5 House Cleaning Chores That Might Surprise You

Written by Angie's List staff
Updated February 29, 2016
person cleaning stovetop with cloth
Some house cleaners provide deep cleaning services, which go beyond general house cleaning duties. (Photo by Steve C. Mitchell)

Does your house cleaner do the grocery shopping, run errands or clean up after parties? It doesn't hurt to ask.

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House cleaners can provide more than just regular home cleanings. Take a look at these five additional services a house cleaner may be able to perform:

1. Deep cleanings

No matter how efficient you are at keeping up with housework or even if you employ a house cleaner, there are still areas that need a deep cleaning once in a while. Hire a house cleaner to clean the oven, behind the fridge, wash the baseboards, steam the curtains and other jobs involved in a deep clean.

2. Move-in/move-out cleanings

Giving your home a good clean before moving out is a must. If you are selling your home, it needs to look clean and inviting for potential buyers. If you rent a home, you probably need the home to be in good shape to ensure you receive your full deposit back. 

Many people also thoroughly clean a home before moving in to ensure they are starting off with a clean slate. A housecleaner can tackle both move-in and move-out cleanings.

3. After-party cleanings

Most hosts and hostesses are exhausted after a party.

Cleanup is a necessary part of the evening, though, unless you opt to hire a house cleaner.

4. Help for events or parties

For even more time savings and convenience for your next gig, think about hiring a house cleaner to assist with the event. If they offer the service, a house cleaner can help with cleaning both before and after the event, food preparation and any last-minute errands. 

They can also assist with keeping food and beverages filled, keeping garbage cans and bathrooms maintained, and quickly cleaning up spills and splatters during the party, allowing you more time to focus on entertaining your guests.

5. Buy groceries, pick up dry cleaning or walk pets

Many house cleaners are willing to run errands. Simply provide the house cleaner with a list of items needed or clear instructions of what you need done. Provide a contact number in case he or she has questions while they're out. 

The next time you need help with one of these tasks, investigate hiring a house cleaner to assist you. If you already employ a house cleaner, consider asking them if they'd be willing to take on additional work.

Editor's note: This is an updated version of an article originally published on Oct. 4, 2011.

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