Postcard Decoupage Project for a Side Table

Jordan Hurd
Written by Jordan Hurd
Updated October 10, 2016
vintage postcards decoupaged on side table
For a more cohesive piece, look for postcards that have something in common, such as the violets in these three. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Hurd/The 2 Seasons)

Use vintage postcards as decor in your home.

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We often use postcards as vessels to deliver a quick note from a vacation destination. But take a good look at postcards, and you’ll see that they're loaded with color and character. If you own postcards, then you have small pieces of art that you can put to use in your home. For instance, postcards can be used with a plain piece of furniture to add some character or history to it. Put your personal stamp on a side table with the following instructions. 

Gather your supplies

supplies for decouage project
Browse antique shops and flea markets for postcards and a table with character. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Hurd/The 2 Seasons)

First, find a table for the project. I purchased a small table at a popular big box store, but it was just a little too simple for the look I wanted.

Since I inherited my great grandmother’s postcard collection, I already had a large selection of postcards to work with. If you would like to do a project like this but don’t have a supply of postcards, don’t worry. Wonderful art postcards can be purchased in museum shops and gift shops. If you would rather use vintage postcards, search for them at flea markets, antique shops and at online auction sites. They can usually be purchased for just a dollar or two. 

How to decoupage your table

You can paint your table or leave it in its current condition. Just be sure that the surface is clean and free of dust, dirt and oils.

Select the postcards that you want to use. I chose three postcards with paintings of violets. If you don’t want to use the actual postcards, then you can make color copies of them.

Place the postcards on the table the way you want them to look. I overlapped the corners a little to make it more interesting.

Apply at least three coats of a decoupage solution. Be sure to let each coat dry between applications. If the table will be used to hold beverages, you might want to add a few more coats of the solution.

Other uses for vintage postcards

vintage postcard collection
Reading the messages and checking the dates on vintage postcards gives a glimpse of history. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Hurd/The 2 Seasons)

There are other ways to use postcards in your decor without going through the trouble of attaching them to a table. If you have a piece of wooden furniture that has a protective glass top, just slide the postcards under the glass. Change them out with the seasons.

You can also frame your postcards or attach magnets to the back to hang them on your fridge.

Do you have clever ideas for displaying postcards in your home? Share them in the comments section below! 

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