9 Bathroom Floor Plans of the World's Most Luxurious Hotels

Updated December 9, 2019

Are you one of those people who immediately looks at the bathroom when you check into your hotel room?

There’s no feeling quite like luxuriating in the style, opulence and – yes – cleanliness of a hotel bathroom. It’s only a shame you can’t slip the whole suite into your suitcase (along with the complimentary shampoo) when you check out! But if you’re planning to renovate your own bathroom, you can certainly pinch a few ideas from the world’s most luxurious hotels. After all, their bathrooms are designed to make an impression while being easy to clean. Who could ask for more? To make it a bit easier to get that hotel bathroom feeling in your home, we’ve created a new set of floor plans of the most luxurious hotel bathrooms on Earth.

DISCLAIMER: As of April 1, 2020 the Southern Ocean Lodge has tragically been destroyed by bushfires. If you’d like to donate to the South Australian Bushfire Appeal you can do so here.

1. Osprey Pavilion - Southern Ocean Lodge – Australia

The Osprey Pavilion was a luxury glass-wrapped suite offering 360-degree views of the Southern Ocean from Kangaroo Island, near Adelaide. The open-concept bathroom boasted “arguably one of the world’s most photographed bathtubs” – a hand-sculpted granite tub set on a heated limestone floor. Ground-to-ceiling windows offered views across the wilderness and ensured you had the maximum possible natural daylight in which to pamper yourself. To complete the sense of being surrounded by nature, a rain shower offered a stand-up alternative to that famous bathtub.

computer-generated overview of the osprey pavilion bathroom

2. Maharani Suite - Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace – India

This former royal palace was constructed with the same palm court marble as the Taj Mahal at Agra. Built between 1928-1943, the hotel offers a regal take on the art deco style. It is situated atop Chittar Hill, the highest point in Jodhpur, amidst 26 acres of romantic gardens. The Maharani is a presidential suite originally designed for Maharani Badan Kanwan, the princess wife of Umaid Singh. The suite is 4,850 square feet of chrome and mirrors, pink and black walls. The bathroom features a pink marble tub and a jacuzzi and is stocked with Ayurvedic cosmetics from Forest Essentials.

a CG rendering of the Maharani Suite bathroom... with two baths!

3. Freddie Mercury Suite - Eden Rock - Saint Barthélemy

The Villa Rockstar may not be subtle, but this “two hundred million dollar yacht on land” is certainly luxurious - and genuinely tailored for rock stars. There’s a private recording studio downstairs and a 20-seat Cinemascope screening room. A personal chef and butler service is also offered. Extra cabins are available for your security staff and, naturally, discretion is assured. The Freddie Mercury Suite features a circular, hand-cut, 24-carat white gold bathroom and an oval Boffi stone bathtub. Guests are treated to an Eden Rock Beauty Pouch packed with Ligne St Barth Bathroom Products.

Freddie's circular, hand-cut, 24-carat white gold bathroom

4. The Esmeralda Villa - Ponta Dos Ganchos – Brazil

Ponta dos Ganchos is an exclusive island resort on the Emerald Coast. The most spectacular of its residences is the Esmeralda Villa, where the luxurious interiors are in perfect harmony with the paradisal beach and rainforest outdoors. The bathroom is one of the biggest you’ll find, even in a luxury hotel. It features two separate toilets, two sinks, two rain-showers, and a sauna for two. The showers open up into a private garden, and the whirlpool bathtub (with built-in stereo) looks out across the ocean.

a rendering of the Ponta Dos Gachos bathroom with two separate toilets, two sinks, two rain-showers, and a sauna for two. The showers open up into a private garden, and the whirlpool bathtub

5. Affresco Suite - Il Salviatino – Italy

Il Salviatino is a cultural ‘renaissance retreat’ in historic Florence. The residence likely dates back to Roman times, while the present building is from the 14th century or earlier. The Affresco Suite features oil canvases by Gabriel van der Leeuw and an 1886 fresco by Bruschi that was rediscovered after a recent renovation. The bathroom in the Affresco Suite is set around a freestanding ancient stone bathtub – “shaped like a 12th-century stone sarcophagus—equally impressive a piece, but a little less claustrophobic.” A centerpiece bath like this instantly adds class and character to a bathroom even if you keep the rest of the room simple.

the Il Salviatino bathroom with the freestanding stone bathtub

6. Aman Tokyo - Japan

The Aman Tokyo hotel occupies the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower. It offers the feel of a retreat without leaving the city. The hotel blends Japanese tradition with the latest tech to provide peace and luxury high in the sky over Tokyo. The look is clean and minimal without being cramped. The bathrooms, and your stay in general, are centered on the furo deep-soaking tubs that are so essential to Japanese bathing rituals. Traditional Japanese construction materials such as Kakou Gan granite, camphor wood, and washi paper add natural comfort and wonder even as you look out over skyscrapers and neon lights.

the bathroom at the Aman with granite, camphor wood, and washi paper

7. Pool Villa - Phulay Bay – Thailand

Phulay Bay is a beach resort in Krabi, nestled beneath stunning Dragon Crest Mountain. The Krabi Beach area is a diverse landscape of limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and the untamed beaches of hundreds of neighboring islands. The bathing pavilion at Phulay Bay is characterized by a four-leaf clover-shaped terrazzo-and-mother-of-pearl bathtub. The motif is repeated throughout the details of the bathroom. The space is divided by folding modesty screens decorated with traditional Thai Lanna paintings.

the CG rendering of the Phulay Bay resort bathroom with a four-leaf clover-shaped terrazzo-and-mother-of-pearl bathtub

8. Dromadaire Suite - La Sultana – Morocco

Sophisticated, elegant, and authentic, La Sultana is secluded in the Medina of Marrakech. The hotel is private and peaceful while retaining a sense of life in the ancient walled old town outside. The bathroom of the Dromadaire (camel) suite is entered through antique copper doors. The inside is inspired by the palanquin, a sedan-style hand-held vehicle for transporting women through camel caravans. Traditional Moroccan tadelakt plasterwork and North African wall designs provide the backdrop to the main attraction: a pink marble tub enclosed by pillars.

this bathroom has a pink marble tub enclosed by pillars in the middle

9. The Royal Penthouse – Corinthia Hotel – UK

The Corinthia is situated near the far end of The Mall from Buckingham Palace and overlooks the Thames. Guests of the 50002-ft Royal Penthouse are treated majestically with a butler service, sumptuous furniture, and a private walk-in wine cellar. The master bathroom has a mosaic floor in honey onyx. The walls are yellow Skyros marble, and the shelving and vanity units are constructed from honey onyx and shagreen Kinon lacquered panels. The bathroom features a freestanding, made-to-measure 2.2m Apaiser stone bath facing a built-in TV, and the large walk-in shower has its own enclosed gas fire.

this rendering has a stone bath facing a built-in TV, and the large walk-in shower has its own enclosed gas fire

The finer details of some of these luxurious bathrooms may be beyond most people’s renovation budget. But with a strong sense of unifying theme and the right inspiration, there’s no reason your new bathroom shouldn’t be just as comfortable. Which hotel bathroom would you like to emulate at home?


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