I Have 2 Columns on My Front Porch. The Bottom of Each has Rotted But Column is Fine. Approx Cost to Repair Bottom?

Updated November 24, 2020
beige home with single driveway
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Question by homemj: The house is old, built in 1924. The columns are fine but the bottom square base of the column needs to be replaced. What should it cost to replace and paint the bottom? I have a photo.

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Answered by LCD: While that might be a solid base, more likely it is just trim pieces blocking out around the post to give it a larger appearing base - like a pedestal. Look for small gaps or mitered corners. It might be the trim pieces have rotted but not the post itself - in which case maybe $200-300 by a handyman would handle it to replace and repaint the fake base.

Otherwise, it is not really economic or smart (assuming these are plain wood) to try to fix a rotted base on a column - usually just cheaper to temporarily support the porch roof and remove and replace the column with a new one. That can commonly run in the $500 range for a simple post-supported independent porch roof (assuming maybe 6-10 feet in dimension) to more like $1000 range for a porch with a conventional full gabled roof over it. More if the posts actually are concreted into the ground rather than sitting on the porch framing or above-ground connections to concrete footings.

And of course a lot more if the post is fancy - routed, flluted, etc - though in that case you might consider one of the structural synthetic columns now commercially available.

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