How to Make a Fall Sign for Your Front Door

Larissa Haynes
Written by Larissa Haynes
Updated August 23, 2016
DIY fall wood sign
Welcome autumn with this simple DIY fall sign from Prodigal Pieces. (Photo by Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces)

Create this wooden sign for a festive touch of seasonal wall decor to welcome fall.

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Fall is just around the corner, and what better way to kick off this wonderful time of year than with a DIY decor project?

Welcome your guests in style with this front door decor or hang it on your wall to usher in autumn.

Ready to get started and make your own? I'll show you how. Here is what you'll need to create this sign:


  • 1-by-4-inch board that's 14-inches long and ripped in half lengthwise

  • 1-by-4-inch board that's 10-inches long and ripped in half lengthwise

  • 7.5-by-7.5-inch square of hardboard in 1/8-inch thickness or similar

  • Three 7.5-inch pieces of plywood that are 2.5-inches wide and 1/2 inch or thinner

  • White acrylic paint

  • Twine

  • Wood glue

  • Stain in two colors

  • Dried flowers, corn husks, ect.

  • Faux fall accents (gourds, leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, ect.)

  • "Hello fall" graphic printed


  • Drill

  • 1/4-inch drill bit

  • Foam brush

  • 1/4-inch screws or finish nails

  • Pocket screw jig (optional)

  • Artist's paint brush

Easy DIY project for any season

You can easily accomplish this project in an afternoon and it only requires simple supplies you can possibly find in your scrap wood. You can used reclaimed wood, or use the following steps to make your wood look time-worn and full of character.

Step 1: Make sure all of your wood pieces are sanded and ready to assemble. Here is what your materials will look like:

wood scraps for DIY sign
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

Begin by gluing your 7.5-inch pieces of ply to the 7.5-inch hard board square, leaving a 1/8-inch gap between them (or line up with edges, leaving space between).

hand holding wood with glue
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

Set aside to dry and place a heavy item on top like a paint can, etc. Just make sure the pieces stay square.

Step 2: There are two ways to connect your frame. Either take your two 10-inch pieces for the outside frame and use a pocket screw jig to make holes on short sides as shown.

drilling wood
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces
DIY frame pieces drilled
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

Or, use a drill and pre-drill holes into your 14-inch side pieces. Measure 3/4 inches down from the outer edge on both ends and drill.

Use wood glue between the joints, and attach with either screws in the pocket holes or nails in your pre-drilled holes.

Step 3: Once everything has dried, take the wood-slat square you made and the frame. Use your 1/4-inch drill bit and make holes as shown below.

diY frame pieces drilled
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

Step 4: If a time-worn look is desired, use random objects to make marks in the wood as shown. Use nails, screws, anything to make dents and dings — be random about it.

aging wood with screw dents
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

Step 5: Stain the frame and sign using contrasting stains to obtain the look shown, or paint as you desire. You have many creative options with this sign.

Step 6: Add wall mount hardware if you choose to hang it on the wall, or add webbing or ribbon to hang on your door.

TIP: I use a command hook applied upside down on the top inside edge of my door to hang wreaths, signs, etc.

wall hanger on wood frame
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

Step 7: Paint graphic. At this point, you can make this for fall or any season, use another graphic such as a monogram, or other art to showcase your style.

To achieve the sign shown here, print the graphic below. Just save or drag it to your desktop and open it with an image program. Make sure the image measures 7.5-by-7.5 inches. 

Use transfer paper to transfer image on to wood, and paint the letters.

hello fall graphic
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

Your guests will love the fall welcome they get when they visit, while it adds curb-appeal charm to your front door.

Hang it inside to showcase your love for this special time of year. Happy fall!

hello fall DIY sign on front door
Photo courtesy of Larissa Haynes/Prodigal Pieces

What's your favorite way to get your home ready for the season? Tell us in the comments section below!

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