tools.

Woodworker's Hardware: Safety and Protection

15 Safety Tools and Gears You Should Have in Your Woodworking Shop

Safety Equipment from Highland Woodworking

Safety Gear Upgrades for Woodworkers (If you are using older woodworking tools or equipment, you might want to read this page of updated safety gear that has come out in recent years.)

Wood Magazine: Shop Safety Checklist

Woodworking Machines - General Safety Tips - The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety has put together a list of safety tips for anyone working with woodworking machines.

WoodTurning and Woodworking Galleries and Blogs

The Center for Art in Wood

Gallery of Wood Art (this is from the American Association of Woodturners. Check back often to find current and upcoming exhibits to check out!)

Ana White | Woodworking Projects - Anna White's blog is FULL of woodworking projects and tips for all ages and skill levels.

Woodturner's Resources - Websites and Blogs (Brows this collection of hundreds of woodturner's websites and blogs)

The World of Woodturners - This website provides a monthly featured artists with a biography and a collection of their woodwork and art. Bookmark this and check back often!

Woodworks by John

WoodTreks - A video blog by Keith Cruickshank for all things wood art and wood craft related.

WoodGrears - This is a wood working blog from the perspective of an engineer. Read through all of the posts to get a scientific background on the how and why of these wood working projects!

Wacky Wood Works

The Science of Wood and Woodworking

The Wood Database: Explore Wood

Janka Wood Hardness Scale

Virginia Tech Dendrology - Wood Identification - Brose this collection of over 60 wood grain images to identify the specific tree.

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service - the official governmental website of the USDA

Woodworking can be a science project

Wood Identification Guide

Best Decking Material: Wood or Composite?

Wood Science - from Fine WoodWorking - this collection of science-based wood articles will give you an in-depth look at what wood is comprised of and why it reacts the way it does.

What Tree Is That? - The Arbor Day Foundation has provided you with an illustrated tree identification guide for the United States.

Ohio Public Library Information Network: What Tree is It?

Other Woodturning and Woodworking Links

Woodworking: Best Hardwood Species for Spindle Turning - not sure what type of wood to use? Here are 9 examples for spindle turning.

Woodturning Learning Center (TPT)

Popular Woodworking Magazine

workshop companion: woodworking resources and education

Woodworking For Mere Mortals (wood working projects, plans and woodworking basics!)

Basic Woodturning Safety Checklist

Woodturning for Profit

Wood turning lathe: checklist

Mike Peace Woodturning

Essential Tools for Woodturning Bowls

Carter and Sons Toolworks: Woodturning Resources