No More Lost Keys: 3 Tips to Organize a Purse

Written by Susan Stewart of Perfectly Placed
Updated April 21, 2015
When selecting a purse, you will want to be aware of a few factors that will make it easier to keep it organized. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)

Ever “lost” your keys in the depths of a messy purse? Take heart and take on that handbag!

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Tired of rooting around in your purse trying to find your wallet, coupons or phone? Does your back ache from hauling around a purse that weighs too much? Take these three steps to take control and organize your purse.

1. Choose wisely

When selecting a purse, you will want to be aware of a few factors that will make it easier to keep it organized.

● Consider the shape of the purse. Structured shapes, such as rectangles, are easier to manage. Less structured purses — think round, hobo or pear styles — often have smaller openings with lots of room at the bottom and sides. This makes it difficult to see or find what you need.

● The inside color of a purse also can affect its organization. Look for a purse with a light-colored lining. A dark interior can make it more difficult to find what you are looking for, especially in a dim restaurant, for example.

● Choose a purse with pockets and zippered compartments. These organizational tools can help to keep everything from getting jumbled together into one giant mess.

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2. Categorize

Having categories in your purse can make it easier to find things:

● I have a zippered compartment in my purse for financial things. I keep receipts, gift cards and my checkbook in that compartment.

● Have another compartment for personal care items such tissues, lip balm, an emery board and hand sanitizer.

● Devote one pocket just to your phone. You may want another just for business cards.

If your purse doesn’t have sections to use for categorizing, you can use small clear organizing pouches or a purse organizer to achieve the same result.

3. Lighten the load

Your wallet is likely the heaviest item in your purse, so thinning it out will lighten your load.

● First pull out all of your membership cards, reward cards and library cards. Next, download an app called KeyRing and scan them, which will eliminate the need to hold on to them.

● Now look through your credit cards and health insurance cards. Have any of them expired? Run them through the shredder. How many credit cards do you need? Do you need to carry them all with you? Once you've pared those cards down, take a photo or photocopy the remaining cards. If you ever lose your purse, it will simplify the process of stopping payment and replacing your cards.

● Dump your loose change in a change jar. Carrying around too much change adds weight to your purse and can be hard on your back. The lighter your purse is, the easier it will be to carry.  

Congratulations! You’ve transformed your purse from a file cabinet into a lean, mean organizing machine.

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About this Experts Contributor: Susan Stewart is the founder of Perfectly Placed, serving clients since 2004 and providing organizing services in Phoenix, Arizona. Stewart is a contributor to the Experts Contributor Program. Find Perfectly Placed on Google+ and Twitter.

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