For the Kid in All of Us: DIY LEGO Planter

Updated October 8, 2019

What's better than getting a homemade gift from your little one?

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Actually making that homemade gift with your kids!

Whether you're looking for a great project to do with your kids or just love to nerd out during craft time, this DIY LEGO planter is too fun not to share!

Here's what you'll need:

  * LEGO bricks

  * LEGO baseplate

  * Scissors

  * Flowers of your choice

  * Potting soil

  * Power drill and nail

1. Cut Your Baseplate to Desired Size

First things first, cut your LEGO baseplate to dimensions you want your planter to be. The standard LEGO baseplate is 10 inch by 10 inch, but you can easily cut this with scissors to make a recctangle or several squares.

lego pad

2. Drill a Small Hole for Drainage

Next, if you're planting flowers that need soil holes at the bottom so they can drain (most plants need this except for some succulents), you'll need to drill small holes in the LEGO baseplate before you begin. Carefully drill one hole for every four inches on your baseplate.

lego pad holes

3. Start Building From the LEGO Baseplate

Once you've created your drainage holes, grab your baseplate and start constructing the bottom row with your LEGO pieces.

4. Overlap LEGOs Like Bricks

As you're stacking your LEGOs, overlap them so that the ends never completely line up (picture how a brick wall looks). This will help secure your LEGO planter's structure.

lego stack

5. Build Outward, Too

Once you have about 4-5 rows of LEGOs, try building outward, too. To do this, secure only half of your LEGO piece onto your wall, so the remaining half is overhanging the LEGO wall. This will help add some fun dimension to your planter!

6. Add Potting Soil

Once you're happy with the height and shape of your LEGO planter, fill it with potting soil. Carefully rinse the inside of your planter under the sink to dampen it, and then add a little potting soil to the bottom. Make sure to create some extra room for your flowers.

lego planter soil

7. Plant Your Flowers

In the hollow space you've just created, place in your flowers. Gently tap down the dirt to secure them and make sure the top is flat. For the best results, be sure to follow your flower's potting, lighting and watering instructions. Pro Tip: If you're planting any herbs (we chose basil) you can easily label your plants by writing on a piece of clear tape and adding it to a LEGO piece. Enjoy!

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lego planter flowers

Pin the image below to make your own DIY LEGO planter!

lego planter instructions
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