5 Projects for a Glass Repair Company

Written by Angie's List Staff
Updated June 15, 2021
glass in window frame on house
Repairing a broken window can be as simple as replacing the glass. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Collin F. of Fairfield, California)

Glass and mirror companies can repair scratches in glass and mirrors or soap build-up on shower doors.

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While many homeowners only think of glass as being a part of their home's windows, the material can also be incorporated into a multitude of home improvements or repairs.

Having glass panes repaired, rather than replacing whole units such as windows and their frames, might also save you money.

Check out these project ideas:

enclosed porch with windows
Getting your window pane fixed is cheaper than total replacement. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member James F. of Greenfield, Massachusetts)

Window pane repairs

If you've noticed one of your home's glass window panes have cracks, pits or chips, a glass company may be able to help. For small cracks or chips, a glass company may be able to apply an epoxy that minimizes its appearance while also sealing your home against the elements.

For larger cracks, chips or holes, a glass company may suggest replacing the entire pane. Replacing a pane, rather than an entire window and frame, may be a more cost-effective solution.

Scratched glass repair

If you've noticed the glass in your home's windows or china cabinet doors has become scratched or etched; a company that offers glass repairs may be able to polish out the scratches or etches, restoring their transparent luster.

Glass shower enclosures and shower doors

If your home features a glass shower enclosure or door, especially an older unit, you may notice that years of accumulated soap build-up or scratches have marred the glass panels' surface.

While replacing the entire enclosure including the frame is one option, you may save money by calling a glass company to either repolish the surface, if possible, or replace the panes only.

If you're considering or in the midst of a bathroom remodel, a new glass shower enclosure can add a stunning new look to your new bathroom.

Custom glass and mirrors

A glass company can provide thousands of options for custom glass and mirrors. From etched and frosted glass panes that can make a stunning stair railing or backsplash to stained glass inserts for entry door panels or transoms to manufacturing a perfectly sized mirror for a hall or entryway, don't discount the possibilities a glass company can offer.

Historic window preservation

If you live in a historic preservation zone or neighborhood, you'll no doubt be familiar with your area's preservation standards. In many areas, improvements or alterations to the home's exterior appearance, including its windows, are discouraged or prohibited.

If you're interested in upgrading your window's efficiency against outdoor elements while preserving their historic appearance and pedigree, consider hiring a glass company to restore or reset your home's glass windows.

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