Unique Rooms Surprise Contractors

Written by Maria Rummel
Updated May 12, 2016
tree inside a house
This 3-D illustration shows how a home could be designed around a living tree. (iStock)

These custom rooms are anything but ordinary.

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Service providers are constantly visiting new homes for their jobs, so it’s no surprise that over the years they’ve come across some pretty unique rooms and cool spaces.

Angie’s List wanted to know what contractors have found.  

Here’s nine crazy rooms contractors, plumbers and electricians have told us about.

1. Tree house

Why move a large tree, when you can just build around it? A landscaping company out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, came across a home with a live tree growing right though the center.

2. Home honeymoon suite

A homeowner designed a space for a honeymoon that would last. The master bedroom wasn’t just home to a bed, but a pink, two-person, heart-shaped, bathtub as well. Real estate agent Mike P. had a good time showing this home to potential buyers in Indianapolis. 

3. California caveman

It might have looked an average neighborhood home on the outside, but inside the stairwell resembled a cave. Designer Tony S. says there were painted formations along with walls and ceiling, as well as a red velvet rope to use as a handrail.

4. A live-in laboratory

A dentist out of Northern Kentucky liked to build his own dentures. He apparently spent lots of time making them because contractor Kris K. found an entire laboratory built under the dentist's home.

5. Hidden playroom

A remodeling company unveiled 30-year-old memories with this find. In the back of a closet, a child’s playroom had been closed up and forgotten about. Contractor A.J. S. says when they discovered the room on the job, it was still filled with old toys and books.

6. Every night at the museum

Homeowners in Orlando, Florida, didn’t need a museum pass to get their fill of natural history. Shawn P. says they had a huge sea dinosaur skeleton hanging from the third story of their home.

7. A modern speakeasy

Patricia H. of Monument, Colorado, says she used to clean a seven-story home with a whole level devoted to wine. The cellar was sealed without windows or doors and was only accessible by one elevator. 

8. Home theater

Pull out the popcorn maker. At the back of a 1,000 square-foot rambler, it looked like there could have been a large shop. While visting the Seattle home to do an electrical estimate, Brandon P. discovered the space was actually a 50-seat movie theater decked out with vintage reels and other movie memorabilia.

9. 1970’s party room

Remodeler Lon L. received a tour of a secret basement enclosed behind a bookshelf. The Elvis-style jungle room had shag carpet on the floors and walls, and even a pool.

Do you have a cool room or unique space in your home? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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