6 Ways You’re Unintentionally Harming Your Home

Andy Lindus
Written by Andy Lindus
Updated September 26, 2014
The guttering of a home sprouts plants from being left uncleaned for a period of time.
Neglecting your gutters can lead to a multitude of problems throughout your home.
Photo courtesy of Natalie Maynor

We all want to take good care of our homes, but sometimes we end up hurting them without even thinking. Here are six ways you may be harming your home.

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We all know that proper nutrition, adequate amounts of sleep and regular exercise keep our bodies in tip top shape. Just like our bodies, our homes can be thought of as living, breathing organisms. Even with the best of intentions, there are plenty of ways that homeowners may unintentionally cause harm to their home.

Think that we’re not talking about you? Review the six questions below to see if you’re endangering your home without realizing it.

1. How do you clean your home’s exterior?

Power washing can be a slick way to quickly tidy up the outside of your home. However, it can be equally as swift at inflicting damage. It’s crucial that you switch tips based on the distance the water is traveling. Operating on too high of a setting can cause paint peeling, dislocated siding and scratch a multitude of surfaces including wood, brick & concrete.

2. Where is your satellite dish located?

If you can’t imagine a day without your favorite news program, soap opera or sporting event you’re not alone! However, it’s important to know before placing an antenna or satellite dish on your roof if it could affect your roof’s warranty. Warranties can vary by manufacturer and it’s not uncommon to see a warranty partially voided against any leaking that may occur due to the placement of a satellite dish or antenna.

3. How close are mature trees to your house?

Giant shade trees are a point of pride on most properties. However, when overgrown branches rub against your siding or windows, they can cause them to wear out sooner than they should. Additionally, windstorms can cause large trees planted too close to your home to topple over, causing substantial damage. Your roof and siding aren't the only portions of your home that large trees can affect. Consider this: a tree’s roots can reach out three times the height of the tree, causing cracks in a home’s foundation and walls.

4. When’s the last time you cleaned your gutters?

Unless you've invested in a clog-free gutter system, your gutters need to be cleaned several times a year in order to prevent them from backing up. If this happens, water can end up in your basement, your fascia boards can eventually rot, your landscaping can be damaged and your home’s foundation can be weakened.

5. Where is your grill placed?

As long as there’s summer, there will be backyard barbecues. We’re willing to bet you've spent a lot more time perfecting your secret steak marinade than you have pondering the placement of your grill. Sadly, if your grill is too close to your siding, it can cause the siding to melt, or in extreme cases, catch fire. Additionally, grilling on your deck without a grill mat can cause your deck to stain.

6. How old is your furnace filter?

The odds are that if you have a furnace, it has a filter. Filters are disposable and are designed to be replaced periodically in order to prevent becoming clogged from the particles floating in your home’s air. Opting not to change your home’s furnace filter can compromise your home’s air quality and increase the amount of strain put on your furnace. This, in turn, can cause your furnace to fail prematurely, costing you thousands of dollars.

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