Cook up Success with These 5 Kitchen Remodel Must-Haves

Written by Val Little of Irish Accents & Renovations
Updated September 14, 2015
Choose a kitchen layout that works for your needs. (Photo by Rochelle Mella)

Tired of dealing with a dysfunctional kitchen?

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If the thought of actually cooking a meal in your dismal, dysfunctional kitchen sends you running to the nearest drive-thru, it’s time to take action.

Planning a kitchen remodel takes a lot of effort. If it’s renovation time, spice up your kitchen remodel with these five must-haves. 

1. Functional kitchen layout

Before you start picking out backsplash tiles and choosing your color scheme, take the time to really think about what works in your kitchen right now and what doesn't. Do you need your kitchen to be comfortable for one cook, or should there be room for several people to chop, bake and stir all at the same time? Design the kitchen of your dreams.

2. Great kitchen lighting

When it comes to lighting in a kitchen, install a wide variety of both under-cabinet and ceiling-mounted lights. After all, you need to have plenty of bright, clear lights to be able to see what you're slicing. Soft under-cabinet lights are perfect for lighting the way for late night snack runs.

3. High quality countertops

Kitchen counters take a beating, and they're often the first part of a kitchen to show wear and tear. That's why it's important to choose high quality, low maintenance countertops that can resist stains, chipping and the occasional "I forgot to put the trivet under the hot pot" moment.

Include plenty of lighting in your new kitchen. (Photo by Carly McAlister)

4. Double sinks

If you're living with a single kitchen sink, then installing a double-sided sink will be a real game changer. Double sinks make everything from washing veggies to doing dishes easier. That's why double sinks have become the standard in today's kitchen renovations. Have extra space? Consider stepping up to a second sink, especially if you have kids or a partner who likes to help out with the food prep.

5. A qualified remodeling company

Kitchen renovations are a major undertaking, even for experienced DIYers. While most homeowners can tackle the basics like painting cabinet doors or changing a light fixture, remodeling a kitchen involves cabinetry, tilework, flooring, painting, plumbing, electricity, and in some cases, gas lines.

And because the kitchen is usually the busiest room in any home, it's important to find a contractor who can get the job done both on time and on budget, otherwise you might be eating fast food for a very, very long time.

About this Experts Contributor: Val Little is the founder of Irish Accents & Renovations in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Locally-owned Irish Accents & Renovations is a full-service remodeling company, specializing in woodworking, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, countertops, decks, drywall, interior painting, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling. You can connect with this service provider on Google Plus

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