The Captains' Quarters: 6 Star Trek Floor Plans

Updated November 8, 2018
Star Trek Captains Quarter floor plans

From the moment William Shatner first boldly went where no-one had gone before, the captains on Star Trek have held a special place in our hearts

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For over 50 years, we’ve been inspired and enthralled by their adventures on starships and space stations alike and their quarters have seen more than their fair share of important storylines.

Over the years, the designs and decorations in captains’ quarters have changed, with each in some way reflecting the personalities of their inhabitants. To celebrate the enduring appeal of Star Trek, we’ve recreated each of the captains’ quarters from each major series of the show:

James T. Kirk’s Quarters

Star Trek: The Original Series

Captain James T. Kirk’s quarters on the USS Enterprise weren’t exactly plush, with a simple layout and basic furnishings. Along with a bed, Kirk’s only other furniture was a desk and chair for working on his personal computer, without even a window to see the stars flying past. He had minimal decorations and personal effects, and were as one alien queen described them: “Your quarters are quite like you, Captain: austere and efficient, and in their own way, handsome.”

Captain James T. Kirk’s Quarters

Jean-Luc Picard’s Quarters

Star Trek: The Next Generation

By the era of The Next Generation, starship technology had improved to the level of being able to give the captain some windows in his quarters to gaze out of when not reading from his ample library. Jean-Luc Picard was a very different type of Enterprise captain than Kirk and he was able to enjoy much larger and more elaborate quarters, including a comfortable seating area and dining table as which he could enjoy his all-important “tea, Earl Grey, hot.”

Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Quarters

Benjamin Sisko’s Quarters

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Unlike Kirk and Picard, Benjamin Sisko wasn’t boldly going anywhere in his quarters on board the station Deep Space Nine. A former Cardassian mining station, DS9’s captain’s quarters were darker and more functional than those on a ship like the Enterprise, but Sisko did his best to make them feel like home for himself and his son Jake. There are lots of personal touches in the decorations around the quarters and like Picard, he could enjoy the comfort of a seating area as well as a space to host formal dinner parties.

Benjamin Sisko’s Quarters

Kathryn Janeway’s Quarters

Star Trek: Voyager

The first female captain on a Star Trek series, Kathryn Janeway’s quarters on Voyager were mostly similar in size and layout to those on Picard’s Enterprise, with a large desk for working and a seating area under the windows for more informal chats. Amongst the personal items in her quarters are a gramophone and a variety of exotic plants, no doubt collected on her travels across the galaxy and beyond.

Kathryn Janeway’s Quarters

Jonathan Archer’s Quarters

Star Trek: Enterprise

Star Trek went back in time for its next series, so Captain Jonathan Archer’s quarters on board the early version of the Enterprise were much more basic than the rest of the captains who have been featured. There was still room for a dog though, and along with a bed (and one for Porthos of course), Archer’s quarters were mostly taken up by a desk/workspace, decorated with a few personal effects.

Jonathan Archer’s Quarters

Gabriel Lorca’s Quarters

Star Trek: Discovery

The newest Star Trek show, Discovery is also set before The Original Series, and in its first season, the captain’s quarters were occupied by Gabriel Lorca. Much like those of Jim Kirk, Lorca’s quarters were divided into two sections, one for living and one for sleeping, though he has a sitting area rather than a desk. There was little in the way of personal items in his quarters, though most of his possessions seemed to be kept in his creepy ‘menagerie’ elsewhere on Discovery.

Gabriel Lorca Quarters

Each captain’s quarters captured something unique about their occupant, the ship’s crew, and the age and culture in which they lived. Star Trek’s captains have shown time and again that more important than a huge room or fancy decor is to create that feeling of ‘home’ with whatever you’ve got.

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