10 Ways to Add Curb Appeal for a Quick Home Sale

Candace Nelson
Written by Candace Nelson
Updated January 24, 2022
A house with metal roof and solar panels
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When it comes to real estate, love at first sight is real

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When potential buyers stop on the curb in front of your house, you want them to take in the view and say, “wow.” Known as curb appeal, the first impression buyers get of your home has the potential to increase its value in their minds. 

See what you can do to make your home stand out—and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are 10 tips for selling a house fast by boosting curb appeal.

1. Tidy the Lawn and Gardens

Spend a weekend and tidy up the yard. Pick up any clutter. Then, prune any dead branches in the trees, pull the weeds in the garden, and plant a new row of flowers. Keep the lawn green with regular waterings and mow it before a showing. If you have any bare spots, fill them in with grass seed and water your lawn frequently.

A fresh layer of mulch can spruce up the yard and make it look well cared for. If you’re too busy packing and keeping the inside clean, you can hire a lawn care company to handle outdoor maintenance for you.

2. Clean Windows and Pressure Wash the Exterior

Sure, you wash the inside of the windows a couple times a year, but when was the last time you washed the outside? Clear windows make a good impression on buyers by elevating curb appeal. Similarly, if your home’s siding and the path to the front door are looking grimy, use a pressure washer to give them a good cleaning.

3. Fix Up the Roof

You might have ignored a couple of missing or damaged shingles, but buyers could zero in on the flaw and make assumptions about how the house was maintained. Grab the ladder and repair any problem areas. 

If the roof has more than a few flaws, consider hiring a roofing company to replace it. Buyers love seeing a new roof in the listing, which can help with selling your house quickly. 

4. Reposition the Gutters

While you’ve got the ladder out, make sure the gutters are in good shape. Scoop out any leaves clogging them. Make sure they’re all positioned properly. Replace any stretches that are banged up or looking worn.

5. Paint the Front Door

Give your home’s front entrance an inviting pop of color for the cost of a gallon of paint. A complementary color will give the house a fresh look and clean up the entrance, so prospective buyers are dazzled with fresh curb appeal.

6. Get a New Mailbox

If your mailbox’s hinge is rusted or worn and a car or two has tapped the post over the years, swap it out for a fresh mailbox with bold new numbers.

7. Update the Lighting

A luxury patio with a wooden pergola
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

That old flickering incandescent light bulb covered in cobwebs on the front porch isn’t going to inspire an over-asking-price offer. A new LED fixture that matches the home’s personality and some inexpensive solar-powered outdoor lighting will welcome buyers and direct them (safely) to the front door.

8. Create a Seating Area

Selling your house quickly involves helping prospects picture how they’d use your home. Let the buyers imagine how they’ll wave to their new neighbors from the charming seating area. 

Set up a chair by the front door or a pair of Adirondacks under the tree. Buyers will see how functional their new yard will be.

9. Change the Numbers

Some nice new address numbers clearly mounted near your front door will tell buyers they’ve got the right place. Choose a font that reflects your home’s character. As an added bonus, the food delivery driver will find your place faster until you move out.

10. Paint the House

Not an inexpensive or easy job, but a fresh coat of paint will make your home—and curb appeal—more appealing. If it’s been a decade since you last painted or your home is looking so last century, consider spending the money to hire an exterior home painter.

Make a Good Impression

Curb appeal is often the first thing buyers see in the online listing or when they spot the “for sale” sign while driving through their dream neighborhood. That’s why it’s so important for your yard to be picture-perfect if you’re trying to sell your house quickly.

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