Dutch Doors Offer Unique Style for Any Home

Written by Angie's List Staff
Updated June 15, 2021
red Dutch door with dog
A Dutch door was traditionally used for an exterior door, but is finding its way inside homes as a stylish room divider. (Photo courtesy of iStock)

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When Mary Jump was looking to replace several doors at her house, she turned to Sentry Door, Window, & Siding Specialists, Inc.

The salesman "actually listened to what we wanted and met our budget, which four other door companies did not do," she says of the Cincinnati door installation experts.

If you’re considering replacing doors at your house and want to find something with a bit of originality, consider a Dutch door for your next install.

A Dutch door is a style of door that is split horizontally in the middle. The door can be opened from just the top, just the bottom or both doors simultaneously. The Dutch door originated in Holland in the 17th century, specifically popularized by farming communities. It was an excellent way to let fresh air in through the top portion, yet by having the bottom section closed it could keep animals from entering the dwelling.

Solid wood is the common material for most Dutch doors; however, manufacturers are offering a variety of other choices like glass panes throughout the door, fold down screens that let fresh air in but keeps out insects and Dutch doors constructed out of steel instead of wood. They also come in a variety of wood selections like ash, alder, maple, hickory and red oak. The Dutch door can be handcrafted to fit any room size and comes with a sealing system as durable as any regular standard door.

There are a variety of uses for the Dutch door. They were primarily used as entry doors; however, now homeowners are using them in the kitchen entryway, nurseries, play rooms, barns, horse stables and in business offices.

An example being if a shop owner wanted to converse with the customer through the top portion of the door without allowing them access to the work environment by keeping the bottom portion shut and secure. It’s also an excellent way to keep your dog from getting out, while you chat with your neighbor or delivery person.

Dutch doors are not only beautiful and practical they are also energy efficient, durable, strong and long lasting. The door was originally designed to fit mainly country decorating styles however consumers can now find a suitable selection of styles for any setting and the door installation is a breeze.

If you're considering a Dutch door or want to add something to give your home a unique flare, consider consulting with a professional door installation expert. Mark Wilson turned to Portland door installation experts at Windows Only in Milwaukie, Oregon, for door and window options.

"[The salesperson] did a great job explaining the products," he says, noting he was not pressured to purchase higher-priced products that added little benefit to his house.

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