Take Your CrossFit Workout Home

Written by Anita Alvarez
Updated September 28, 2015
CrossFit workout
CrossFit is an option if you're looking for a way to work out in the gym or at home. (Angie's List)

CrossFit training improves body composition and the body's oxygen levels.

CrossFit (CF) is taking the fitness world by storm, with training centers dedicated to the workout philosophy popping up everywhere. Some gyms are offering CF-specific training sessions, while other facilities are purely dedicated to the practice.

Research has shown that following the training principles gets results. Exercise enthusuiasts and newbies alike will enjoy the quick workout it offers and the variety of the training. If you can't get to the gym, or you don't have a facility in your area that offers the special classes, opt to do the workout at home.

What is CrossFit?

The CrossFit training program is primarily a fitness training program, and has become known as the "sport of fitness"—a tag lined used in its advertising campaign. Its goal is "forging elite fitness" and to provide anyone interested in getting more fit a place to accomplish that goal.

Fitness is achieved by performing "varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity," with the community of people performing the exercises together comprising a significant component of the program.

Where CrossFit training happens

The training program is designed to bring like-minded people together to test and improve physical skills like agility, speed, strength, stamina, balance and coordination. People who like to work out with other people will enjoy the team atmosphere that can be found at training centers.

However, driving to the gym isn't always a viable option if you're tight on time, out of town or have an appointment or meeting taking place when you usually work out. Finding ways to continue your workout at home helps bridge the gap between your schedule and getting to the gym.

CrossFit workouts at home

The CrossFit program encourages people to work out at home, and in fact, they provide a daily plan on their website. The good news is, the program is based around minimal equipment. If you have a few select weights at home and decent space, you can get started right away.

Some of the exercises you'll be doing include:

• Squats

• Bench press

• Sprints

• Running longer distances of 800 meters

• Thrusts

The workout will differ each day. One day, you may be asked to perform three moves in a circuit, repeated the circuit 10 times. On other days, you may be asked to perform three moves as many time as you can within 20 minutes. Other days, the exercise program will give you a rest day, which is important to give your body a break and time to heal.

You should learn the movements first, without weights, and then add weights as you become accustomed to the movements. Most people don't have the space to run a sprint or a distance length in their homes, but these are easily accomplished by taking your workout outside, and running around the block, for example.

Researchers at Ohio State University performed a study on the benefits of the fitness program. After putting 20 women and 23 men through 10 weeks of the program's exercises, researchers reported that the fitness program raised body composition and oxygen consumption levels in both men and women.

For more information about the program, or to use it to improve your fitness levels, get in touch with a certified program trainer in your area.