Way Easier Home Wall Projects

Updated September 4, 2019
a woman and child painting a wall
Painting a wall in your home?

Whether you’re painting the kitchen, hanging photos or installing something heavy-duty like a flat-screen TV, it’s nice to have a few gadgets to make the job easier. These cool tools promise to help the next time you feel like banging your head against the wall!

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Stud Finder: Usually under $100

If you’re planning to hang a flat screen TV, heavy shelves or large pieces of art, you’ll want to attach them to a stud. Studs are wooden boards that sit behind drywall and act as frames for your wall. They’re much sturdier than drywall but can be tricky to find.  

Instead of struggling with magnetic finders or measuring tape, try an electronic stud finder. This tool can detect wood or metal studs through the drywall with ease. And some models can even warn you of hidden wiring before it’s too late! 

Paint Matcher: From $50 to $350+

Need to touch up the paint but not sure what color to buy? Consider an electronic paint matcher. These tools can detect the color composition of paint and give you a close — if not exact — match to the original color. Always spot test beforehand to make sure the new paint blends with the existing shade. 

Bonus: Some paint manufacturers offer paint matching phone apps at a much cheaper rate than the electronic tools! Though they may be less accurate, these apps can be a great starting place for deciding on color even when working with a local interior painter near you.

No-Spill Paint Tray: From $20 to $40

Paint2It is an “anti-gravity” paint tray that’s ideal for painting projects in hard-to-access spaces. Shaped like a saucer or painter’s palette, this gadget is lined with special fabric that promises to hold paint firmly in place — even when turned upside down. 

Keep in mind that this palette is on the small side and can only hold so much paint before a spill becomes a risk. Be sure to read the instructions before using one! 

Phone Level App: Free!

Is that picture tilting slightly to the left? Do you need to know now? Download a useful level app to your phone. There are several free options available to help you out in a pinch. iHandy and Bubble Level are a few of our favorites! 

Pro Tip: Several factors can affect the effectiveness of a level app on your phone. So, for serious projects, a real level may be the way to go.

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