7 Tasks You Could DIY, But Hiring Help is Worth It

Updated October 19, 2016
pressure washer spraying wood deck
You can rent a pressure washer, but you risk doing more harm than good and wasting your time on a task you could pay a pro to do quicker and better. (Photo courtesy of Home Pride Services)

Sometimes, doing it yourself isn't worth the time and effort when hiring someone is easier

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Everyone has a list of chores or home maintenance duties to tackle. Maybe it’s hanging on your fridge or tucked into a drawer, but it’s there — taunting you.

Well, we’ve come up with a list of our own: common DIY tasks that you can bypass. Check out these undertakings you could undoubtedly do yourself, but why bother?

Hiring a service professional to complete your honey-do list can free up a lot of your time and spare you the stress of visiting a home improvement store on a Saturday.

Pressure washing

Blasting away mold, dirt and grime might be your idea of fun, but if it’s not — or you don’t have the proper equipment — hire a professional pressure washing company. For an average of $338, your house, roof, patio, driveway or pool deck can look like new.

paint brush on purple paint can
An interior painter will save you time and leave you with a more professional finished product. (Photo by Brandon Smith)

Interior painting

Odds are, you’ve been there done that, so why do it again? The prep work alone is time consuming, and the task itself is messy. You can hire a professional painter for an average of around $450 a room.

Auto detailing

Who doesn’t like driving around in a car that looks brand new? However, getting your car to that point takes some dedicated time and lots of Q-tips for cleaning teeny tiny crevices. The cost for a professional auto detailing averages $192.

Carpet cleaning

Maybe it’s tempting to rent a carpet-cleaning machine, lug it home, buy the special soap, move all your furniture and then spend hours grooming the carpet. Or, maybe not! Especially when you realize carpet cleaning companies only charge an average of $51 a room to get the job done.

tv mounted over mantel
Mounting your own flatscreen TV is possible, but a professional can ensure it's well supported and help you hide the tangle of cords. (Photo by Summer Galyan)

Hang up the TV

Mounting the TV sounds like a simple task, doesn’t it? But if you’ve invested thousands in a quality TV, why not make sure it’s secured to the wall and the wires aren’t exposed? A pro can hang your TV for an average of $313.

Get organized

If the thought of cleaning out your closets or organizing your basement sends you teetering toward the edge, you may consider consulting with a professional organizer. An expert can help determine what to keep, toss or donate for an average hourly rate of $50.

Tree trimming

If the goal is for you to keep your limbs while your tree loses a few, keep both feet stay on the ground. Leave the chainsawing to professional arborists who know what they’re doing and how to do so safely. The average cost for tree trimming is $453.

Prices are based on average cost information found in Angie’s List member reports nationwide.

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