5 Winter Mantel Decorating Ideas

Meg Hemmelgarn
Written by Meg Hemmelgarn
Updated October 31, 2016
garland and wine bottle decorations on mantel
Garland works well in a Christmas or winter-themed mantel display. (Photo courtesy of Meg Hemmelgarn/Green With Decor)

Warm up to these winter mantel ideas.

Add some winter whimsy to your mantel with these winter decorating ideas. I put together five different mantels using a variety of winter accessories, so no matter what your decorating style — going all out or staying on the simple side — you can copy the look you love for your own mantel.

Winter mantel supplies:

  • Garland

  • Wine bottles

  • Spray paint (white or other wintery color)

  • Sticks (sparkly or color of your choice)

  • Decorative snowmen

  • Pinecones

DIY winter decor

The first step is a little DIY project: painting a bunch of wine bottles. Start saving wine bottles, and ask friends, family members and neighbors to do the same. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can build up a little collection once you put the word out.

Soak the bottles in hot water so you can easily peel the labels off. Then set up a drop cloth and get out your white spray paint. Give the bottles a coat or two of paint.

If you’re into a more glam winter look, try gold or silver spray paint.

Now you’re ready to start decorating the mantel.

Winter mantel ideas

1. Keep it simple​

Sometimes achieving a magazine-worthy look is as easy as displaying a collection of something. Line up the bottles behind the garland, and you’ve got a great looking mantel!

simple winter mantel display
Line up the bottles for a symmetrical look, or have fun with it and put them wherever you want. (Photo courtesy of Meg Hemmelgarn/Green With Decor)

2. Give it some height

You can find sticks at any local craft store. Or if you prepare early enough, you can pick up sticks from the yard in the fall before the snow comes.

winter mantel decorations
Use the same color sticks throughout, or mix it up. (Photo courtesy of Meg Hemmelgarn/Green With Decor)

3. Toss in some pinecones 

Pinecones are easy enough to find at local craft stores, or the yard if you thought ahead on this one! 

winter mantel
It's easy to nestle the pinecones into the garland. (Photo courtesy of Meg Hemmelgarn/Green With Decor)

4. Get in the winter spirit

Bring out the snowmen for a festive touch. It’s fun to have snowmen that are freestanding and some that can hang off the wine bottles to add a little character to the display. 

winter mantel decorations
Use snowmen of varying shapes and sizes for a fun look. (Photo courtesy of Meg Hemmelgarn/Green With Decor)

5. Bring it all together

Bottles, sticks, pinecones and snowmen — Get them all out on the mantel and arrange as you wish!

winter mantel
Have fun with your winter decorations. The more the merrier! (Photo courtesy of Meg Hemmelgarn/Green With Decor)

Which version of the winter mantel is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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