7 Things to Buy at the End of Summer

Updated August 25, 2016
End of summer sales are a great time to purchase new outdoor furniture or a grill for your porch, patio or deck. (Photo by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company)

Consider yourself a thrifty shopper? Take advantage of the best end-of-summer sales.

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Clearance racks, bargain blowouts and hot deals for days — the end of summer is a great time to go shopping, especially during Labor Day weekend. Retailers of every kind are looking to clear their shelves and showroom floors of summer stock to make room for their autumn and winter inventory.

And it’s up to us to benefit from the product price slashing. Here are a few items that traditionally experience deep discounts as summer comes to a close.

1. Camping gear

From tents and sleeping bags to coolers and headlamps, the end of summer usually means you can find a deal on different types of camping equipment, including fishing poles and tackle boxes. So whether you’ve got a budding Boy Scout or just are in need of some new chairs-in-a-bag, now is a good time to invest in outdoor gear. (Pssst! And just between us, fall is an awesome time to go camping.)

2. School supplies

Even if you don’t have kids, back-to-school sales are hard to resist. You’ll find crayons, markers, notebooks, pencils and pens to be super cheap — we’re talking 50 cents cheap. It’s a good idea to stock up on any of these items you think you might need during the next 12 months. Or, buy a basket full of supplies and donate them to a nearby school or community center (Star Pupil! Way to Go!).

Also expect to see decent discounts on computers, tablets and some cell phones — no student ID required.

3. Patio furniture

We won’t call it a fire sale, but pricing on outdoor stuff is hot, hot, hot! Grills, playground equipment, patio dining sets, lounge chairs and planters are just a few of the items you can buy now at a lower price. And, truth be told, there’s still plenty of good weather left in the forecast, so you shouldn’t have to wait until next spring to use your new purchases.

4. Trees, shrubs and perennials

Yes, you can landscape in the fall. Autumn’s cool air and increased rainfall combined with the warm soil helps stimulate root growth so your tree or shrub can get established before the first hard freeze. Greenhouses and landscaping retail outlets want to get as much of their flora into the ground before they have to hunker down for winter. Prices are trimmed to the extreme.

5. Appliances

We all know car manufacturers introduce their new models this time of year, but the same can also be said of those who make ovens, ranges and cooktops. To make room for the new cooking equipment, retailers discount their current supply. (Refrigerators operate on a different schedule; look for those best prices in the spring.)

Small appliances, like microwaves and coffee makers, are also less expensive this time of year thanks to the hordes of college students looking for their popcorn and caffeine fix.   

6. Lawn mowers

You’ve had your eye on that zero-turn riding lawn mower, haven’t you? Well, buying your dream mower may just be a possibility thanks to the budget-friendly prices that typically coincide with the end of grass-mowing season. But you’ll have all winter to think about how fun mowing will be next spring.

7. Paint

Paint manufacturers aren’t dumb — they know you have an extra day off work come Labor Day, and what better way to spend that time than painting your living room? Look for paint to go on sale just before the holiday weekend.

In fact, keep your eyes peeled for deals on other home improvement-type products such as a power washer, cordless drill or ceiling fan.

What other bargains do you find toward the end of summer? Tell us about the best deal you've found so far in the comments section below.

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