How to Create DIY Sea Glass Bottles

Rebekah Dempsey
Written by Rebekah Dempsey
Updated July 28, 2016
grouping of blue and green sea glass bottles
Make your own collection of sea glass bottles for a colorful, vintage look. (Photo courtesy of Rebekah Dempsey/A Blissful Nest)

Turn old bottles into sea glass with a little spray paint and very little DIY craft time.

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Do you love a coastal look for your home? The beautiful shades of blue and green can really make your home décor pop.

One of my favorite coastal items to use are vintage sea glass bottles. But, they can be pricy to collect and hard to find. If you've ever searched vintage and antique shops, they can range from $10 to $20 a bottle! 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather make my own and get the same effect for my interior design — without the price tag! 

So, I've got the easiest tutorial on how to make your own sea glass bottles to accent a gorgeous coastal look for your home.

Materials needed

• Clear glass bottles, old jars or clear small vases

• Krylon Sea Glass Spray Aqua

• Krylon Sea Glass Spray Sea Foam

Krylon sea glass spray paint
Photo courtesy of Rebekah Dempsey/A Blissful Nest

DIY directions

Step 1: Clean your bottles of any dirt and debris.

Step 2: Set your bottle(s) up on an old box. Make sure your paint area is cleared off, so you don't get overspray on anything.

Step 3: Spray one light coat of paint on the bottle, moving your hand quickly up and down. Let dry for two to four minutes.

before and after vintage bottle paint
Photo courtesy of Rebekah Dempsey/A Blissful Nest

Step 4: Add another coat after the first one is dry for a darker look.

Step 5: Spray with a clear polyurethane and let dry. 

There are many other methods to achieving this same look, but honestly what could be easier than a little spray paint? 

Also, this project takes less than 30 minutes to do. I love a good DIY project that is quick and easy! 

Interior design tips for your display

Group them in different shades on a mantel for a big impact. I used between five and nine bottles in my décor. I like uneven numbers — it makes it look more whimsical that way. 

You can also spread your bottles throughout a bookshelf for a pop of color. 

sea glass bottles decorating fireplace mantel
Photo courtesy of Rebekah Dempsey/A Blissful Nest

So, go start gathering your bottles today and get an easy coastal décor look for your mantel or bookcase!

What treasures do you display in your home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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