I am Planning to Have a New Roof Done Should I Have the Exterior Top Portion of the House Painted First or After

Updated November 24, 2020
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Question by Guest_9917300: i am planing to have a new roof done should i have the exterior top portion of the house painted first or after

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Answered by LCD: Having roof done should not affect the house paint, so from a practical standpoint it probably makes no difference, although painting season is shorter in many parts of the country than roofing season, so that may play into your decision. You should try to get both done in the dry, above 50 degree part of the year.

However, the general rule is to work from the top down - so, since the roof removal may put a bit of dirt on the side of the house, and the painting would not hurt the roof unless they go spray crazy, I would have the roof done first, then the painting. The only difference you are likely to notice is the painter may get some trim color paint on the bottom side of the shingle overhang and drip edge - not a thing people usually notice, but if it bothers you just tell him you want that masked off, or fully painted consistently all across.

Also - should you need repairs to the sheathing or joists, repairing them after the painting would leave you with unpainted wood showing (though the underside of the sheathing should not be painted anyway).

Do NOT let both contracts at the same time - you do not want them both trying to work the same days and getting in each other's way, etc. Get the roof done before giving notice to proceed on the painting, or vice versa.

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