Gas Grill Safety Tips

Written by Angie's List staff
Updated September 9, 2015
man tendin a steak and vegetables on a grill.
Know how to protect yourself from an avoidable grill injury. (Photo by Steve C. Mitchell)

Each year thousands of Americans are injured while preparing food on backyard barbecue pits, gas grills and outdoor stoves.

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Don’t become a statistic. Check out these eight tips from the Consumer Safety Product Commission to prevent injuries from using your grill:

Know how to protect yourself from an avoidable grill injury. (Photo courtesy of Todd Selby)

1. Before using your gas grill, be sure to check over the tubes that lead from the gas tank to the burners. Look for any blockages from insects, spiders or grease. Use a pipe cleaner or a length of wire to clear out any blockages.

2. Inspect gas line hoses for cracks, brittle sections, holes, tears or leaks. Also ensure there are no creases or kinks in the hoses.

3. Check to make sure that gas hoses aren’t in close proximity to hot surfaces or areas where hot grease may drip on to them.

4. If you smell gas when you hook up the gas tank, check for leaks according to the grill manufacturer’s instructions. If detected, shut off the gas and don’t light the grill until the issue is resolved.

5. Don’t smoke or light matches or lighters near a grill with a gas leak.

6. Never use a gas grill indoors and make sure the grill is at least 10 feet away from buildings or other structures when in operation.

7. Never operate a charcoal grill indoors or inside vehicles or tents.

8. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when operating a grill.

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