Protect Your Home with a Security Door

Written by Angie's List Staff
Updated October 26, 2011
Bristol arched iron security door
Security doors offer an added layer of protection, but can also increase your curb appeal. (Photo courtesy of First Impression Security Doors)

For added safety, consider installing a metal security door. Custom designs lend style to these barred door.

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According to the FBI, more than 2 million burglaries are reported in the United States each year. Residential burglaries made up about nearly three-fourth of those cases, and more than half involve forcible entry. Burglaries resulted in billions of dollars in lost property.

Doors often are the first line of defense in most homes, and the front door is frequently the preferred way a burglar enters a home. One way to slow down unwelcome guests is to install a security door with reinforced framing.

The best security doors are made of reinforced steel. A steel door’s thickness is measured by a gauge number, and a security door should have a gauge between 12 and 16. The lower the number of the gauge means the more secure the door will be. A standard front door typically has a gauge around 22.

A good security door should come equipped with 3-inch, one-way screws that cannot be removed once they are put in place. This prevents a burglar from simply removing the hinge pins and displacing the door.

The door’s frame is also critical to its security. Frames made of wood or frames with exposed space can easily be pried open with a crowbar. A security door should be installed with a reinforced steel frame to ensure its durability.

Installing a security door does not automatically mean your front door will look like a bank vault. Many manufacturers offer doors with mail slots and even windows made of tempered safety glass. They also come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

If you are interested in installing a security door to replace you old front door, consider talking with a door installation company or even a wrought iron specialist who makes custom doors. Sign in to Angie’s List to read consumer reviews on highly rated door installation companies in your area.

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