How to Avoid Losing Socks While Doing Laundry

Garrett Kelly
Written by Garrett Kelly
Updated March 13, 2014
stop losing socks in laundry
Only you can prevent the growing stray sock population. (Photo by Brandon Smith)

Do your socks seem to disappear with each load of laundry? Prevent mismatched socks with these tips.

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Does it seem like David Copperfield lurks in your laundry room, waits for you to leave and then makes your socks disappear?

All across America, sock-wearing people pull innumerable loads of laundry out of dryers and, most likely, end up with at least one sock that’s missing its mate.

If your laundry room feels like the Bermuda Triangle, consider the following tips to help keep tabs on your socks.

1. Use laundry bags

Mesh laundry bags are like fanny packs for the washer and dryer. They keep socks in one place and have easy access zippers for quick storage. Throw your socks into a laundry bag to store them all in a safe and secure place.

2. Connect the socks

In bad television and film, if two characters can’t get along, the remedy is to slap handcuffs on them until they work it out. For socks, keeping them attached with safety pins or binder clips ensures that they won’t go their separate ways in the wash.

3. Throw a sock party

Occasionally, a runaway sock turns up months later in the leg of a pair of parachute pants. To prevent playing sock hide-and-seek, consider doing a load that consists solely of socks. Then, they won’t get lost in the fold.

4. Start an orphanage

Start a pile for all of your lone socks. As the pile grows, check to see if any of them belong together. Like The Island of Misfit Toys, eventually they’ll all find a home.

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