Watch out for Cheap Mold Remediation Estimates

Written by Paul Wagner of Comprehensive Mold Management
Updated August 6, 2015
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We regularly have people tell us they’re shopping around for the cheapest estimate.

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But the cheapest estimate for mold remediation isn’t always the best estimate. Your home is your investment. When you choose the cheapest estimate, you may be getting a lower quality of work. Learn what to look for in your estimate. 

More than mold

Some mold removal companies only take care of the mold. If the moisture issue isn’t resolved, you may face a more severe problem down the road. The work needs to be completed from start to finish to ensure the mold growth does not return. Look for a company that will handle the moisture issue, remove the mold and complete any other necessary work. 

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Warranty for the work

It’s worth paying a little extra to ensure that the work is done correctly and corners were not cut. Companies that follow industry standard protocol will likely provide a lifetime warranty. Check warranties while shopping around.

Insurance and the proper materials

Other companies may not follow the proper standards or protocol, resulting in not needing as much material. Make sure that the company you hire is fully insured and uses the best materials available. 

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No one plans for a mold problem to occur in his or her home, but we recommend doing your research when hiring someone to take care of it. You want someone who will do it right the first time. The longer you wait to take care of the problem, the more damage you will face down the road. Checking online reviews and talking to previous customers are great places to start.

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About this Experts Contributor: Paul Wagner is the president of Comprehensive Mold Management, a local, family-owned and operated company founded in Rochester, New York. They have served hundreds of homeowners and businesses in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse for more than a decade. 

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