Keep Your Roof Free of Leaves This Fall in L.A.

Written by Angie's List Staff
Updated June 15, 2021
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Don't let clumps of wet leaves ruin your roof. Learn why it's important to keep your roof clean and clear.

When leaves fall and clump on the roof, they collect water. Learn how to protect your home's roof in Los Angeles.

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As the season turns and the leaves begin falling from the trees, you need to start thinking about the impact leaves can have on your roof. As harmless as those leaves may seem, once they settle in clumps on your roof, they can create a mess and cause real damage that will be expensive to repair.

During 2010, Angie’s List website and call center yielded more than 10,000 requests for Los Angeles roofing contractors. Rather than be one of the thousands of people in need of a new roof, have a roofing professional help maintain the one you have and keep it free of leaves this fall.

Damage caused by leavesWhen leaves fall and clump on the roof, they collect water. This causes the asphalt shingles below the leaves to rot. Eventually, the roofing beneath the shingles will also rot, and water will leak into the home, causing further damage. Clumps of wet leaves will put uneven pressure on the roof, causing the beams to weaken.

Preventing leaf damageYou can prevent the whole problem by keeping branches that overhang the roof trimmed back. An additional benefit is that trimming back branches will allow more sunlight to reach the roof, preventing moss growth and mildew from forming. You will also reduce the risk of branches falling in a storm and causing severe damage to the roof.

Cleaning leaves from your roofThe best and safest way to inspect your roof is with both feet on the ground and a pair of binoculars in your hand. You may also, depending on the size of your home, be able to pull leaves out of the gutters and eaves with a window-cleaning brush.

If you absolutely must use a ladder to reach your roof, make sure to use a ladder that is at least 2 feet taller than the roof. This makes the ladder more stable and if it slides a little bit, it will still be on the roof line. You can also drive a long stake into the ground behind the ladder. This will help stabilize the ladder even more. Remember to never reach while on a ladder. If you can't easily get to the area you need, move the ladder.

Because of the dangers inherent with a slippery roof, it's best to hire a professional for this type of job. Walking around on a wet roof is risky and could lead to serious injuries. A professional can inspect your roof and clean the leaves off for you.

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