What’s in Your Attic? Spooky Surprises Galore

Updated October 5, 2016
creepy attic with ghost, bat and spider
Illustration by Matt Mukerjee

The attic. You rarely venture up that ladder into the dark abyss above, so who knows what really lurks up there?

Most attics hold insulation, a few random storage items, an HVAC system and ductwork … and maybe even something downright spooky [cue the sinister music].

So, in the spirit of Halloween, we enlisted service providers to share with us their strange finds while working in the attic. Keep reading, if you dare!

Off your rocker

It’s the night before Halloween. A window must be installed in the attic. Perched near the window opening was dearly departed grandma’s antique rocking chair. “It may or may not be true, but my installer swears the chair, caked with spider webs, was ever so slightly rocking (it was probably caused by a stiff breeze).”

Door and window installer in Spokane, Washington

Snakes alive!

When a tech tried to push up the board covering the attic access, the board felt heavier than normal. So he adjusted his balance and pushed even harder. The board finally budged, but so did something else: “There was an 8-foot black snake taking a nap! The tech didn't think twice — he ran out of the house.”

Plumber near Joplin, Missouri

Heads up

A worker ventured into a dark space to service an air conditioner, only to feel like something was staring back at him. “It was a head from a mannequin that was once owned by a horror movie buff. Very creepy!”

HVAC provider in Decatur, Alabama

Watch that step

Sometimes, it’s what you DON’T find that becomes the problem. “My business partner and I were walking in the attic. I’d been up there a couple of times and knew where to step. He wasn't so careful! He ended up in a bedroom, luckily on a bed, but covered in insulation! We fixed the ceiling, but my partner's pride is still under repair.”

Remodeler in Forth Worth, Texas

Ghosts like chocolate, too

One pest control techician entered an extremely dusty, unused attic space to check on rodent stations. As he turned to leave, he noticed a candy bar — brand-new and completely dust-free — on the floor. He told the owner, but she wasn’t surprised. She says the house is haunted and she’s ready to sell. “From our own curiosity, we looked up the history of the home and the house had been sold many times over the past few years. Creepy!”

Boston-area exterminator

Leaving a positive review

The crew came out to perform remodeling and mold remediation work at a once-abandoned home in the middle of the woods. Then it started: Strange noises and clapping sounds coming from the attic. The crew, despite having the heebie-jeebies, powered through the project for a job well done. “I guess even whoever was causing those noises got happy with our work!”

Restoration specialist in Los Angeles

Other attic treasures

Providers have just about seen it all, including the following attic finds: A mummified cat; a large jar of marijuana; a stop sign; antique model airplanes; a full tin pack of cigarettes dating back to 1938; cans of beer from the 1930s; and, finally, toys and videos that would make you blush and magazines men only “read” for the articles.

What spooky surprises have you found lurking in your attic? Share with us in the comments section below!